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Old School Runescape is filled with a wide range of activities. Some of these activities and tasks can actually make you a decent amount of money. However many methods require the player to have high level requirements and skills. This guide will hopefully teach you how to make good money with little to no requirements. If you’re looking for some more methods, check out our low level money making guide.

Selling items to special shops up to 2.5m GP/H

This method is dangerous because it is done at the wilderness, you will also be risking some GP, although we will tell you how to limit your risk. This works for both F2p and P2p players.

There’s a shop in the wilderness that buys items for their high alchemy price. To find items to sell check out this high alch calculator. Play with the settings to find the cheapest items that have relatively high trade volume and that sell below their high alch value. For example mithril dagger has a grand exchange limit of 125, meaning you can buy that many daggers every 4 hours. This item sells for 14 GP and you can sell it at the store for 195 each. If you get 8-16 items like that and you get quick at selling them, you will risk very little and your potential to make a lot of gold will be huge!

My recommendations would be to bank every 10-15 minutes. Sure, it will slightly hurt your GP/H rates, but its better to have a guaranteed profit than to die to some PKer and lose all your heard earned cash. Also, be sure to bring a teleport and fill the remaining inventory food with the best food.

path to the best no requirement money maker shop in OSRS

Crushing birds nests 1m GP/H

While this method has no skill requirements, it requires a lot of starting capital, as you can process roughly 5k birds nests in an hour. For an hour worth of crushing birds nests you would need roughly 25m OSRS gold, so if you need some starting cash, we got you. Also, you could collect the nests yourself, and the requirements aren’t too high for that – check out this guide for more info.

Buying feather packs 220k GP/H

You can do it even if you are a Free-to-play player. 1 hour of this activity will require about 550k. To start, go to the fishing shop located in Port Sarim and purchase 10 feather packs and exit the shop to unpack them. All it takes to unpack them is to click on one of the packs, and the others will unpack automatically. It’s important to only buy 10 feather packs and do the unpacking, so the shops stock restores. If the stock is not at 100 when you’re buying, you may end up paying a higher price for the pack and losing money.

Killing Chickens 30k GP/H




-A weapon

Only do this method if you have low combat stats and just want to train up some quick levels, because 30k gp per hour isn’t that good, even at low levels. Alternatively you could hire our quest service to do some quests that grant combat xp so you could skip killing chickens.

Killing chickens is also a good way to level up your combat skills. Attack, strength, defence and hitpoints are all available skills to train when killing chickens. A map of one area which is also F2P is going to be displayed below.

osrs map of lumbridge chickens spots


Flipping at the Grand Exchange up to 10m GP/Hour




-Some starting cash

osrs map of the grand exchange

The term “flipping” is not unique to Old school Runescape. It is brought from the real world as a term to describe the act of buying something for a low price and selling it for higher than what you bought it for, resulting in a profit. In Old school Runescape, there is a place known as the ‘Grand Exchange’. This is possibly the most popular place for players to go in the entire game. It is where you buy and sell items. Every world you hop to, there will always be many people here. To “flip” an item. You first want to begin with your cash stack in your inventory. You now want to search for an item that has a decent, high margin. (gap) The higher the margin, the higher the profit you will make.

To work out the margin of an item, you want to start off by buying one of a random item you believe can make you money. You want to over pay for this item on purpose. No guide can ever tell you the exact items to buy and sell because prices are constantly changing every single day.

Once you find your item, you want to sell it for a very low price on purpose. These process’ should be instant as you are over/under paying. You now want to go on over to the grand exchange history and check how large of a gap there is between you buy price and sell price. If you feel as if though the gap is pretty decent, you buy in bulk of that item for the low price and then once they are all bought, you want to sell it for the high price.

It is good to note that flipping is risky. You will profit roughly 90% of the time however there will always be that 10% where there is no other alternative but to lose some money. However you can expect to profit in the long run as long as you invest sensibly. If you need some starting gold, you can buy some here.

Flipping is difficult to explain in text, so here’s an amazing video showing you exactly how to do it.

Tanning leathers 300k – 500k GP/H


-Some starting cash


-Stamina potions

Tanning leather is one of the best money making methods in Old school Runescape for players with no skill levels. All you need is some starting cash. You can get some starting cash by following one of the other methods where no cash stack is required at the start. To start off with this method, you want to purchase some dragon hide from the grand exchange. You want to check which dragon hide is the best for the most profit. You can do this by checking the value of the leather of the same dragon. The highest margin is the one you want to go for. If you are extremely poor and can not afford dragon hide, you can also buy cow hide to turn them into regular leather. Once you purchase as much dragon hide or cow hide as you can afford, you want to make your way to Al-kharid. A map is provided below of the Al-Kharid bank.

osrs map of al kharid bank and tan spot

Once you are in the bank, you want to keep your cash stack in your inventory to pay the fee of the tan, and the rest of your inventory with the dragon hide. If you have a stamina potion then grab one of those too. Next, run to the north side and enter the building and trade with the man. Then click tan all and it should instantly convert your hide into leather. It should also take a very small fee out of your cash stack. After your hide is tanned, make your way back south to the bank and deposit the leather. Repeat this process until all your dragon hide is tanned. Next, go to the grand exchange and sell all your new dragon leather. You should notice that you have made a large profit.

Grinding items into dust 120k-540k GP/H


-A small cash stack

-A knife or a Pestle and mortar

There are 3 items you can do this method with. The daily volume for the items you will be making isn’t that big, so since you can process up to 9k of these items per hour, I recommend not doing more than 4500 at a time. These items are – chocolate bars, desert goat horns and unicorn horns. To do this method go to the gran exchange, buy the desired item and process it. The amount of money gained will be determined by how fast you can do this method. For maximum results you should manually process each item as fast as you can manage to click, otherwise, this method may not be worth it. Here are the maximum GP/H rates and needed items.

You will need a knife for cutting chocolate into chocolate dust, this will make you roughly 120k GP per hour.

You will need a Pestle and mortar to grind desert goat horns in to goat horn dust for roughly 504k GP per hour.

You will need a Pestle and mortar to grind unicorn horns in to unicorn horn dust for roughly 540k GP per hour.

osrs inventory of chocolate bars and knife

Collecting white berries 100k GP/H




-Looting bag

-Anti dragon shield.

-Amulet of glory (charged)

White berries are an item in Old school Runescape required in the herblore skill to create defence potions and super defence potions. These potions are in very high demand and are used a lot in OSRS so this makes white berries a very highly demanded item. They are also quite a high price meaning higher money is to be made with this method. You want to start off at edgeville bank and have your knife in your inventory and anti dragon shield wilded. You can also bring along a weapon to wield to slice the web instead of the knife. This means you can have one extra inventory slot to pick an extra white berry.  You can also bring your looting bag at this point if you have one. Run towards the south and pull the lever. Be warned that pulling the lever will lead you to deep wilderness. Next, you want to make your way to the lava dragons area. A map will be provided below.

osrs lava dragon isle map

Once you are in this area, locate yourself to a white berry spot and start picking them up. They respawn very fast, every 5 seconds. So it will not take very long to fill your whole inventory and your looting bag if you have one. Once your inventory is full, return to the same lever that you came from. Then use a teleportation method back to edgeville and bank your berries. Repeat this process. You should be averaging roughly around 600k GP per hour using this money making method.

These are just a couple of money making methods where no requirements are needed. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of methods out there for you to find out. One of the final money making methods with absolutely no requirements in the game is to simply buy gold.

You can also sell gold that you make in the game for real money right here. If you would like to check out more money making guides, click here.

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