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New OSRS Skill: Warding

Old School RuneScape came to be as a request by players who wished to play their favorite game in the form and shape they knew very well and to which they formed a strong sense of attachment. They wanted that Old School experience they cherished so much. Therefore, Jagex decided to launch Old School RuneScape: a version of RuneScape from the year 2007. First it was members-only and was supposed to have few updates, maintenance mostly, but seeing how huge of a hit OSRS was, Jagex made it a full game, available to free-to-play too and with constant updates, not only fixes, but new content as well, such as Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood. But now we’re going to receive something else entirely – a new skill. A NEW SKILL? Yes, a new skill, which, to some may sound a bit crazy, since Old School RuneScape has “old school” in its name. But before you raise your voice in protest, let’s see what this is about, shall we?

What is Warding?

Warding is a new skill in OSRS which allows players to create gear for magic users, specifically magic armor. No longer will you have to scavenge for gear with magical properties from corpses of your enemies. Now, you will be able to craft your own and that’s a real game changer for all the magic users out there! Through the power of newly emerged monoliths adventurers will be able to manipulate runic energies and create new equipment for themselves. But how will we do so?

How Warding Works?

Warding is essentially an equivalent to smithing or crafting and similarly to those skills, it also requires certain materials and necessary tools. Warding is connected to many other skills in OSRS and will require materials gained through those skills e.g. woodcutting, farming etc. And like smithing or crafting it will require tools to make equipment.

Warding Tools


Soapstones are the bread and butter of warding and will be your everyday tools when creating magical armor. They can be created by chiseling a new resource called “Steatite” and charging it with runes. Adventurers will be able to acquire steatite from mining, buy it from shops or other players. If you don’t wish to be left behind, consider refilling your bank with some OSRS gold, so you are well prepared.

Chanelling Lamps

Chanelling lamps are “batteries” used to store runic energy. These can be charged when casting spells on runic monoliths or when runecrafting.

Runic Energy

Runic energy is a new resource which is used in warding. Also, those rich folk who can afford splashing their spells at rats to level up their magic will be able to use runestone monoliths as a new target for splashing practice and gather runic energy while doing so. The runic energy stored in the equipped chanelling lamp will then be available for use in warding.

New Skill in Old School: HOW?

Some players might find introduction of a new skill into OSRS exciting, while others not so much. The main argument is that IT IS Old School and this is why people chose to play this game. But warding seems to fill in a gap, because magic users were unable to craft their own gear, while melee and ranged users could do this all along. Furthermore, this skill is tied to other already existing skills and appears to be organic. It’s not something entirely new and crazy and does not add an out of place or exotic mechanic. Besides, raids and a lot of other new content was brought into the game and it seems to have made it even more enjoyable.

In the end, time will tell how warding fares, but there’s little reason to think it will fail as a feature. Jagex have thought this one through, because antagonizing OSRS players after bringing them all back wouldn’t seem like a good idea. You can read about warding in more detail on OSRS page or you can check out RuneFest on youtube, in case you’re keeping your eye on your healthbar.

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