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A brand new quest for a brand new year! An original Dragon Slayer sequel continues.

Discover the secrets of Crandor, island known for its mages and adventurers. Although, these days resemblance to the past has faded away, for reasons that raise more questions than gives answers. Dragon Slayer II introduces players to brand new locations across the realm also containing new and very exciting foes to fight and new stories to tell.



  • 5 Quest points
  • 25K Smithing experience
  • 18K Mining experience
  • 15K   Agility experience
  • 15K Thieving experience



  • Ability to speak to cats without the Catspeak amulet
  • Access to the Myths’ Guild
  • Ability to make Super antifire potions by speaking to Primula
  • 4x 25,000 experience in Magic, Ranged, Strength, Attack, Defence or Hitpoints
  • Access to Fountain of Uhld
  • Access to the Pool of Dreams
  • Access to the wrath altar
  • Access to adamant and rune dragons in the Lithkren Vault
  • Access to a stronger version of Vorkath on Ungael
  • Ability to reforge the dragon platebody and kiteshield
  • Ability to have a rune dragon as a Treasure Room guardian

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