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There has been thousands of scams trough out Runescape history. Some people scam to make rs gold, some scam just for fun and others scam just because they got scammed. Doesn’t matter which game you play – rs3 or osrs, I guarantee that you’ve ran into at least a few scams in your runescape career and probably lost or made money out due to scams. Here in this blog we will talk about all the scams that we have seen ourselves or heard from our friends. For the first article we had an interview with an old Runescape scammer Chris.

It’s a popular method for an easy gold making

Me: So, Chris, tell us about your beginning as a scammer, why did you choose this path?

Chris: As first, I won’t lie, I’ve been scammed so many times, it’s embarrassing but it all happened when I was a kid and didn’t know better. I guess those losses made me sad and I just wanted to get back my gold as soon as possible. Years passed, I have learnt from my mistakes and started using the same scams that were used on me and I didn’t even notice how I started making real life money from Runescape by selling the gold I made. My scamming career was over pretty quick because I found way more profitable ways to make money on runescape like pking or botting or merching.

Chris story of earning money by scamming

Me: Can you tell us more about your work principles?

Chris: As I remember, the last time I scammed was back in 2006. The scam I used was very basic and I learned how to pull it off when I got scammed. I was buying some big bones near the Varrock west bank back in the year 2006 and I bought a bunch of bones instead, because in noted form they look quite similar to big bones. I was pretty upset but I figured I could just sell them to someone else for the price of big bones and buy myself the bones I need. Regular bones were like 100-120 gp each at a time while big bones were anywhere between 350 and 450 gp. I always saw myself as a honest guy so the way I justified scamming was that I always wrote that I was selling bones, but I said I was selling them for 350 gp so people would usually just look at the price and buy them anyway.

Why Chris get rid of scamming and moved on to legal methods of making real money

Me: Does it was profitable for you?

Chris: Needless to say I got banned like 3 times for doing that I still made a bunch of money, because right after I got rid of the bones that I got when I first got scammed I simply started buying regular bones for 120gp and selling them for 350 within a few hours. At the time I had no idea what an auto typer was so I would spend 6 to 12 hours a day just standing by the Varrock west bank and spamming the same message over and over again just to make some Runescape gold. But it all was worth it because I made like 150 euros just in a week of doing so by selling the runescape gold I made to some kids I met on a runescape forum. 150 euros may not seem like much but it was a reasonable amount of money for a 12 year old kid. But as I said I quickly moved on to botting because it was less work and way more profitable. I could make way more RS gold in shorter periods of time and I wouldn’t have to spend so much time at the computer.

More tips how to predict a scam and save your gold in the near future

I hope you liked this introduction and you will read about some of the most popular scams that happened trough out runescape history as well as recent scams that are being used to trick people and scam them to steal their hard earned runescape gold. Most of the scams I will be talking about will take place in oldschool runescape, because scammers tend to make way more cash by playing osrs rather than rs3.

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