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Runecrafting – It is one of the most profitable skill to train for any Old School Runescape player, so if you’re looking to make some OSRS gold it is the skill for you!  Runecrafting is also very beneficial to ironmen who plan on training magic because it allows players in the game to craft their own runes for magic spells. Runecrafting can be slow if you’re training as a F2P (Free to Play) player, so if you’re looking for ways to save money on membership click here. That being said, this guide will be useful for both F2P and P2P players. But as already stated it is one of the most profitable skills once you start leveling up. Here’s a 1 to 99 Runecrafting guide for OSRS written by the Ezrsgold team.

Here’s what you will find in this guide:

Introduction to Runecrafting

F2P Runecrafting training guide

Fastest  1-99 Runecrafting training methods (P2P)

Runecrafting minigame – Guardians of the Rift

Runecrafting money making methods. (P2P)

Introduction to Runecrafting

First thing first – in order to train Runecrafting you must complete the quest Rune Mysteries. During this quest you will get a back-story on this skill. If you don’t feel like completing the quest yourself, feel free to use our Questing service.

If you want to train Runecrafting you will have to do a lot of running. This means that you will need to wear weight reducing gear such as graceful outfit, boots of lightness or other similar items. To train in the most efficient way we also recommend using potions that give you run energy, such as energy potions or stamina potions. If you’re a member you will also need some teleports as it will increase the xp dramatically. We will recommend the best transportation methods with each training method later on.

Runecrafting is a skill used to make magic runes. To make runes you must enter a runecrafting altar and use the essence on the altar. To enter the altar you will need a talisman or a tiara that matches with the alter (for example you could only enter air altar if you had an air tiara or air).

Runes are made by using different types of essence on Runecrafting altars. There are a few types of essences available – rune essence, pure essence and dark essence fragments. Rune essence is used to craft elemental runes (earth, water, fire, wind & air runes). Pure essence can be used to craft both the elemental runes and runes such as cosmic rune, chaos rune, nature rune, law rune, death rune, wrath rune and astral rune. Dark essence fragments are used to craft high level runes such as soul runes and blood runes. There are different Runecrafting strategies for all of these runes that we will discuss later in the guide. Some of the runes mentioned above have very high requirements, while others are accessible to mostly everyone, given that you have the Runecrafting level requirement.

While training Runecrafting it is recommended to use runecrafting pouches. These essence pouches allow a player to carry more essence thus crafting more runes.

As shown in the image below, there are four different types of pouches which can be acquired by killing the abyssal creatures before attaining the required Runecrafting level. This essence can not be stored in the pouches until they meet all the level requirements.

OSRS Runecrafting pouches

Runecrafting pouches degrade over time and must be repaired by the player. Only the small pouch does not need to be repaired. To repair these pouches it you need to talk to the Dark Mage in the Abyss inner ring. One can also repair the pouches by using NPC contact spell on the lunar spellbook. If a player fails to repair the pouches they will have to get new ones from the abyssal monsters as the old ones will vanish once they decay.

F2P Runecrafting training guide

As we mentioned before, to start training this skill you must first complete the Rune mysteries quest.

Runecrafting is done at Runecrafting altars, so don’t forget the respective Runecrafting talisman or tiara (for example you could only enter air altar if you had an air tiara or air).

Once the quest is complete, and you have the needed tiara/talisman – you can start to train. The fastest way to train Runecrafting as a free to play player is to make tiaras.

The best tiaras to make are air tiara and earth tiara, because the cost to make them is lower compared to other tiaras and the path to air and earth altar is faster.

Making Runecrafting tiaras & Fastest F2P & P2P runecrafting xp at low level

If you want to train Runecrafting by making tiaras you will need a plain tiara and a Runecrafting talisman. Visit the runecrafting altar, use your tiara on the altar and the tiara will change according to the type of altar you used it on. Also, upon equipping a tiara it makes the altar accessible with a left-click and removes the animation on getting into the altar. It is possible to craft up to fourteen tiaras in one trip without teleports or if you’re a member thirteen tiaras with teleports, the Abyss can be used as well.

Here’s a video explaining how you can make tiaras.

Here’s what tiaras we recommend making to achiever 99 Runecrafting in free to play.

Level 1-9 Air tiara

Level 9-99 Earth tiara

prices to make OSRS RC tiaras for f2p

Here’s the path to the air altar:

Air altar in OSRS

Here’s the path to the earth altar:

Earth rc altar OSRS

This is the fastest way to advance in Runecrafting, however it may be very expensive. As you can see in the chart below the price per xp gained is between 6gp and 12gp, depending on the tiara you will be making, so to get to level 99 Runecrafting you will spend 78-156m OSRS gold, so if your short on gold you can buy OSRS gold from Ezrsgold.

Or you could just buy an account that already has a high Runecrafting level at our OSRS account shop.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of gold on Runecrafting you can always craft runes. This way you will be making money.

Here’s the best way to train Runecrafting to 99 in free to play and make some money along the way:

Make sure you use pure essence, as it is way cheaper!

1-9 Runecrafting: craft air runes; you will need to bring 7 inventories full of pure essence to the air altar to get to level 9.

9-14 Runecrafting: you can continue crafting air runes or start crafting earth runes.

14-20 Runecrafting: craft fire runes; The altar can be found near the duel arena. You can see the path in the picture bellow

fire runecrafting altar in OSRS

20-99 Runecrafting: craft body runes. The altar can be found in the picture below. You will make about 14M OSRS gold on your way to 99 Runecrafting using this method.

OSRS F2P RC training at body altar

Fastest Runecrafting training methods for P2P

Training Runecrafting as a member is way easier and faster compared to f2p training.

To start of your training we really recommend doing the quests that give you Runecrafting xp. These quests are: Enter the abyss miniquest, The eyes of Glouphrie and The ascent of Arceuus. These quests will put you at level 24 Runecrafting and they have very little requirements. There is another quest that gives Runecrafting xp (Lunar diplomacy), however, the requirements for this quest are quite high. If you don’t want to quest yourself, Ezrsgold Questing team can do it for you!

There are several ways you can train Runecrafting, but for the fastest Runecrafting xp, we recommend crafting lava runes, as it’s the most efficient way of training. At higher levels you can get as much as 72k Runecrafting xp per hour. It will cost you about 2gp per xp gained, so if you’re short on gold you can buy gold from us.

So to recap what was written:

1-24 Runecrafting – Quest/use F2p guide

24-99 craft lava runes

The most efficient way to craft lava runes 

items you should be wearing:

Weight reducing gear

A binding necklace

A fire tiara

Mist battlestaff

A tome of fire

You should also wear ring of dueling or crafting skill cape for faster banking.

Things to have in your inventory:

rune pouch containing astral and cosmic runes for NPC contact and Magic Imbue spells

A stack of earth runes

Runecrafting pouches

Here’s a quick guide on how everything should look

Another way to gain fast levels at the start is making tiaras. You can read about it in the f2p guide, but how doing it as a member is different is that you can use teleports. So the cheapest tiara to make at the moment is earth tiara. It also grants you the most xp compared to other tiaras.

To make earth tiaras efficiently use Lumberyard teleports to teleport next to the altar and after you imbue the tiaras use a ring of dueling to teleport to castle wars for a quick re-bank. Alternatively you can use Balloon transportation system for a fast way to the earth altar, you will save some money, but the xp will be slightly slower.

Training Runecrafting at Arceuus library

This is an interesting way of training Runecrafting, best suited for ironmen. You will need to search for books of arcane knowledge to gain xp. There are certain tools that let you collect a lot of these books per hour, you can see how it’s done if you see the video below. This method is pretty good, but you will not make any money and the xp is not that good.

If you want to train Runecrafting without losing money here are the best runes to make while training to level 99.

1-14 Air rune

14-27 Fire rune

27-44 Cosmic rune

44-82/95/99 Nature runes

82-91 Astral Runes

91-95/99 Nature runes

95-99 Wrath runes (if you completed Dragon Slayer II)

This is the most profitable path to 99 Runecrafting, more on these methods in the money making section.

Runecrafting minigame – Guardians of the Rift

Runecrafting has been changed forever. Finally, there has been a runecrafting minigame added to the game and training this skill has become a lot easier. To engage in this minigame you will need at least level 27 runecrafting and completed Temple of the Eye quest. So how much xp can you get playing Guardians of the rift minigame? You will get up to 70k xp per hour as well as up to 1m GP/H. Watch this guide to get a good idea of how it’s done.

Runecrafting money making methods. (P2P)

Most people want to train Runecrafting for one reason – to make a lot of gold. These methods are guaranteed to make you rich while training this skill.

Here are the most profitable ways to train Runecrafting:

Crafting wrath Runes

wrath runecrafting altar

This method can make you up to 1.8M OSRS gp per hour! However, you need to have 95 Runecrafting and have Dragon Slayer II completed. These are some high requirements, but it shows you how profitable this skill can be.

Crafting nature runes

This can be done at level 44 Runecrafting, and you will make about 500k/Hour, however, at level 91 Runecrafting you will be making up to 1.3M per hour!

Crafting death runes

At level 99 Runecrafting you will be making 1.2M per hour!

Crafting astral runes

This will net you up to 1.1M OSRS gold per hour at level 82 Runecrafting.

Crafting law runes

Expect to make 300k at level 54 RC and up to 900k at level 95 RC.

Crafting cosmic runes

This can make you up to 750k/Hour at level 75 Runecrafting, however, you will be making money at level 27 RC too.

Crafting mud runes

This method gives fast xp and you can also make quite a bit of money. For the highest profit it is recommended to have 82 Magic and the ability to cast Magic imbue and 50+ Runecrafting. Expect to profit up to 700k/Hour.

Crafting blood runes

This method is quite afk compared to all the other runecrafting methods. Expect to make up to 600k per hour. 77 Runecrafting is needed for this method.

These are the most profitable Runecrafting methods out there.

Check out our article on the best afk OSRS money making methods if you’re looking for more ways to make Runescape gold.

If you will be using our recommended training methods to get 99 Runecrafting, expect to make about 300M OSRS gold in the process. If you want to turn your Runescape gold to real money, you can always sell your gold to Ezrsgold.

Good luck on your journey to 99 Runecrafting and as always, take it Ez.

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