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How to get RuneScape Master Farmer Outfit

RuneScape player owned farms is a big new feature with a lot of different new stuff and things to do brought into the game. In addition to being a good money making method, player owned farm allows you to become a farmer without having to leave the comfort of your room and exposing yourself to the wondrous array of smells that usually hang in the air of a farm. Those of you who are greenthumbs will want to show that you’re more skilled than a common peasant at taking care of your animals and that the farm you run is the best there is. And there’s no better way to do so than with a master farmer outfit! And if you’re wondering how to acquire one, this blog post is just for you.

Requirements for master farmer outfit

First things first and that means that you have to meet certain criteria to be able to get master farmer outfit. Like with any badge of honor or in this case hard labor it cannot be given to just anyone. This would diminish the value of it, wouldn’t it? We already assume that you know the basics of player owned farms, having said that, in order to be eligible to claim this outfit you must have level 80 farming and level 20 invention. Now, to collect fragments which are needed to make this outfit you need to have level 70 farming. The higher your farming level is, the less time it will take to get all 54k master farmer fragments. In case you are a few levels below the requirement or just wish to become a farming powerhouse with level 99+ farming and get the master farmer outfit by putting in just a few hours of your time, you can always purchase some RuneScape gold and get all the tools and materials you need to achieve your goal.

Best Ways to Get Master Farmer Outfit

While “best” in some cases might be subjective and you may have your own method of reaching your goals, we’ll take a look into some of the most efficient ways to farm master farmer fragments (pun intended). The first one might appear to be very unattractive at first glance, but is very good for people who may be doing something else on their other account or busy with some other stuff. That method is turning manure mound. Yeah, you’ll have to deal with a lot of poo, but we think that goal justifies the means in this case and it’s also pretty much an AFK method. Downside of this method is that you will not be really getting anything else from it, except for farming experience which is of course still not too bad.

Another great way to get master farmer fragments is to get on Arc and forage mushroom clusters on uncharted islands. To use this method you must have a level 94 farming, thus those players with lower levels will have to work their way up. Despite having quite a higher requirement, this method is easy to do, is also pretty much AFK, provides more XP points than the other methods and you will also have a chance to get a zygomite which means you can get two birds with one stone: the master farmer outfit and a cute animal to keep in your farm or make some gold by selling it.

Last, but not least, you can forage mushroom clusters on unnamed isles as well. This way works same as the one mentioned above, except that it’s available for players with level 90 farming. It provides a bit less experience and you also have a chance of getting a zygomite drop, though at a lower rate.

Not only daredevil adventurers, but dedicated farmers as well take a voyage to the Arc.

Not only daredevil adventurers, but dedicated farmers as well take a voyage to the Arc.

Bonuses Provided by Master Farmer Outfit

Once you have all the master farmer fragments, you can purchase blueprints for master farmer outfit from Granny Potterington and then create the outfit at an invention workbench at level 80 farming and level 20 invention. After you craft and equip master farmer outfit you will not only look like a highly revered master farmer who is the pillar of the community, but you will also notice something else. Master farmer outfit is not there only for cosmetics and you having bragging rights. That something else is significant bonuses you get when having the outfit. Yes, having not wearing – you only need it to equip once to enjoy the benefits, meaning that once you get tired of this outfit or see that your runescape girlfriend is already bored of it, you can simply put it back in your wardrobe and continue on raising those dragons. Here are the bonuses you get from master farmer outfit:

6% farming XP

Animals age 7% faster when you’re at the farm

Higher chance of your animals getting positive traits from breeding and checking

10% more beans when selling your production

10% chance of positive traits

10% chance of harvesting more hops, herbs and allotment crops

Hop, herb, flower and allotment seeds are autowatered

Protection payment discount by -2 up to minimum of 1

Cast Rapid Growth grow twice per patch each day

10% chance to gain bonus yield when harvesting fruit trees and bushes

Teleports to Manor Farm, Helblore Habitat and seed pod teleports

Lay your eyes upon this glorious master farmer outfit and know that great outfits come with great effort!

Lay your eyes upon this glorious master farmer outfit and know that great outfits come with great effort!

As you can see, master farmer outfit is really worth the effort and even if it takes longer to acquire it when having a lower farming level, the effort really pays off in the long run. While in real life animals aging faster may not be necessarily a good thing, the bonus of master farmer outfit in RuneScape is perfect. You will earn more gold by selling your animals and later you can sell that RuneScape gold to make some real money!

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