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With a huge update like raids bugs are to be expected. One of these bugs is called Vespula. It’s a new boss that can be found in the raids and it’s also a dad joke. 

Anyway, the bug i wanted to talk about has already been hot-fixed by the OSRS mods on Friday and everyone who abused this bug got banned. Bellow I will tell you how it was done.

OSRS Raids Bug and how it worked

I’m really happy I didn’t try this bug out for myself because there were a lot of maxed players banned for this. 

The way this bug works is pretty simple. This OSRS Raids bug was mainly used for the last boss – Olm. It was done by walking in to the bosses room and instantly logging out.

What it did was drop every single raids item you had in your inventory on the floor. This OSRS bug allowed players to stack up on supplies inside of the Olm room without losing any points, because once you logged back on all of the supplies were inside the room and your character was outside. This bug exploited very important raids game mechanics and was fixed within a few hours after players discovered it. As mentioned before, everyone who used this bug got banned.

This is the only serious bug that happened in raids so far, however, if new bugs pop up, I will do my best to report write about them here, possibly even before they get fixed.

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