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Ironman OSRS Ironman Mode logo money making guide 2024
Welcome to Ezrsgold’s comprehensive guide on the best money-making methods for Ironman accounts in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! Whether you’re a free-to-play player or a member, we’ve got you covered with strategies that are easy, fast, profitable, and even AFK-friendly. Dive into this guide to maximize your OSRS Ironman efficiency and watch your wealth grow.

Understanding Ironman Mode

Ironman mode in OSRS is a unique challenge that separates itself into three sub-modes: Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman. These modes do not allow trading with other players or using the Grand Exchange, making money-making significantly more challenging. Despite these restrictions, the sense of achievement from earning items and gold yourself is unparalleled.

Some of these money makers will require Membership and as an Ironman, you can only get Membership through buying a Bond on another account and using it on your Ironman.
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Free-to-Play Money Making Methods

Mining Iron Ore
Iron Ore OSRS RuneScape detail

Mining iron ore is one of the simplest and most effective methods for free-to-play Ironman. Head to the Al Kharid Mine or the Mining Guild, both excellent spots for quick ore gathering. Iron ore respawns quickly and offers decent XP alongside valuable resources for smithing.

For help on leveling Mining, make sure to read this 1-99 Mining guide for 2024.

▶ Requirements:

Recommended: 15 Mining (for Iron ore)

Optimal: Rune Pickaxe for faster mining

▶ Tips:

Equip a Rune Pickaxe for faster mining.

Use world-hopping to minimize competition.

▶ Locations:

Al Kharid Mine: Located near the bank, offering easy access.
Al Kharid Mine Located near bank OSRS

Mining Guild: Requires 60 Mining, but has a high concentration of iron rocks and a bank deposit box.
Mining Guild OSRS Map Location ground entrance

Crafting Jewelry
Crafting OSRS logo details RuneScape

Crafting gold jewelry is another profitable option. Mine gold ore at the Al Kharid Mine, smelt it into bars at the Al Kharid Furnace, and then craft into various pieces of jewelry. This not only boosts your crafting level but also gives you items to alchemize or sell.

For the best Crafting Money-Making methods for 2024, click here.

▶ Requirements:

40 Mining (to mine Gold ore)

40 Crafting (to craft Gold jewelry)

Crafting Moulds (for rings, necklaces, etc.)

▶ Tips:

Focus on making Gold Rings and Necklaces for steady profit.

Save gems found while mining for more valuable jewelry.

▶ Locations:

Al Kharid Mine: Convenient for mining and smelting gold ore.
Al Kharid Mine Map Location

Al Kharid Furnace: Close to the bank, ideal for smelting and crafting.
Al Kharid Furnace Near Bank Location

Fishing and Cooking Lobsters
OSRS RuneScape cooked lobster

Lobsters are a great source of both food and money. Fish lobsters at Karamja and cook them at the nearby range. Cooked lobsters are always in demand and can be alchemized or sold for a good profit.

For a more detailed guide on Fishing with the best 2024 methods click here.

▶ Requirements:

40 Fishing (to fish Lobsters)

40 Cooking (to cook Lobsters)

▶ Tips:

Unlock Karamja Gloves to reduce the trip cost between the fishing spot and the bank.

Use the Cooking Gauntlets to reduce the chance of burning lobsters.

▶ Locations:

Karamja: Lobster fishing spots are located near the Musa Point.
Karamja OSRS Lobster Fishing spot

Members Money Making Methods

Herb Farming
Herbs OSRS details logo RuneScape

Herb farming is one of the most reliable and consistent money-making methods for Ironman. Plant, grow, and harvest herbs like Ranarr, Snapdragon, and Torstol. These herbs can be used to create high-level potions or sold for profit.

For a comprehensive farming guide, you can read the 1-99 guide here.

▶ Requirements:

32 Farming (for Ranarr)
Ranarr OSRS Herb Logo detail RuneScape

62 Farming (for Snapdragon)
Snapdragon OSRS RuneScape herb

85 Farming (for Torstol)
Torstol herb OSRS detail RuneScape

▶ Tips:

Utilize all available herb patches for maximum yield.

Complete quests that unlock additional farming patches, such as “My Arm’s Big Adventure” for the disease-free herb patch.

▶ Locations:

Catherby: Easy access to a bank.
Catherby farming patches location on map OSRS

Ardougne: Close to a bank and other amenities.
Ardougne farming patches location on map OSRS RuneScape

Farming Guild: Multiple patches and great for higher-level herbs.
Farming Guild Herbs patch location on map OSRS

Slayer RuneScape OSRS detail

Training Slayer is not only excellent for combat training but also for acquiring valuable drops. Monsters such as Gargoyles, Aberrant Spectres, and Nechryaels drop items that can be alchemized or used in high-level crafting.

A more in depth Slayer 1-99 Guide can be found here

▶ Requirements:

Varies depending on the monster (e.g., 70 Slayer for Kurasks, 75 for Gargoyles).

▶ Tips:

Use the Slayer helmet to boost your damage output.

Unlock superior Slayer monsters for a chance at rare drops.

▶ Locations:

Slayer Tower: Located in Morytania, it has multiple Slayer monsters.
Slayer Tower map location OSRS RuneScapeSlayer Tower floors map detail

Catacombs of Kourend: Offers a wide range of Slayer monsters and valuable drops.
Catacombs of Kourend OSRS entrances on mapCatacombs of Kourend map

Barrows Runs
OSRS Barrows logo detail RuneScape

Barrows runs are an iconic and rewarding money-making method. Completing Barrows chests provides a chance at valuable Barrows equipment and other high-level gear.

▶ Requirements:

Recommended: 70+ Combat Stats

43+ Prayer (for Protect from Melee)

▶ Tips:

Bring Prayer potions and high-healing food to sustain longer runs.

Use a spade to dig at the Barrows mounds and teleport tablets to speed up travel.

▶ Locations:

Barrows: Located in Morytania, accessible via the Mort’ton swamp.
Barrows Bosses OSRS Verac Dharok Ahrim Torag Karil Guthan Ironman

Additional Money Making Methods

Easy Method

Alching Yew Longbows (200k GP/H)
Alching OSRS detail logo

Creating and alching Yew Longbows is a highly profitable and consistent money-maker for Ironman.

▶ Requirements:

60 Woodcutting (to chop Yew logs)

70 Fletching (to craft Yew Longbows)

55 Magic (for High Alchemy)

Knife, Bow String, High Alchemy runes

▶ Tips:

Chop Yew logs and fletch them into Yew Longbows (u).

Add Bow Strings to create Yew Longbows.

Use High Alchemy on the longbows for profit.

▶ Locations:

Varrock Yew Trees: Located near the Varrock Palace.
Varrock Yew Trees map location

Catherby Yew Trees: Near the Catherby bank for easy access.
Catherby Yew Trees map location

Falador: South of Falador for low-competition chopping.
Falador Yew Trees map locations

Profitable Method

Killing Vorkath (1m+ GP/H)
Vorkath money making detail

Vorkath, unlocked after Dragon Slayer II, is one of the most lucrative bosses for Ironman.
Dragon Slayer II completion rewards

▶ Requirements:

Complete Dragon Slayer II

High combat stats (80+ recommended)

Good gear and supplies

▶ Tips:

Learn Vorkath’s mechanics.

Kill Vorkath for valuable drops and high alchable items.

▶ Locations:

Vorkath’s Lair: Accessible via the boat from Rellekka after completing Dragon Slayer II.
Vorkath’s Lair player fighting Vorkath

AFK-Friendly Method

Collecting Steel Platebodies (100k GP/H)
Collecting Steel Platebodies Detail platebody

Steel Platebodies can be found in the wilderness and are a great source of early cash.

▶ Requirements:

Knife (or weapon to slice webs)

Food recommended

▶ Tips:

Collect Steel Platebodies in the wilderness.

High alch them or sell them at the Varrock platebody store.

▶ Locations:

Lava Maze: Located in the Wilderness, follow the path around the maze.
Lava Maze map location collecting steel platebodiesLava Maze steel platebody spawn location

To read more methods, including AFK-friendly/Combat options, click here.


Money making as an Ironman in OSRS can be both rewarding and challenging. By utilizing the methods outlined above, you can ensure a steady income and enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you prefer active engagement or passive profit, there’s a strategy that suits your style.

Stay tuned to Ezrsgold for more guides and tips to help you boost your Ironman account to new heights.

These are just a couple of Ironman money making methods. There are still hundreds or even thousands of methods out there for you to use. You just have to find them! If you enjoyed this guide, check out another money making method here. Thank you for reading.

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