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Just a note, before you try these money making methods: These money making methods are good on the day I post them. This may change over time. They could become better or they could become worse. Simply check the current prices of items you will be collecting to calculate the profit you will be getting.

Collecting zamorak robes an extraordinary money making method.


Underground Pass

Regicide Quest

Start Mourning’s end part 1


Good weapon


Amulet of Glory or better

Dragon boots

Barrow gloves/lower tier rfd gloves/regen bracelet/combat bracelet

Helm of Neitiznot


Super attack and super strength potion

Teleport crystal


Weight reducing gear

Stamina potion


How it works:

Drink the antidote ++  and use the teleport crystal to teleport to Lletya. Once you are there run west and follow the path to the north until you see a tree that you can pass on your west. Keep running west until you find a tripwire. Step over it and keep running west and Enter Dense forest. From there run north and jump over the leaves and then just keep running east until you reach a cave entrance.OSRS money making method path

Heres a picture showing you the path you have to follow to get to the dungeon.


Enter the dungeon and keep running east until you reach the well. Climb Down. Once you’re down, open the door and start killing the level 13 Desciple of Iban. Collect the zamorak robes until you have a full inventory. If you kill these monsters fast enough and you have to wait for more to spawn simply hop worlds to save time.

1 trip takes about 3 to 4 minutes depending on your combat stats. If you can manage to do 15 trips an hour you will be making 880k/h and if you can do 20 trips in an hour, you will be making over 1.1M/H!



No requirement OSRS money making method.

Making gloves of silence.



~100k gp


How it works:

Buy as many black kebbit fur as you can but keep. Then go to the east Varrock bank. Take about 50k and a full inventory of unnoted kebbit furs. Then run south east, open the gate and go to the fancy dress shop and talk to the owner. Skip the dialog until you get a lot of dialogue options. Pick the 4th one that says “Could you make anything out of this fur that I got from hunting?” Then you will see the variety of items that Custom Fur Clothing shop can make you. Buy the gloves of silence. These gloves will cost you 600gp and 2 dark kebbit furs. Bank the gloves you just made and repeat the process.

Once you’re done, simply go to the Grand exchange and sell the gloves. You will make between 330k and 500k gp an hour. With no skill requirements! 


Easy OSRS money making method.

Buying lock picks.



50 Thieving or 50 Agility

60k gp


How it works:

Go to Rouges’ den that is located in the basement of a bar that can be found in Burthrope. You can get to Burthrope by using a Games necklace teleport. Find Martin Thwait and trade him. Buy the lock picks from Martin Thwait’s Lost and Found store. The shop sells a lot of items such as rope, chisel, knife, bronze knifes, iron knifes, steel knifes and a few other items all of which can bring you profit if you decide to buy them. Once you buy all the lock picks simply bank them by selecting a Bank option on a nearby npc named Emerald Benedict. He usually hangs around the fire where a lot of people are training cooking. After banking, hop worlds and repeat the process. Once you think you have bought plenty of Lockpick simply put up a sell offer in the Grand Exchange and leave it overnight. I tried this method out and I made 750k gp profit in an hour!

I recommend using this method to anyone who wants to make easy money on 2007scape.

Dangerous but rewarding Oldschool RuneScape money making method.

Looting Rogues’s chests



Level 84 thieving

Level 43+ prayer

High healing foor such as sharks or saradomin brews.

Prayer potions or Super restore potions

Stamina potions

Monks robes

God cape/Ardougne cloak

Mitre or God coif

Holy symbol

God books

Explorer’s ring


How it works:

This money making method is extremely dangerous. The Rogues’ chests are located in deep wilderness. They can be found at Rogues’ Castle. Before opening the chests make sure your protection from melee is on because the level 135 rogues that are guarding the area will see you trying to open the chests and will start attacking you. There are 16 possible items that you will be able to get from the chests, so I recommend having about 8 empty inventory spaces before going there. The Rest should be filled with brews and prayer potions. You should have about 6 Saradomin brew (4), 6 Super restore (4), 6 Stamina potions (4) and a couple of prayer potions in your inventory. Once your inventory is full simply drop the brews and pick them up before they despawn. The area is very dangerous, because it’s multi combat there, so if a clan comes you’re pretty much doomed. The best strategy is to run inside the castle and trying to lose the PKers by going up and down the stairs.

The items you will be getting are:

Uncut emerald

Unsut Sapphire



Chaos rune

Death rune

Mind rune

Fire rune


Raw tuna


Iron ore




Hard clue scroll

These items range in prices from 100gp to 32000gp so it can bring you a ton of profit. If you manage to live you will be making roughly 1m gp an hour. You will also get about 40k thieving xp. If you’re feeling advantageous this money making method is for you. You will never know when someone could come and kill you and that’s what makes this money making method exciting.

Low starting cash osrs money making method!

Buying out warrior guild shops


Your combined  attack and strength level has to be over 130.

Games necklace


How it works:

Teleport to Burthrope using a games necklace and go to the Warriors guild. There are two shops that you have to buy out that will make you all your profit. One of the shop sells potions, the other one sells food. Trade Lilly who runs the potion shop and buy all the strength potions she has to sell. Then run over to Lidio who operates the Warriors guild food shop and sells tasty food. Buy the potatoes with cheese and plain pizzas he sells. Then simply hop worlds. When your inventory is full, bank everything at a nearby bank and continue buying. I recommend doing this method off peak hours. Pro tip: Once you’re done buying go to the grand exchange and decant the potions with a little help from Bob the Barter. This way you will get a better price when selling the strength potions. All of these items sell very quickly and you can make about 700k in one hour! This is a great money making method if you want to rebuild your bank after losing everything at the duel arena when some kills you 5 fights in a row.


No skill requirements RS money making method.

Opening crystal chests



At least 10m starting cash

A house in Taverley, so you can use your POH, for easy teleports.

Ring of dueling

House teleport tab


Weight reducing gear

Stamina potions


How it works:

Buy Tooth half of key and loop half of key, combine the keys, figure out the margins, buy the whole keys, figure out the margins for those. Then decide whats better to buy – key halves or the whole keys. If you bought the key halves I recommend combining the keys while you rune to the crystal chest. Simply teleport to your house, leave trough the portal. Now you’re in Taverley! Run South east and use your crystal keys on the crystal chest. After you used all of your keys, teleport to castle wars, bank everything and repeat the process. The items you will be getting are:

Uncut dragonstone (you will get one every time you open the chest)

Chaos, Air, Earth, Fire, Cosmic, Water, Nature, Mind, Death, Law runes.

Key loop half

Key tooth half

Rune plate legs

Spinach roll

Iron ore

Raw swordfish

Rune bar



Adamant sq shield

Rune platelegs

10m will last you about an hour. Well at least it took me an hour to open up approximately 300 chests. During this hour I managed to make 850k gp! This method is extremely easy to do and if you have the capital for it I would recommend you try it out.



These are some money making method not everyone is aware of. If you know these methods you’re probably a pro. If you didn’t know these methods, don’t worry – you do now! Looking for other ways to make rs gold? Check out Best OSRS money making methods! If you need some RuneScape money to start doing these methods be sure to use our shop to buy your starting capital and get to making the money! If you make a lot of gold in RuneScape you can always sell this gold back to us for easy profit. However, if you think you have a lot of gold I would recommend visiting the duel arena because you can easily double your bank in one easy stake. If you lose, be sure to use these money making methods and you will rebuild your bank in no time!

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