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We guarantee safety! Our website is tested and proved by thousands of people to be safe and reliable. We entered the RS gold business in 2016 and through our long history of selling and buying RS gold, as well as selling OSRS accounts, we provided our customers with fast and reliable services.

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If you need any help buying OSRS gold, RS3 gold, buying OSRS account or ordering quests & minigame services – don’t hesitate to ask. Our live chat representatives are always glad to help! They will answer all the questions about how to order, buy or sell RS gold

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How to buy RS gold?

  1. Choose the game – OSRS or RS3.
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The majority of our deliveries are completed in less than 5 minutes & you can choose a F2P or P2P world when collecting gold.

Why should I buy RS gold from Ezrsgold?

Ezrsgold uses all the necessary measures to make buying gold fast & safe. With 24/7 customer support we are always ready to help and deliver your order faster than anyone else. Ezrsgold was started in 2016 and served thousands of customers so we have a ton experience & lots of reviews on our website as well as on other review platforms like Trustpilot. So if you value safety and good customer service choose Ezrsgold.

Is buying RS3 / OSRS gold safe?

Here at Ezrsgold we use proven gold trading methods that make buying gold completely safe. We collect our gold from trusted gold providers that are regular RS players just like you, so our trades go undetected. We also limit the amount of gold we trade with each of our account and we cycle accounts in a way that makes these kind of trades undetectable. We have crafted these trading methods with our vast experience in gold trading and we spent a lot of money doing do, but the results we achieved are greatly valued by all of our customers.

Why should I buy RS Gold?

You may not know this, but a lot of RS players buy gold. There are many reasons they do so. In our blog post 6 Reasons to buy RS gold you can see the main reasons behind it, but to sum it up in a few words – it’s worth buying gold! You can save your money on membership, you can gain levels faster, you can make more gold and you can buy better gear. A lot of the time playing the game is spent doing stuff you don’t really like just so you can enjoy a small part of the game. By buying gold you skip the boring grind and go straight to the fun!

Who buys OSRS Gold?

If you ever wondered who buys OSRS gold, the answer is simple – it’s people just like you! The vast majority of OSRS players bought gold in the past. We have a blog post detailing the best OSRS money making methods and using the best methods available to an average player one can expect to make about 1m an hour. The price of OSRS gp fluctuates, but say you can buy 30m gold for 7-8$. So think about it, would you rather perform a boring task for 10 hours or buy a few dollars’ worth of gold?

Who buys RS3 Gold?

Everyone buys RS3 gold. This is just the way it is – people buy gold to save time and level up faster. Fashionscape is also a factor, so if you want to show people what you’ve got, buying gold is a must. You never know, it may even get you a RS GF!

What is the safest amount of RS Gold I should buy?

As long as you follow our safe trading methods there is no limit to the amount of RS2007 or RS3 gold you can buy. We have customers that buy billions of gold and due to our trading practice their accounts remain safe and undetected.

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As mentioned above, our experience, trading practices, amazing 24/7 customer support and cheap OSRS gold prices makes us the best OSRS gold seller you can choose. If you’re having doubts about the process feel free to contact our live chat agents and if you’re still not convinced, read some of the reviews people left us. When buying gold you can buy as little as 30M OSRS gp, so let us show how good our service is by buying the minimum amount. And if you need more – you can buy up to 5b OSRS gold per transaction!

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There are a lot of people who want to sell their OSRS gold to us. The process of farming gold for real life profit is detailed in one of our blogs how you can make real money playing RS, so make sure you read it if you’re not familiar and start selling your OSRS gold today. Whether you choose to sell your gold or you’re looking to buy gold – Ezrsgold has got you covered.

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We offer our customers a variety of payment methods. You can buy your OSRS and RS3 gold with your credit card. The payments are processed by secure payment gateways so the process is fast, secure and easy. With a credit card you can get your OSRS gold in minutes!

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Here at Ezrsgold we do our best to offer our customers a variety of payment methods to choose from. Certain payment methods have their perks, for example, if you pay with crypto currency such as BTC, ETH & similar we will provide a discount with your payment!

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