4rsgold review

Want to know if you can trust 4rsgold? Well you came to the right place! This 4rsgold review will tell you everything you need to know about this gold site. You MUST READ this review before you decide if you really want to buy from them.

In this 4rsgold review we will tell you:

How 4rsgold prices compare to other gold selling websites.

We will answer your question – is 4rsgold safe.

You will find out what documents you can be asked to send when making purchases.

We will show you how 4rsgold customers review this website.

We will provide you with a cheaper & safer alternative & a coupon/discount code.

4rsgold price review

Before we go any further heres a small table comparing prices, payment methods and ID verification between 4rsgold and Ezrsgold. Information  taken on the day this article was written.








0% - 4%

0% - 7%

No ID verification payment methods



Lowest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Highest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Paypal accepted



Credit/debit cards accepted



Crypto currency accepted



24/7 customer support



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Is 4rsgold legit or a scam?

With the overwhelming amount of negative reviews I don’t think this website is legit or safe at the moment.

To start off this review I have to mention that 4rsgold is a Chinese company. Now the thing with Chinese companies in the Runescape gold selling markets are that they are infamous for higher ban rates. It could be due to them trading the gold from Chinese IP addresses or simply because they get the gold by goldfarming it themselves. That being said, if you buy from 4rsgold this will possibly be the least of your problems. This websites has the most negative reviews out of any other gold selling website I reviewed.

At the moment, 18% of their reviews on trustpilot are 1 star!

One of the many problematic things they do is ask their customers to send a picture of their ID after they have made a purchase. It isn’t uncommon for gold selling websites to ask for a picture of your ID or Card, however, it is very bad practice to ask for such information without warning the customer before the purchase.

Also, 4rsgold has accounts in certain gold trading forums, however the account is not in a good standing due to complains from people.

4rsgold review – pros and cons


They have paypal.


It’s difficult to communicate with them

A lot of complaints from customers

Bad business practices

Long delivery times

4rsgold coupon / discount code

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To sum up this 4rsgold review – they are based in China, their customers are mainly dissatisfied by their service because of long delivery times, trouble communicating and unsafe methods of confirming a buyers ID.

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