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In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), making money is a key part of the game. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for a while, there are plenty of ways to earn gold to players of all levels and skills. However, for beginners, finding ways to make money with limited resources can be a challenge. This guide aims to help you with some easy money-making methods that require little to no investment.

By the way, we have some amazing osrs money making methods for low level F2P players or osrs money making methods for mid level players that can net you up to 1M GP/Hour.

Slaying Chaos Druids: Profit up to 180K GP/Hour




Combat level 20 or higher
Herb pouch

Chaos druids are one of the most popular starting monsters to kill in Old school Runescape. This is because of their low health and low damage. This allows for players, typically new players, to train their combat skills on these monsters while making a good amount of money at the same time. Chaos druids are known for dropping a variety of herbs. Most popular being the Ranarr weed, which is where the mass of your profits will come from.

To kickstart this money-making method, your first destination is Taverley Dungeon. You can locate it on the map provided below.

osrs map of taverly dungeon path way osrs money making

osrs taverly path to dungeon osrs money making
To get to Taverley Dungeon, just start at Falador bank and follow the red path on the map. If you can’t use the shortcut, no worries, you can go through the main gates of Taverley just north of Falador.

Once you’re in Taverley Dungeon, keep going straight without going into any side rooms. You’ll soon find the Chaos Druids. Beat them, pick up what they drop, then head back to Falador bank to sell your loot. You don’t need a Falador teleport, but it’s handy. You can make around 180K to 200K per hour doing this in 2024.

Flipping at the Grand Exchange




Some starting cash

map of the grand exchange

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS) today, “flipping” is a common term it means buying stuff cheap and selling it for more. In OSRS, players do this mostly at the ‘Grand Exchange,’ where you can buy and sell things. It’s always busy there, no matter which world you’re on.

To flip an item, you start with some money in your pocket. Then you look for items with good profit margins, which means you can make more money selling them. You figure out an item’s margin by intentionally paying a bit more for it.

Because prices change all the time in the game, it’s hard to give specific tips on what to buy and sell. Being flexible and keeping an eye on prices is key to making money this way in OSRS in 2024.

grand exchange interface

Once you’ve chosen your item, intentionally set a very low selling price. This step should be quick since you’re deliberately pricing it lower or higher than usual. Then, head over to the Grand Exchange history and see how big the gap is between the price you bought it for and the price you’re selling it for. If you think the gap is substantial, buy a bunch of that item at the low price. Once you’ve bought them all, sell them at the higher price.

Remember, flipping is risky. You’ll make a profit about 90% of the time, but there’s always that 10% chance of losing money. Still, if you invest wisely, you can expect to profit in the long run. If you’re short on starting gold, you can always buy some here.

Crushing bird’s Nests up to 1M GP/Hour


Pestle and mortar
Birds nests

This money-making method is highly effective; however, it has its drawbacks. One downside is that you won’t gain any experience points while using this method. Additionally, you’ll need a substantial amount of over 20M (GP) to start. However, in our Hunter guide we have a way for you to collect a lot of Birds Nests and gain Hunter XP while doing it.

Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members up to 800K GP/Hour


15 Thieving

Even with minimum requirements, you may not fully maximize the potential of this method, but it remains profitable and enjoyable. The aim of this approach is to acquire easy clue scrolls and promptly complete them as they’re obtained.

Check out our Thieving guide for more details on how to become a more successful Thief.

Collecting Steel Platebodies up to 80K GP/Hour




Stamina Potion
High Alchemy Runes

Steel platebodies are consistently in high demand.

To start collecting them, head to Edgeville bank with a knife in your inventory or a sword wielded. Alternatively, you can bring a weapon to slice the web, freeing up an inventory slot for an extra Platebody. If you have a looting bag, bring it along. Proceed south and pull the lever, bearing in mind that this action will transport you to deep wilderness. From there, navigate to the lava maze area, following the provided map for guidance.
map of lava dragon maze

When you get to the spot, start picking up the steel platebodies. They don’t come back quickly, so switch to a different world after each one. This way, you can fill up your inventory and looting bag fast if you have one. Once you’ve got a full load, go back to the lever you used to get here. Use a teleport to go back to Edgeville and put your steel platebodies in the bank. If you want to try for more money, you can use the High Alchemy spell on the steel platebodies, but it’s riskier.

Collecting Nature runes in Deep Wilderness 250K GP/Hour


Magic level 33
Staff of air
Law rune


1 Energy potion
Runes to teleport

This is a good but dangerous method to make money in the F2P worlds due to its location in the deep wilderness, classified as a PVP zone, accessing it can be risky. However, the route to reach the site is straightforward though somewhat lengthy. It’s advisable to conserve energy by walking instead of running there. The map provides guidance to reach the Nature runes.

osrs map of nature runes spot in wilderness

Follow the map’s route, first click on the spell book icon. Then select the telekinetic grab spell and target the nature rune on the small island. An animation will play, and the rune will automatically appear in your inventory. Once obtained, hop to the next world and wait for the nature rune to respawn.

For safety, it’s advised to head south of the island to store collected nature runes and minimize the risk of encountering PKers.

If you’re a P2P player considering this method, it’s best to avoid P2P worlds. These areas often host dangerous bosses like Callisto, increasing the likelihood of death.

Collecting Wines of Zamorak in Deep Wilderness 190K GP/Hour


Magic level 33
Staff of air
Law rune


1 Energy potion
Runes to teleport

This way of making money can be risky but it’s also very effective in F2P worlds. It’s in a PVP area and there are lots of other players who might try to attack you. The map will show you where to go to get the Zamorak wines. It’s best to walk so you don’t use up all your energy.

osrs map of wilderness temple

When you’re near the altar, don’t try to grab the Zamorak wines directly with your hands. The Zamorak fire will burn you. Instead, use the telekinetic grab spell. Click on the spell book icon, choose the telekinetic grab spell, and then use it on the wine of Zamorak. Repeat this until your inventory is full.

Once you’ve filled your inventory, head to level 20 wilderness and cast teleport to Varrock.

Cooking Raw Tunas 90k GP/Hour


Cooking level 30
Raw tunas


Cooking level 63

Cooking raw tunas is a great way to earn money in F2P. It’s profitable and helps you level up fast. Tunas are popular food for healing, so people always want them. This means you can sell them for a good price at the Grand Exchange. Al-Kharid is a good spot to cook because there’s a range near the bank. This saves you from making lots of trips back and forth.

osrs map of al kharid bank and range

The picture shows where the stove is. You can start cooking raw tunas at level 30, but you might burn some and lose money because you’re not experienced yet. It’s better to have at least level 63 in cooking. Then you won’t burn any and you’ll make more money.

Cooking tunas is easy. Just go to the stove and click on it. Choose how many tunas you want to cook, click “all,” and they’ll all be cooked. Then go back to the bank for more tunas.

Collecting and Tanning Cowhide 90K GP/Hour




Weight-reducing clothing
Energy or Stamina potions

You can take cowhides to a tanner who will change them into soft leather for one coin. Go to the cow field in Lumbridge, get 27 cowhides, run to Al Kharid and find the tanner named Ellis, give him some coins, go back to the bank, and then do it all over again. It’s a good idea to finish the Prince Ali Rescue quest before, so you can pass through the gates freely

Collecting and tanning cowhide is a straightforward and profitable money-making method, it’s an excellent option for beginners or players looking to make some quick gold. Head to the nearest cow field, and start collecting and tanning those hides for profit!

Making Gold Bracelets 200K GP/Hour


Crafting level 7
Gold bar
Bracelet mould

This is a pretty good AFK OSRS money making method, although we have some more crafting OSRS money making methods that give you more experience and similar or better profits. One of the recent updates in Old School Runescape made the furnace in Edgeville accessible to F2P players. The Edgeville furnace is one of the closest furnaces to the bank, which saves time when going back and forth.

Making gold amulet (u) is really easy. Just go to the bank in Edgeville, take one slot for the amulet mould, and fill the rest with gold bars. Then run to the furnace.

osrs money making gold braceletsgold bracelets crafting

When you’re at the furnace, click on it. A window will pop up. Choose how many gold amulet (u) you want to make. After about a minute, they’ll all be made. Run back to the bank and do it again.

Making gold amulet (u) is a slow but good way to level up crafting. It’s also popular in the Grand Exchange because players use it to level up their magic by casting alchemy spells on it, which reduces its cost.

These are just a couple of osrs money making methods where no requirements are needed. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of methods out there for you to find out. One of the final osrs money making methods with absolutely no requirements in the game is to simply buy gold.

You can also sell gold that you make in the game for real money right here. If you would like to check out more money making guides, click here.

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