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Construction is one of the most important and helpful skills that will help you with both PVM content as well as skilling! It is one of the most helpful skills in the game but it’s also one of the most expensive skills to train, notable for requiring around 250M to get to 99, so if you need some gold be sure to buy gold from Ezrsgold!

Why is construction so helpful? You can build various furniture in your house that will help you restore your stats, store items, switch spellbooks, use unlimited teleports, fix barrows equipment and do lots of other cool stuff!


How to start training construction


The first thing you should do is head over to a real estate agent.

These can be found in multiple cities: Varrock, Falador, Seers’ Village, East Ardougne, Hosidius, and Prifddinas.

After you have bought a house you are all set to start! One thing to know is training construction is click intensive and you will be throwing away and remaking a large amount of the same item.

A great benefit to having a house is the ability to change your house location where there are no teleports for easy access. You will gain different locations the higher your construction level is.


The quests that give construction experience


osrs construction quest xp rewards


Helpful tips and tricks to increase the experience per hour:


When training construction you should use a butler to go to the bank for you and receive more planks so you have as little down time as possible! (You will need to build a second bedroom for your butler. After all, he is not a monster… he needs sleep as well!!)


For more efficient training of construction, consider building a tipping jar into your house so the butler does not bother you that he needs to be payed!


Most Notable goals for Construction


Level 32 – Combat room:

Here you can build a combat dummy at level 48 construction who will tell you what your max hit is so you can see how fast you can stack people out! This would be especially useful for pkers.

There is an undead combat dummy that you can build at level 53 construction who will let you know how high you can hit if you were on a slayer task and undead monsters! This would be especially useful for PVMers.


Various teleports:

You can make a teleport room where you can build a portal with runes and various equipment.

These portals are costly but will act as a permanent teleport to the place you direct them! You can use the normal spellbook, but the Ancient spellbook will allow you to make more teleports.

You can hang up amulets of glory on the walls, Digsite Pendants, and even a Xeric’s Talisman for teleporting to the Chambers of Xeric!

You only have to build this once in your house in order to unlock all the teleports these amulets provide for you!

You can build a jewelry box that will also include a glory teleport. Don’t build a mounted glory, the jewelry box is better because the jewelry box can also contain the Ring of Dueling, Games / Skills Necklaces, Combat Bracelets, and a Ring of Wealth! This will save you a lot of money in the long run if you play this game actively.


Gilded altar:

Yes, that’s right! You can have your own altar in your POH. (Player owned house) You can quickly teleport to your house to recharge your prayer or train prayer!
No more going to other people houses, since at level 75 you can train quickly and efficiently in your own house.


Superior Garden: 

The most important one in my book! Build your own spirit tree or fairy ring!

Or if you construction level is 95 or higher, you can build them both!


Restoration pool: 

A pool that restores : Special attack, Run Energy, Prayer, Stats, Hitpoints.

Depending on your construction level you can build a number of different pools in your house!

These pools all have a different effect. Varying from just special attack to all of the above effects at once!

Imagine PVMing with this no more food and prayer pots wasting! Heaven!


Spellbook Altars:

At level 90 construction you can make an Occult Altar. This altar will allow you to switch from normal spellbook to Ancients and Lunars. No more long walks to various places to swap your spellbook, as it is right here in your house!


Fastest Construction Experience (XP)


Levels 1 – 33: Starting off

The picture below shows you what to train at what level.

Including the materials needed to make the items.

Levels 1 – 33: Starting off construction table

Note: We used steel nails in this calculation. You could use lower level nails but these tend to bend a lot so we advice to use higher level nails like steel in this picture.


Levels 33-52: Oak Larders

We would like to recommend using oak larders in the kitchen. Oak larders require 8 oak planks to make. This means you will only need a hammer and a saw to make 3 oak larders an inventory. Giving 480 experience each making this method with a butler extremely viable with an experience per hour averaging 480.000 XP/H! That is extremely fast at this low level.


Levels 33-52: Oak Larders osrs construction fast xp

Level 52 – 99: Mahogany Furniture


At level 52 you are able to make mahogany tables in the dining room.

Each table requires 6 mahogany planks and will grant you 840 experience each table you make.

Which would mean you get around 700-800k XP/H if you are very efficient and have a butler to assist.

This is a very expensive method but also very fast!


Alternatively you can use 52-77 mahogany tables and use Gnome benches for 77-94
Gnome benches are a little bit less expensive the mahogany tables but not by much!


Mahogany Furniture osrs construction fast xp guide


Alternative Construction training methods


Levels 50 – 99: Mounted Mythical cape (Teak Furniture)


This method requires 3 teak planks along with a mythical cape. The cape will be returned to you every time you break it down. This method will grant you 370 experience every mount you will make.

The player can get up to 350 – 400k XP/H.
This method is a lot slower than the mahogany furniture but also is less expensive by half the amount.


Levels 50 – 99: Mounted Mythical cape (Teak Furniture) fast xp for construction guide


At level 66 you can use other teak furniture shown above.

I will list some alternatives in this picture below which will show you what you can build.

It will also show you the amount of planks required and how many of the item you need to build in order to reach this goal.


Players can reach up to 600 – 650k XP/H building garden benches or gain up to around 500 – 550k XP/H building carved teak magic wardrobes at level 69.


garden benches osrs construction guide


STASH units

You might have seen these in various places around Runescape.

These places are built for clue scroll item storages so that you don’t have to clog up your bank and just complete your clue scrolls as fast as possible!

These stash unites have different construction level requirements varying by clue scroll location.


STASH units construction for clue scrolls


Unique construction training method

This method doesn’t require you to spend any money on construction and it can actually be trained by killing monsters. For this method you will need at least 30 construction and completed Death to the Dorgeshuun quest (our quest service an help you with that).

So how do you train construction for free? It’s simple – collect Long bone and Curved bone drops from your enemies and turn them in to Barlak who is located at the bottom floor of Dorgesh-Kaan. You will receive 1k gp & 4,5k Construction xp for a long bone and 2k gp & 6750 Construction xp for a curved bone. These bones are dropped by large foes all across Runescape. You can even get them while training in nightmare zone by killing Dad, Arrg, Skeleton hellhound, black knight titan (only if you’re using melee) and for the 5th boss select any weak boss that’s easy to kill like Count Draynor. Those bones stay on the ground for 10 minutes, so be sure to check your screen every so often so you don’t miss the drops. Enjoy the free construction xp 😉


Construction Minigame – Mahogany homes

This is another great way to train the skill, because it’s not as click intensive as the conventional method. It’s only slightly cheaper, a lot slower but a lot more chilled back, so it’s up to you if you want to start it.

Here’s a video about this training method.



You will also learn about the carpenters outfit, plank sack, Amy’s saw and other useful construction items.

Construction Moneymaking Methods

As with all skills there are certain ways to make money with the skill some involve other stat requirements and other are just construction based:

Making Tablets:

Bones to peaches

The tablets are made on a mahogany demon lectern or marble lectern in a player-owned house study. The most cost effective place to make tablets is at a house in Rimmington, where there is a nearby NPC named Phials who will un-note items for 5 coins each. To make tablets, move your POH to Rimmington and bring nature runes, noted soft clay, and coins. Find Phials, use the noted soft clay on him, and choose the third chat option to quickly un-note them. Then enter a POH through the house portal and enchant the tablets on a lectern.

House teleport tablets:

The tablets are made on mahogany eagle lectern or marble lectern in a player-owned house study. This does not have to be your house, but it is strongly recommended that your house is in the same vicinity as the one you are using (i.e. if your friend’s house is in Yanille, yours should be there too). Using an amulet of glory or a ring of dueling to bank, and using the Teleport to House spell to access your house quickly, you can create an inventory of 26 tablets per trip (two inventory slots are used for the earth and law runes).

If you have a portal chamber in your house, or a mounted amulet of glory in a quest hall, those can act as an alternative teleportation method for banking. The exact time per trip varies with the location of the lectern (closer to the entrance portal saves time), but on average, a round trip, counting banking, takes approximately 150 seconds, for a total of 625 tablets per hour.


Making clockwork:

This method involves crafting Toy cats using the workshop in a player-owned house, and assumes the use of the demon butler. Although it is possible to use another player’s crafting table, doing so would prevent the use of a servant, decreasing profits. Withdraw a stack of coins, plus noted stacks of clockworks and planks. Also take out 12 un-noted versions of each, then head to your player-owned house. Click the crafting table, then select “clockwork toy” (4), then “clockwork cat” (5). As soon as you see the experience drop, click the table again and repeat. Once you have 12 cats, have your demon butler bring them all to the bank, then run to Phials in Rimmington to un-note 12 more clockworks and planks. Return to your crafting table and repeat.


Hosting your own house:

You finally did it! You made yourself a very fancy house with a gilded altar, other players can switch spellbooks in your house and they can restore stats. You can go to the house party world and open your house to other players training prayer or just PVMing. Sometimes people are generous and will give you some money to use your house and be more efficient! This is all based on generous people so sometimes you make nothing and sometimes you make bank in 1 hour.






Although construction is meant to be a money sink you can clearly see there are some methods that involve construction that will make you a bit of money to start your adventure off with!


Besides the money-making methods listed in the above section, The benefits of having a maxed house is that everything you do becomes a bit faster. For example, if you have seen someone do a lot of clue scrolls with eclectic implings, the reason you can do that is that you can just go to your house and you have tons of teleports to go to several places. You can also have all the stash units filled with items needed for the clue scrolls because you have such a high construction level!


You can also use the fairy ring in your house and go instantly to the destination you need, so overall i would say that construction is a very useful but very costly skill. If you are looking to invest in a skill and have the money to invest in construction, it would be a great idea to do so because it will improve your Runescape experience overall!


We hope you enjoyed our guide to get 99 Construction in Old School Runescape! Remember, if you need some money to pay for this expensive skill check out this 99 Thieving guide. And if you want to get some gold faster – Ezrsgold has got you covered!

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