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In this blog I will be writing about all recent and upcoming updates that both Old school Runescape and Runescape 3 have. Now you may be asking yourself – how could they know about the upcoming updated? The answer is quite simple. Every time there is an official Runescape stream on . They have a solid schedule on which the official RS mods answer various questions about Runescape, host community events and talk about both, recent and upcoming updates. I really recommend watching these streams because it’s an easy way to get good insight on the game, if you’re merchanting, you can actually get some ideas of which items could go up in price in the near future and you can also participate in various community events they host. However if you happen to miss these streams or you don’t want to bother watching them, here, on this site, we will always have a summary of what was going down and we will do our best to report on all the stuff that has happened during the streams. Also we will try to summarize the recent updates that are posted on the official Runescape and OSRS websites.

Raids, dragon claws and new bosses

Since this blog is quite new, here, in the introduction, I don’t feel like talking about recent updates because nothing exciting happened recently. However, something very exciting is going to happen in the near future of Oldschool Runescape. And that exciting thing is raids. Right now you can log in to world 378 and check out the dungeon. Sure, there are no monsters in the Raids dungeon yet, however you can check out the cool designs that Old school Runescape crafted for this update and you can get an idea of how these raids will look.

Raids rewards

I am extremely excited about this update because of all the new items that will be coming to the game. One of the rewards from raids will be Kodai robes, they offer the best in slot magic stats. They require 75 Magic and Defence and I bet they will look pretty amazing. There will be three pieces of this robe – Kodai robelegs, robetop and hat.

Another item that’s coming out is a Dragon sword. This item has been requested for years and we will finally be able to have it. I think this item will be pretty useless but it will definitely help my fashionscape.

Dragon throwing axes, possibly another useless item, we will see. It looks promising for its special attack that reminds me of bolas from back in the day as it freezes your opponent for 5 seconds. So hopefully it will be useful.

Dragon platebody – another item that Old School RS players have been constantly asking for. Also, probably useless and will only be used to flex in the Grand exchange.

Dragon claws. Wow. This is the item we need. Dragon claws were polled several times and finally they’re coming to the game. The special attack will be the same as it was before and it will be a must have item for every single player they plays runescape. I bet it will cost quite a bit osrs gold, so if you’re in need, be sure to buy gold from us.

Another great reward – new prayers. Preserve prayer requires 55 prayer and it makes your boosted stats last 20% longer, Poison absorb and Venom absorb prayers that require 65 and 85 prayer respectively and they drain your prayer instead of hitpoints when you are poisoned. The long awaited Rigour prayer, 77 prayer needed, boosts Ranged attack by 20%, ranged strength by 23% and defense by 25%! Augury that boosts Magic accuracy and defense by 25% and finally – Divine grace which drains prayer instead of run energy when you run.

Ancient insignia is another amazing reward you can get from Raids. There are five different insignias all of which have different effects and bonuses, and are worn in your ammo slot. These insignias are:

Seji insignia – used for Magic. It provides +5 in Magic attack and all melee defenses and it also provides a 10% chance of saving the runes you used for the cast.

Yumi insignia is used for Ranged provides +5 Magic defence and Ranged attack. It holds your ammo and gives you a 10% chance of hitting extra targets with one shot.

Kebe insignia is usedf for defense and simply gives +5 in all defensive stats, however it will probably be updated in the future.

Risutoa insignia regenerates your special attack twice as fast when you aren’t in combat and provides +2 in both defense and accuracy bonuses.

Bankei insignia is used for prayer, and its boosts the effect of stat boosting prayers by 10%.

More Runescape updates information in the near future

I’m really looking forward to this update and once it happens expect blog posts about strategies on how to kill the new bosses and possibly more in depth reviews of the new items. Have fun scaping, good luck.

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