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OSRS Money making guide, 800k/h, low requirements



A few Recipe of Disaster sub quests.

Around 50k coins.


You can expect to make around 800k/h


Go to Lumbridge, run inside the castle. Once you’re in the kitchen, climb down the ladder. You are now in the basement! Go to the recipe of disaster chest that is located in the north-east corner and choose the buy-food option. There you can buy a lot of items that barely cost anything, but they have a pretty high value in the grand exchange.

You can buy most of the items from the shop and profit, but before you buy them, you can check what items bring the most profit so you can make more money. buying grapes, pot of flour and pat of butter are usually safe bets.

You don’t really need a lot of money to do this, 50k will last you an hour. You also need to complete a few parts of recipe of disaster to gain access to the chest. Once you buy a full inventory of items simply bank them at the Culinaromancer’s Chest and switch worlds to buy more items. Repeat the process.


PRO TIP: Remove all the gold from your bank. Bank one of each items you are going to buy from the chest, then click on the Show menu button on the top right corner of the bank window and click on the Fill bank button. This way you can bank all your items with the deposit all button and make this money making method even more efficient.


When you feel like you have bought plenty of these items go to Varrock and run to the Grand Exchange. Put up the items up for a medium price and leave them selling overnight so you can get a higher profit from them.

This is a pretty consistent money making method, however, it could be pretty difficult to sell all of the items if you continue doing this money making method for a long period of time. I recommend doing this for like 10 hours and leaving all of the items in the GE, once they sell, you can grind this money making method again.

Hope this guide helped. If you don’t feel like wasting your time and want to enjoy the game without the hassle of making gold yourself, feel free to use our gold shop and buy the cheapest runescape gold in the market!

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