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Sell RS3 Gold for Real Money

The best place to sell your RS3 Gold for the best price. Enter the amount of RS3 Gold you wish to sell to see the price we offer. Get paid fast by PayPal or Bitcoin.

+35% EXTRA

Sell RS 3 Gold

$ 0.01 $ 0.011 / Million
Gold amount in millions:
Delivery time:
5 minutes
Gold amount:
200 Millions
You will receive:
$ $

So you have figured that the gold pile in your RS3 bank account takes up too much room and could do with some lightening? Or maybe you just need some extra cash in your wallet by the end of the month? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

This the best website to make some money by selling your RS3 gold. Our prices are competitive and our service time is unmatched! But if you are here for the first time you might have some questions. Please, read the following and see how the process of selling your gold works:

  1. Where do I start?
    Click “Sell RS gold” button. You will find it in the top of your browser screen or in the center-right on our main page. Clicking it will begin the process.
  2. Clicked “Sell RS gold”. What now?
    Once you click “Sell RS gold” you will see the dialog box where you will have to enter the amount of gold you wish to sell in millions. You will also see how much we are paying for 1 million coins and how much you would get paid in total for the amount you are selling.
    The value entered might change automatically depending on whether you enter a value that is below the minimum amount of gold we buy or above.
  3. How do you know whom to give your gold?
    Once you have entered the amount you wish to sell, click “Sell gold now” button. In this page you will have to enter the nickname of your account and your email address as well as choose the payment method you prefer. Always double-check this information to avoid any misunderstandings and your payment is sent to you.
  4. How do I give you my gold?
    Click “Confirm order” button and the system will register your order. Then the “Start chat” button will appear. Click it and a chat with our 24/7 customer support will open. They will instruct you where to meet them in-game. Remain in the chat until the process is finished.
  5. How fast will I get paid?
    We will issue the payment instantly after the trade. In most cases the transaction is completed within a minute! However, sometimes it might take longer and if it does more than 15 minutes – contact customer support and they will check why it is the case.

*IMPORTANT* We will never contact you in-game chat. All communication is done via live support chat and if you are contacted in-game by someone saying they are from EZRS it is most definitely a scam. Additionally, make sure that the email address ends with If something raises suspicion, contact us via customer support chat.

Make sure to double-check the nickname given by our customer support so that it matches the one of the account you are trading!

Having doubts or questions? Contact customer support now, they will help you!

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February 29, 2024

Eric was quick and everything was smooth!!


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October 11, 2023

Thank your the fast delivery!!


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October 8, 2023

Great Service!