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Old School RuneScape: Treasure Trail Expansion

Greetings, treasure hunters, this time there are some good news for you too! Whether Indiana Jones inspired you to look for artifacts or maybe it was all the pirate stories about them searching for a buried chest with gold, you know you love solving mysteries and being rewarded for it! This time we’ve got a big update for treasure seekers, aspiring ones and seasoned veterans alike.

Beginner Clue Scrolls

This treasure trail update brings us a brand new feature, or at least an extension of that feature into a new direction, and that is making beginner clues for free-to-play folks! Most of the time updates are relevant to members only and it’s nice that f2p players are taken into account from time to time. These new beginner scrolls are exactly what the title implies: they’re for beginners, made to introduce players to clues who have no clue what clues are about (pun intended). They’re only 1-3 steps long and the two NPC’s you’ll need are easily accessible. These are the good old Charlie the Tramp in Varrock and a new tutor Arthur the Clue Hunter who’s inside the Sheared Ram pub in Lumbridge. Talk to Arthur to get acquainted with clues and then seek out Charlie the Tramp for your first clue! Hope that helps new players get grasp of what clues are and maybe encourage them to even get a membership.

Location of the new tutor Arthur the Clue Hunter

Location of the new tutor Arthur the Clue Hunter

New Puzzles Call for New Rewards

Besides the addition of beginner clue scrolls, there’re also additions to the existing clue scroll tiers. Each tier, except for easy, received 5 additional clues. Easy tier got 12 new clues. There is also a new clue type which will make you dance NPC’s to your tune: sometimes you will need to play certain tracks to NPC’s, sometimes you will need to play a specific track in a given area.

Just as a real treasure hunter, you’re not doing it just for laughs and giggles. You need a reward. The rarer the artifact the better, the fancier a piece of clothing, the greater the increase of you finally getting that RS gf. There are ton of new items added to the game.

Beginner rewards are:

Jester cape

Shoulder parrot (arrgh, matey!)

Bear slippers

Frog slippers

Demon slippers

Mole slippers

God ornament kits (Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak) for Rune scimitars

Sandwich lady outfit (hat, top and bottom)

Monk robes (t) and robe top (t)

Amulet of Defence (t)

New Beginner tier rewards

New Beginner tier rewards

Easy rewards are:

Cape of Skulls

Power Amulet (t)

Rain bow (I see what you did there Jagex)

Ham joint

Staff of Bob the Cat

Leather body (g)

Leather chaps (g)

Black heraldic platebodies (h1, h2, h3, h4 & h5)

New Easy tier rewards

New Easy tier rewards

Medium rewards are:

Spiked manacles

Wolf mask and Wolf cloak

Climbing boots (g)

Adamant heraldic platebodies (h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5)

New Medium tier rewards

New Medium tier rewards

Hard rewards are:

Dual sai

Thieving bag

Gilded rune defender kit

Obby maul ornament kit

Berserker necklace ornament kit

3rd age plateskirt

Blessed d’hide shields (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak)

Rune heraldic platebodies (h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5)

New Hard tier rewards

New Hard tier rewards

Elite rewards are:

Adamant and rune dragon masks

Ranger’s tights

Gilded dragonhide (top, legs, vambraces and coif)

Gilded axe and pickaxe

Gilded spade

Uri’s hat

Fremennik Kilt

New Elite tier rewards

New Elite tier rewards

Master rewards are:

Tormented bracelet ornament kit

3rd age druidic staff, top, legs and cloak

All 3rd age or gilded items from lower tiers

New Master tier rewards

New Master tier rewards

As you can see, there’s a huge load of treasures to claim and you should be the first one to do collect’em all! For full list of changes check the official osrs page. In case you receive a couple of items on this list, say spiked manacles, make sure to cash them out by selling your gold!

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