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Old School Runescape has two game modes F2P (Free to Play) and P2P (Pay to Play), this time we will talk about P2P. The P2P worlds have access to everything that Old School Runescape has to offer, in that it contains minigames, quests, items, armour, weapons and all skills that will provide many hours of fun if you are still not a P2P Buy Gold to purchase your first Bond today!

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The following article will show some of the best ways to get GP in 2024 while you start to know the game and see the great variety that it can offer you.

Collecting Mort Myre Fungi – 500k GP/H


•Nature Spirit Quest

•Agility 50

•Access to Fairy Ring

•Silver Sickle (b)

•Decent Prayer Level

•Amulet of glory’ and ‘Ring of dueling’

casting bloom collecting mort myre fungi

Mort Myre fungus is essential for leveling Herblore and making super energy potions in OSRS. Here’s a streamlined process to collect it efficiently.
Firstly, ensure you’ve completed the “Nature Spirit” quest and have a Silver Sickle (b). Equip this sickle, as it’s necessary for casting Bloom, which spawns the fungus. Having a higher Prayer level is advantageous for longer collection runs.

map of grotto

To start, teleport to Edgeville using an Amulet of Glory, then run to the nearby Fairy Ring and use the code “BIP” to reach the small island near Otto’s Grotto. Cross the stepping stone (requires 50 Agility) to enter the swamp. Find a rotting log, wield your Silver Sickle (b), and use the “Cast Bloom” option to generate Mort Myre fungus. Each cast drains 1-2 Prayer points. Continue casting until your inventory is full or your Prayer points run out.
If your Prayer points deplete before your inventory is full, return to Otto’s Grotto to recharge. Once your inventory is full, teleport to Ferox Enclave using a Ring of Dueling, go to the chapel containing an altar and drink from the Pools of Refreshment. to restore your Prayer and energy, then use the Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville and repeat the process.

player standing near grotto osrs collecting mort myre fungipraying inside grotto osrs collecting mort myre fungi

For maximum efficiency, consider wearing Prayer-boosting gear and ensure quick access to Fairy Rings. This method will help you collect Mort Myre fungus swiftly and effectively for your Herblore training needs.

Mining Gemstones 600k GP/H


•Mining 40 (60 is recommended to wield Dragon Pickaxe)

•The best Pickaxe you can wield

•Shilo Village Quest


•Gem Bag

Mining Gemstones is a very simple activity that you can access after the Shillo Village Quest.

Mining Gemstones money making in OSRS

Shilo Village is a prime location for mining gemstones in OSRS. To get there, complete the Shilo Village quest, then take a ship from Catherby to Brimhaven, and use the cart system to reach Shilo Village.

prospector percy mining Gemstonesmap of catherby mining gemstonespay fare text mining gemstones

Once in Shilo Village, walk north to the gem rocks and start mining with your pickaxe. Using a gem bag, purchased from Prospector Percy in the Motherlode Mine for 100 gold nuggets, helps increase your inventory space, reducing trips to the bank.

map of shilo village mining gemstones

Mining gemstones here allows you to cut them with a chisel for extra Crafting and Mining XP, though it may reduce your GP per hour.

Collecting red spiders’ eggs 200k GP/H


•Xeric’s Talisman or 25 Construction

•Ring of Dueling

•Reduction weight Clothes

Red spiders’ eggs are essential for making restore potions with Harralander, requiring 22 Herblore. The best place to collect these eggs is the Forthos Dungeon in Hosidius, Great Kourend.

Collecting red spiders' eggs money making OSRS

Quick access to the Forthos Dungeon is available through two main methods: teleporting via Xeric’s Talisman to “Glade” and running west, or moving your Player-Owned House (POH) to Hosidius and running northeast to the dungeon entrance.
Inside the Forthos Dungeon, head south to find the red spiders’ eggs. Collect as many as your inventory allows. When your inventory is full, use a Ring of Dueling to teleport to Ferox Enclave for banking, then return to the dungeon and repeat the process. This efficient route maximizes your collection rate and profit per hour.

standing near ladder collecting red spiders' eggsrunning undergroud collecting red spiders' eggs

Hunting Implings In Puro Puro 1.2m GP/H


•Hunter 83

•Thieving 60+ (recommended for avoiding Imp defenders)

•Lost city Quest

•Impling Jar

•Butterfly Net

Hunting implings, particularly dragon implings, is a highly profitable activity in OSRS. Dragon impling jars are in high demand on the Grand Exchange.

map of lumbridge swamp Hunting Implings In Puro Puro

To access Puro-Puro, where most implings are found, complete the “Lost City” quest to enter Zanaris. Head to Puro-Puro within Zanaris, equipped with a butterfly net and an inventory full of impling jars.

map of puro puro Hunting Implings

Inside Puro-Puro, explore the area to locate dragon implings. Catch as many as possible until your jars are full, then bank your loot and repeat the process. This method ensures efficient collection and maximizes your profit per hour.

Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss 750k GP/H


•Runecrafting 75 (59 or 27 possible, but decreased profit)

•Mini Quest ‘Enter the Abyss’

•Quest ‘Lost city’

•Quest ‘Heroes’ Quest’

•Pickaxe: needed for certain obstacles in the Abyss.

•Rune Pouch

•Ring of Dueling

•Amulet of Glory

Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss in Old School RuneScape is a popular method for efficient rune crafting. Players use a rune pouch to maximize inventory space, allowing for more pure essence and higher profit per hour.
Within the Abyss, all altars are accessible except for the soul and astral altars. To obtain a rune pouch, defeat abyssal guardians inside the Abyss; these pouches degrade over time but can be repaired by the dark mage located at the center of the Abyss.

inventory of rune pouch and essence Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyssdark mage Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss

To begin crafting cosmic runes, start in Edgeville with a pickaxe, rune pouch, and pure essence. Head north to the mage of Zamorak, right-click to teleport into the Abyss. Navigate obstacles such as mining (requiring a pickaxe), woodcutting, agility, or thieving to reach the cosmic altar. Craft the runes and return to Edgeville, utilizing an Amulet of Glory to teleport for additional pure essence.

teleporting with mage Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss

When low on resources or health, use a Ring of Dueling to teleport to Clan Wars and pass through the portal to restore stats.
Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss is not only efficient for this specific rune type but also beneficial for crafting any rune, making it a versatile money-making method in the game.

cosmic altar Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss money making

So these are a couple of methods in Old school Runescape to make some money. Remember that these are methods for players with membership only. These methods will ensure you earn a lot of osrs gold as you play the game. If you’re looking to progress faster in the game of OSRS, consider buying gold to obtain everything you need quickly. Here’s why you should buy gold  Thank you for reading.

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