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March 21st Update and XP Glitch

Greetings, fellow RuneScape addicts! In this blog post we will briefly review the March 21st update and the upcoming Deadman 2019 spring finals. Oh, and also yet another bug. You must have a few bumps along the road to make the ride more enjoyable, don‘t you?

Deadman Spring Finals

Here we are again with another Deadman season approaching its zenith. The finals will take place from 23rd to 30th March, so make sure to take out some sick days from your job, if you‘re a participant and to get some popcorn and enjoy the show in case you‘re a spectator and root for your favorite scaper!

The wind of change on 21st March also brings something for the upcoming Deadman Summer season: Barrows will be accessible sooner and bounty hunter shop will receive additional items. Revenants, Barrows, Godwars Bosses and Wilderness Bosses will also drop double the amount of uniqe loot during the Deadman Summer season.

This ominous skull promises eternal glory for one - a second chance for the rest

This ominous skull promises eternal glory for one – a second chance for the rest

XP Gain Bug

Remember the last time there was a bug? Of course you do, it wasn‘t so long ago. This time it appears that with February 21st update there was a bug that gave XP. Now, at first it might seem like a feature rather than a bug: who wouldn’t wish to receive extra XP for the same amount of time spent? Well, that is a huge negative for pures. These guys make their special accounts to lead a certain playstyle and now their playstyle got jeopardized. Apparently, some weapons registered as being used in wrong combat style, hence, for example, strength pures received unwanted attack XP etc. If you were affected by this, check the info about the bug in more detail on OSRS page and post your issue on the forums.

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