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The ultimate guide for finding a RuneScape GF

I know what you’re thinking – RuneScape isn’t a dating site! But you’re absolutely wrong. RuneScape has been a dating site ever since I can remember. Even when I was in 5th grade I managed to buy my first rs gf for 10k rs gold. That was the best 10k I ever spent even though it took me a full day to get that much money. But enough about me, here in this blog I will teach you the best ways of getting a gf in RuneScape so here goes.

First of all, you have to know the best locations to find girls in rs. Personally, nine out of ten times I choose the Grand Exchange. While everyone is busy making RuneScape gold, merchanting all sorts of items and planning on how they’re going to get the next 99, I’m over there looking for female characters and chatting them up. Another great place to find girls is twitch streams, however, these girls usually have quite a big following and it will be quite difficult to get a girlfriend there. Twitch girls tend to have more than one rs bf but if that isn’t a problem, go for it! Lastly, you can find girls hanging around in skilling areas, usually chopping trees, fishing fishes, fletching at banks or, of course, cooking at a nearby stove.

Now that we have covered all the places you can find girls in RuneScape I will tell you the best tactis of seducing all these girls.

Grand exchange seduction tactics:

The most important thing while looking for girls in the grand exchange is your appearance. You have to look like you have a lot of rs gold. NEVER walk in to grand exchange looking like a scrub, because you will never get girls that chill at grand exchange if your fashionscape isn’t on point. Avoid wearing a dragon med helm, granite body or your beloved dragon long sword. If you can’t afford better gear, don’t worry fam, I got you, buy RuneScape gold from our rs gold shop and girls will start following you in no time. Bellow I will post a picture of how you should and shouldn’t dress. But I will tell you one thing right now. Grand exchange girls are all about how much rs gold you have, so if your pockets are deep, these girls are for you. All you have to do is look rich and simply say you’re looking for a gf and the more your outfit costs the better chance you have of getting the girl of your dreams.

 rs bot outfit

You will never get a RuneScape gf looking like this

3rd age longsword and other 3rd age equipment costs a fortune in OSRS gold.Fashionscape at its most affordable form.

This is your ideal outfit, it costs about 2b but girls dig it. The one on the right is way more affordable but still looks great. To get girls in ge your outfit needs to cost a minimum of 5m.

Twitch seduction tactics:

Getting a girl on twitch is a bit more complicated. Having a lot of RuneScape gold just won’t help. What you have to have is a lot of money in real life and donate a bit every stream you watch. Then simply defend the girl if someone in the twitch chat says something mean about her and before you know she will be chilling in your RuneScape house, cooking you pies and telling about that necklace from amazon that she always wanted.

Skiller girl seduction tactics:

Now, these girls are different. Sure, you have to have some rs gold, but in addition to that, you must also have high stats. She will never date a scrub that only has 50 herblore. If your total level is below 1000 don’t even bother starting a conversation, you’re better off buying RuneScape gold and getting yourself a GE gf. But if you take RuneScape seriously, then these are the girls for you. Now only will these girls have their own gold, they will also train skills with you, maybe even kill some bosses if she’s good enough.

There’s not much more to cover in this guide, just don’t be afraid to talk to them. But I’m pretty sure you’re not, after all, it’s only a game and it detaches you from the possibility of getting embarrassed. But I will give you one last tip – if you find yourself in an awkward situation, just add her to your ignore list and teleport away. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Hopefully this guide helps you get girls. If you find yourself short on osrs gold or rs3 gold be sure to use our services. We also offer osrs quest and minigame service, so if you need a fire cape for your fashion scape, or if you want some barrow gloves to impress a skiller girl, be sure to contact us.

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