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OSRS Christmas 2016 event guide and rewards

    Today Old School RuneScape has released a brand new 2016 Christmas event and if you have any trouble completing it keep reading because I will do my best to explain what you have to do step by step.

    To start this you have to be south of Falador by the crossroad where highwaymen pray for low level players and once you’re there walk a little bit east until you see Holly. Talk to her and you can simply go through the dialog by holding down the space bar and pressing ‘yes’ at the end of the conversation. You will be teleported to another location and once you’re there, talk to Holly again and select the first option ‘So where is this boss of yours then? ‘ , she will say her boss is a mountain troll and ask you to go talk to her, select the first option ‘Fine, I’ll go and talk to her.’  And go a little bit north west and go down the stairs.

     Once you’re down the stairs you will see a troll called ‘Carol’ , she’s the boss. Talk to her, go through the dialog and go back to Holly. She’ll say you have to find a Christmas present. Go Down the stairs again run to the north east side and open and search a ‘Storage Chest’ in which you will find a battered teddy bear. Walk back to Carol and give her the teddy bear.

     Go back upstairs and talk to Holly again, she will tell you that you have to go to the factory and make a gift. Go back down stairs. Once you’re there, talk to any of the workers there. They will give you a riddle and depending on the you will have to make a certain type of gift. The gift could be a Party Hat, a Marionette or a Bouncy ball. There are pots of paint all over the area and depending on the riddle you will have to paint your item in a certain color. Hand the present you made to Carol.

      After all that, go back outside and talk to Holly, talk to her again and skip through the dialog and you will get a fun little cut scene. After it’s done, go back down and talk to Carol, and go back to Holly. And go back down stairs again. Go north and search the ‘Rough Bed’ then take and wear the sheet. You will look like a brown ghost and go back and talk to Carol. Now go back and talk to Holly yet again and ask her to teleport you back.

     Then, run to Draynor Village and talk to Diango, ask him about Christmas workers(1st option) and go back to Holly, talk to her again and you will be rewarded.

OSRS 2016 Christmas event rewards

The rewards are pretty cool, here’s the list of the rewards you will get:

Sack of Presents

Giant Present

Snow Globe

2 Santa Hats

2 Christmas crackers

2 Party hat sets

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