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Ever dreamt of being the Bill Gates of Gielinor? Or turning the Grand Exchange into your personal ATM? Well, strap in! Let’s dive into the fun (and slightly insane) world of making GP in RuneScape. Who said pixelated gold can’t make you feel rich and giggly?

How to Make Money in OSRS Fast?

Making money in OSRS requires a blend of patience, skill, and occasionally some startup capital. The fastest and most efficient way to acquire GP is by buying OSRS gold. High-level Slayer, PvM (Player vs. Monster), and flipping items in the Grand Exchange remain popular avenues. For a bigger variety and more details on making gold check out this high level money making guide or this low level money making guide.

Can I make real money playing Runescape?

Oh, absolutely! Many players engage in Real World Trading (RWT) by selling their in-game gold. While this practice isn’t endorsed by Jagex, sites like ours provide a secure platform for such transactions. We even wrote a guide for how you can make real money playing Runescape.

Can you make a living off OSRS?

While some dedicated players have made substantial profits, it’s crucial to remember that making a consistent and reliable living solely from OSRS is challenging. But hey, a little side income never hurt! Knowing how to bot can help you achieve your dream.

What is the most profitable thing to do in OSRS?

High-level PvM (Player versus Monster) activities like slaying bosses and raids can yield incredibly lucrative drops. Examples of this would be killing Nex or doing Tombs of Amascut – these activities can net you, on average, anywhere from 10M to 17M gold per hour. These activities require high skills and expertise of the game, so if you don’t have an account that can engage in these activities, you could consider buying an OSRS account. But if combat isn’t your thing, mastering the art of flipping items in the Grand Exchange can also lead to significant profits.

What is the fastest way to make money in RuneScape?

Merching! Buy low, sell high, and know the market trends. Keeping an eye on game updates can also give you an edge as they often introduce items or changes that affect the in-game economy.

Here is a great flipping guide.

What is the best easy money making method in OSRS?

Farming herbs and other sought-after resources can be surprisingly profitable for the effort involved. It’s all about knowing what’s in demand. In my opinion, the easiest way to make money in OSRS is by doing AFK money makers. An example of this could be smithing cannon balls, merching or killing easy to kill but profitable monsters.

What is the best 99 for profit OSRS?

99 Runecrafting, hands down. Those rune essences can be a goldmine, especially when crafting higher-level runes. Here’s our Runecrafting guide that has an amazing way you could make a bunch of money while AFK.

What is the fastest way to make money in OSRS F2P?

Mining and selling ores, especially rune and adamantite, can be a game-changer for F2P players. Crafting and selling jewelry, like sapphire rings and amulets, can also bring in a pretty penny. If you choose the correct items, you can make up to 1m per hour while alching! Check out our F2P Money making guide!

Is Buying OSRS Gold Safe in 2023?

The safety of your account is our top priority. We understand the reservations many players have about third-party gold transactions. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our methods to ensure a safe, discreet, and risk-free experience for our clientele. At EZRSGold, we have a proven track record of successful and secure gold deliveries.

What is the Safest Way to Buy Gold in OSRS?

While there are many avenues to acquire gold, not all are created equal. Our dedicated team at EZRSGold employs methods that minimize detection risks, including a decentralized trading system and face-to-face in-game transactions. Rest assured, with us, you’re in safe hands.

Safest Place/Best Site to Buy OSRS Gold?

It’s no surprise – it’s us,! Our long-standing reputation in the OSRS community speaks for itself. We are committed to offering an unparalleled service, with countless positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. When you choose us, you’re not just getting gold; you’re also investing in peace of mind.

How Much is 1 Mil OSRS Gold Worth in Dollars?

The RuneScape economy is dynamic, and so is the value of OSRS gold. Currently, 1 million OSRS gold is valued at approximately 0.3$. For the most competitive and up-to-date rates in the market, always refer to our EZRSGold website.

Max Cash Value; How Much Gold Can You Make?

Ah, the coveted “max cash” stack, a symbol of prestige in OSRS. Amassing 2,147,483,647 coins is a testament to a player’s dedication. With our services at EZRSGold, reaching your financial aspirations is more attainable than ever.

How Much Are Bonds Worth in Terms of OSRS Gold?

Bonds, an official in-game asset, serve as a bridge between the virtual world and real-life benefits. Their value is 7.7M OSRS gold at this time, however, there is a more lucrative way of getting OSRS gold. Check out this guide to see how buying bonds compares to buying gold.


Who is the richest OSRS Player?

The richest player in Old School Runescape as of August 2023 is BTCs. Check out his 800B bank video! That is absolutely massive and has never been seen before. He made his fortune death matching – fighting other players to death while risking absurd amount of money. Deathmatching is probably the only way to accumulate this type of wealth on OSRS. Another player that comes in mind is Oda, who has a bit over 100b and the way he made his money is also via deathmatching.


In conclusion, as the OSRS world keeps changing, EZRSGold remains your steadfast partner. We’re not just here to provide a service; we’re here to elevate your RuneScape experience. Visit our site today, and remember, Scapers, with EZRSGold, you’re always in golden company.

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