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This scam was quite recent in Runescape. It’s peaked right before the grand exchange update and I saw hundreds of people everyday trying to scam my merchanting bots to make some free gold.

Simple scam for an easy money

The whole idea of this scam was to get you to trade your items in exchange of a teleport tab. This scam work principle was very simple. The scammer would trade you and then he would ask to see what you were selling. Then they would start chating with you for a bit. They did that hoping you would forget you even put your items up in the first place. Then they would put a teleport tab up in the trade, and say that their main is in camelot and they would like you to meet them there so they could buy your items.

Free items from distracted people

This scam seems dull at first but it prayed on tired people and on people who lose focus quickly so surprisingly it worked quite well. When I was training magic in Camelot, world 302, I would see a lot of people walking around the teleport spot looking for the supposed customers to buy their items just to realise they were scammed. The reactions were priceless and most of them could not believe they got scammed.

Today this method still can be used to make quick free RS millions

This scam could still be applied today, however due to Grand Exchange people shy away from trading so its harder to convince someone to even trade with you. Today, people who use this scam have a different approach. They will stand in the Grand Exchange spamming a message like ‘spending 200m gold’ and then, when people trade them, they would apply the same principle – negotiate the price, ask a few questions, get the person distracted and then just put up a teleport tab in the trade and hope they will accept the trade.

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