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TOP 5 Strongest Bosses in Old School RuneScape

The more you like the game the more time you spend playing it. This can be a fun, relaxing experience, but sometimes even the most seasoned gaming veterans get bored of the games they like so much. When this happens you might want to look for some fresh and more challenging experience. Or it might be that you’re after making a fat bank? Whatever the reason, we present you the TOP 5 strongest creatures in Old School RuneScape!

Strongest OSRS boss number 5: Xarpus

This monster is the  weakest on the list, but it is still stronger than most of what you would encounter on Gielinor. At combat level of 960 it is a foe not to be trifled with. Sadly, Xarpus is also the last of it’s kind and was  captured and put into the Theatre of Blood to fight daring adventurers.  Never thought that Old School RuneScape would basically make players kill off a species…

Engagement: in the first phase Xarpus will try to heal  itself by exhuming skeletons that lay in the ground. Surprisingly,  players can temporarily stop the process by standing on top of the  exhumed corpses. The second phase is where the action begins. Xarpus  starts attacking players with strength he managed to gather. It uses  poison attacks against players. The spit splatters dealing little  damage, but standing on top of it’s landing point can be deadly. As  usual, avoid whatever the boss is throwing at you. During the third  phase which begins when Xarpus is around 1/4 of it’s health it screeches and instead of spitting stuff on players stares at some corner in the arena, one at a time. Players should not attack it from the direction Xarpus is currently looking at as it will retaliate and hurt the player badly.

Strongest OSRS boss number 4: Sotetseg

Another creature encountered in the Theatre of Blood, this bad dog (?) thing is somewhat of a trickster and magician, a being corrupted with Haemalchemy. It’s combat level is 995 and Sotetseg encounter is one of the more unique.

Engagement: Sotetseg himself physically does not attack anyone. Instead it just lies there in waiting, attacking adventurers from afar. The red projectiles he launches have to be blocked with protect from magic, while the small grey ones can be blocked with protect from missile. Once  the red projectile hits a player it shatters and ricochet towards other players in the form of grey ones. Failure to block these projectiles  will be “rewarded” with inability to pray for 5 seconds. From time to time, Sotetseg will fire a huge red projectile towards a single player. Unlike in most cases with bosses, this attack should not be avoided. On the contrary, adventurers should band around their targeted friend so that the damage would be divided among them (sharing is caring!). If  not, the friend will receive a lot of punishment. Once Sotetseg goes to 2/3 and later 1/3 of his hitpoints (full hp is 4000, do the math yourselves) the cunning beast will randomly put one adventurer into the shadow realm. There, the unlucky soul will have to race against time while following a red dotted path to the portal that would lead him back to the arena while at the same time taking damage. The rest of the party will have to do the same, just in the “normal” realm and without a portal. And to encourage them to run faster a red vortex will chase them and it will deal damage to the whole party if anyone is slow or clumsy enough to get in its way.

Strongest OSRS boss number 3: Great Olm

A large white  salamander is the strongest (combat level 1043) and the last boss in the  Old School RuneScape’s first raid the Chambers of Xeric and is Xeric’s  ultimate weapon. This boss has an exceptional variety of abilities  at his disposal – from fire to acid attacks and crystals  falling out the sky, the Great Olm can kill you in any imaginable way and adventurers best do some research before slaying the beast.

Engagement: there’s a lot going on with this boss and it would be best if you checked it all on OSRS wiki. General rule applies here as well, however –  stay out of special attacks and avoid stuff falling out of the sky! Watch out for his hands as well as they will give out what next attack will Great Olm use. Though there’s some rotation to his spells, it can be randomized with each different raid, but does not change during the raid itself.

Strongest OSRS boss number 2: TzKal-Zuk

The smoldering behemoth of the Inferno, this one is the second most powerful boss in Old School RuneScape with the combat level of 1400. Though being such a colossal being seemingly made of some sort of stone, he seems to not like tiny arrows much and adventurers better have some ranged weapons with them for this reason. Twisted Bow is the best of course and if you wish to partake in the killing of this rock giant you’ll have to either successfully loot the Twisted Bow from the first raid, Chamber of Xeric or straight out purchase it from the Grand Exchange. If you don’t have the bank, don’t worry, we’ll cover for you with cheap Old School RuneScape gold. Just say hello to Eric and he’ll get things moving.

Engagement: during the fight look out for a shield. The shield has 600 hitpoints and will protect you from raging magma hulk’s wrath. TzKal-Zuk’s attack’s might not kill you or even miss you entirely, but the RNG is so unpredictable that that wouldn’t be viewed as sound strategic decision. As any boss who takes themselves seriously, both in real life and in RuneScape, TzKal-Zuk has some very obedient minions. These are Jal-Xil and Jal-Zek. These are here to ruin your day and your shield, so make sure to take care of them as quickly as possible! Oh, and of course, at low health (240) TzKal-Zuk grows desperate and summons more minions. But these ones will heal him and also must be attacked as quickly as possible to interrupt the healing. Once interrupted, they’ll use an AoE attack in front of them, but knowing what good use you made of the shield by running behind it, it should be no problem. Completing Inferno which means also killing TzKal-Zuk is required to get the so sought-after inferno cape. That fabulous cape is probably one of the main reasons why our quester @ quest and minigame service has so much work!

Strongest OSRS boss number 1: Verzik Vitur

Probably an obvious one, this vampyre lady of the Theatre of Blood claims the first place  and for a few reasons. First, her combat level (1520) in her final form is the highest of all monsters currently inhabiting Gielinor. Second, even in her weakest form she is still more powerful than most other bosses. And third, of course, she’s the final boss of the new raid and she just has to be the strongest runescape boss yet. How else would you entertain the spectators and adventurers?

Engagement: first phase is  quite simple – players take the Dawnbringer as it is the only weapon  that can reliably damage her, then work as a team and run all together  as a unit behind the pillars to avoid her special attack. After sustaining some damage pillars collapse and all players must hide behind  a pillar together in order to be most efficient. Just don’t stand near  them when they finally collapse!

Second phase is where the fun  starts. Though, theoretically this phase could be passed without taking  damage, such cases are rare because it requires a lot of concentration  since there’s a lot going on there. However, mechanics are quite simple – attack, bombs, clear Verzik Vitur’s pets, repeat. Just keep in mind  that she has a variety of pets called nylocas and these nylocas do different things. Common nylocas are basically suicide bombers chasing  the player and then exploding if near them or after a set amount of  time, so they should be avoided. Other nylocas should be dispatched of as soon as possible. Third phase combines the charming elements of the previous two and the charming transformation of Verzik Vitur herself. She uses powerful attacks for players to dodge, summons her pets (pests). The  only new thing is that he shoots out a sick explosive web, which deals damage to the player entangled in it after a set amount of time. If you see a friend caught in it step in and help – he’ll thank you for it and your rewards will be greater because of better performance!

We hope this little bestiary of ours will help you greatly in dealing with the above-mentioned creatures. Make sure to check out our raids guide as there you may learn how to make a lot of OSRS gold besides getting the XP and simply having fun! It so happens that you feel overburdened with Runescape gold or are interested in making real money and do something you like doing so you can always sell it and turn it into real money – we’re here to help!

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