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Hello everyone. Today I am going to tell you a brand new OSRS money making method!


Items required:

Piscatoris teleport

Noose Wand


5x Ring of pursuit

Optional: Stamina potions and weight reducing gear


Stat requirements:

Level  49 hunter


Teleport to Piscatoris. Run south until you find a burrow. Equip the ring of pursuit before inspecting the burrow because it gives a chance of seeing the whole path of the animal after inspecting the burrow. If the path isn’t revealed, simply inspect the nearby plants until you uncover the animals’ path. After the footsteps passed bushes a couple of times you will get an attack option on the bush the path led to.

After you attack the bush you will get a Long kebbit spike. Use a chisel on it and you will get 6 kebbit bolts. Those bolts can be sold for about 10k as of today!

The longer you do this method, the more money you will make, because there are a few variations of where the footprints lead so in time you will memorize them and you will know exactly where to go next.

This method will get you about 35k hunter xp an hour.

You can also expect to make up to 1100k in an hour!

This money making method is amazing and not many people are doing it, so if you are up for training some hunter and making insane amounts of RuneScape gold, don’t hold back!

If you are looking for other ways to make money, be sure to check out our other posts in the money making section and feel free to try all of them! We post these methods regularly so if you tried all of them, make sure to come back in a few days to learn even better ways to make gold in RS. Read Unusual OSRS money making methods.

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