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Once the raids were out everyone started rushing them and had no idea what was going on. The first raids took over 4 hours! But now, after a day, we have a full Raids guide available for everyone to see. With this guide and an organized team, you will be able to complete a raid in only about an hour! So sit back and read.

OR you can watch this video made by Woox:

Puzzles & Bosses




Gem crabs: Your mission is to reflect white orb in to the crystal using the crabs, then you have to attack the crabs with different attack styles in order to get them to switch color and change the color of the orb.

To change their color you must attack the Crabs with different styles which in turn changes the color of the orb when they are reflected.

The colors are:

  • Melee – Red
  • Ranged – Green
  • Magic – Blue

Crystals must be hit with different colors in order for them to turn white and be completed

The colors are:

  • Black Crystal – White orb
  • Yellow Crystal – Blue orb
  • Magenta Crystal – Green orb
  • Cyan Crystal – Red orb


Two Guardians Will only be affected by pickaxes. I suggest you to bash it with your whole team.


Dark Altar Room: Kill the magers, protect from magic will reduce damage, then move on to the rangers so their stacked damage does not kill you or simply try avoiding them.


Lizardmen Shamans: Simply protect from mange and range and kill them as normal.


Creature room (A.K.A the chest room): Loot the chests for grubs and be weary of poison. Fill your inventory, drop it near by and repeat. You should empty your inventory for more space.





Vanguard: He will only take damage while backing up. Use melee against melee, range against range, mage against mage. Melee will have tentacles, mage wont have tentacles and range will throws rocks. Damage all of them at the same rate, because if you damage one of them too much it will cause them to regenerate full health when they move back to skating over the floor. Avoid them when they’re doing that because they will hit a 5 or a 6 every game tick while they’re bellow you.


Ice Demon: Gather loads of logs from the saplings that are near before starting the fires because the icefiends will be putting them out. Then, light your torches. When the demon comes out simply kill it.


Vespula: 1/5th of your team must pick the flowers from the other side of the room and give them to the grubs. The rest of your team must mage or range the boss until it goes to the ground. Then, everyone who was taking care of the grubs must melee the boss while everyone else kills the portal using ruby bolts(e).


Tekton: Use crush weapons. When he leaves the anvil, have your team surround him so he wouldn’t be able to move.


Vasa Nistrio: Kill any crystals he gets near to. If you fail to do that, most of your party will be one banged. When hes not near the crystals, kill him.


Muttadiles: 1/3rd of your party must chops trees, everyone else must freeze and destroy the small crocodile with ranged or magic. When the small crocodile dies, the tree should also be dead and when the big crocodile comes to life you have to freeze him and take the damage. Use Range prayer when its frozen. If it isn’t frozen, do your best to not use melee attacks and protect from melee if its not frozen. Use ranged pray if it is frozen.


FINAL BOSS: OLM. The fight has 5 phases. Use anti magic prayer the whole time. During first, second and third phases always attack the left claw with magic and the right one with melee. Stop attacking when a green circle appears on top of it. During the 4th phase you must do your best to kill both claws at the same rate. The last phase starts when both claws are dead. Olm will start swinging his head so the safest way to kill him is with ranged, using ruby bolts (e).

These are the things that can happen on the last phase:

Crystal rain: Crystals start falling from the sky and damage 3×3 squares from where they fall. Position the angle so you could see where they and avoid getting hit.

Acid: Acid pools: avoid being on them Acid Drip: One member of the team will be spreading the poison pools. I Recommend walking around the room and avoiding your team mates.

Crystals bombs: They deal a lot of damage and take up 5 squares, avoid them.

Color feet: A pair of players are randomly chosen and a color will start glowing under their feet. Goal is to stand on the same square as the other player, if you fail to do that, you take damage.

Crystal flowers: Crystal flowers spawn under your feet, first they small so if you notice them, move, if you don’t, they will grow and hit you for a lot of damage

Fire: Player is targeted by a fire. You should have runes for an ice spell to cool the flames and get out of them.

Lightning: Lightning will start coming from both sides of the room, if you get hit, your protection prayer gets disabled and you take damage.

Burning men: A few people will start saying “BURN WITH ME” and every time they say it they will be dealt 5 damage. People nearby will also be dealt 5 damage and say “I WILL BURN WITH YOU”. Don’t stand near players that say “BURN WITH ME”

Regeneration: This can only happen on the last phase. Blue portals spawn, you must stand on them, if you don’t, Olm regenerates hp.








Endarkened Juice = Magic potion

Cicely = Ranged potion

Stinkhorn Mushroom = Super strength and attack



Cicely = Prayer potion

Stinkhorn mushroom = Super Restore potion

Endarkened Juice = Saradomin Brew



Kodai + Elder + Twisted potion = Overload




Hunter: Kill scavengers for butterfly nets. Once you catch em, all you have to do is cook them.

Fishing: You can get the fishing rods and baits as loot from scavengers who roam nearby the resource areas. If a dragon appears while you are fishing, stop, if you don’t – you and people nearby will get damaged and have your fish stolen.

If you have 75 fishing or hunter you will be dealing with Murng bats or Roqued fish, they are as good as sharks.

If you have 90 fishing or hunter Psykk bats and Kyren fish will be found in the  resource areas, they heal 23.



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