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In this guide, we will be focusing only on the money-making aspects of this skill, but you will still get a lot of XP along the way of doing these methods, so let’s dive right in.

Starting off

To start making some profit with crafting, it’s suggested you start at level 7. Some methods require you to have a higher crafting level, so you may want to check out our 1-99 crafting guide.

But you wonder, how can you do this?

Well, you don’t need a lot of money or anything special for this,

Getting to level 7

Actually, making Leather items will get you to level 7 before you know it.

Leather Items Chart

From level 1 until level 7 you will only need 7000-7300 gold for your journey, crafting Leather gloves using only a Needle, 1 Thread, and 1 Leather for making one gloves.

Material cost to level 7

Here’s how to do it, just Use your Needle on the Leather and you will get a menu, press space for Leather gloves:

How to Craft Leather items

If you want to continue using this fast route all the way to 20, it will actually cost you only 31,248 GP. But I will show you a method later in the guide where you can profit at level 7 Already.

Gloves inventory

You can always take the alternative route and get early XP from Quests:

Sheep shearer 150 Crafting XP

Misthalin Mystery 600 Crafting XP

Dwarf cannon 750 Crafting XP

Three best ways you earn GP crafting in OSRS

If you choose the right method at the right time, you can actually make 1.5M per hour crafting.

For these methods, you will need to run to the furnace and to the bank back and forth, so please consider investing in some gold (you can buy some here on our site), so you don’t have to run to the Grand Exchange all the time.

Snakeskin items

Snakeskin items are profitable, but not at all times of the day.

Some days you might have 1m+ profit per hour for Snakeskin bodies since people usually buy them to high alch (you can sell them instantly).

Snakeskin current GE sell prices

Today, we tested how much money you can actually make for each item specifically, and it’s surprising.

There are 5 profitable Snakeskin items you can craft in OSRS:

Snakeskin Boots – At level 45 – Profitable if GE demand is big. (6 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Vambraces – At level 47 – We made 1 GP per – (8 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Bandanna – At level 48 – Not profitable right now. (5 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Body – at level 53 – We made 563 – 248 = 315 FOR ONE! – (15 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Chaps – at level 51 – We made 446 – 200 = 246 GP per. Very good! – (12 Snakeskins)

Here are the profits for Snakeskin items that we tried on the GE before.

We managed to invest 8k GP into 500 Snakeskins and turn it into 18,6k GP in sold Chaps and Body.

Best Snakeskin sellers

This is an example of a 10k GP profit in under 2-3 minutes.

You can find out how much profit the item will yield just by doing a test one and selling it.

If it’s hot and instant selling, you should consider making them until the 16k GE limit for Snakeskins run out (if you plan on doing this more, maybe leave some offers overnight, there is an abundance of this material in the game).

Snakeskin Shield

At level 56 you can make snakeskin shields, and this uses only 2 Snakeskins, a willow shield and 15 iron nails. You will also need a hammer.

A Snakeskin shield will actually always be profitable for you, even if you don’t sell it on the Grand Exchange.

This is because the required items only cost about 280 gp, and you can easily use the High Alchemy spell if it doesn’t sell on the Grand Exchange – for 552 coins, which will give you an even better profit and you will also gain some magic xp!

Cutting gems for profit

Another way you can make money with Crafting is by cutting Gems.

There is a level requirement for each one, starting with Jade at level 20 (where it becomes profitable).

For this method you will need some investment, so get ready with a Chiesel and the number of Uncut Gems you want to cut.

You will end up with some cut gems (You buy them Uncut), and some Gem dust which is worth nothing.

I will tell you which is profitable after each level.

Jade cutting

Here’s how to do this, just click on your Chisel and then click on your Uncut Gem.

How to cut a gem

Here’s the profit I got from cutting Uncut Jade, 114 from 153. You can use the same process for any.

I have invested 38,2k GP and earned back 45,6k GP when selling it, being level 57 Crafting.

Jade cutting profit at level 57 Crafting

With Jade you profit after level 40 crafting. At worst you will get some free and fairly AFK xp, at best you can make roughly 50-300k gp per hour.

Here’s a secret, at really high crafting levels you can make massive profits by cutting onyx (level 67 crafting) and zenyte gems (level 89 crafting), however these gems are very expensive and it’s difficult to buy them. At current prices you can expect to make roughly 100k gp per cut onyx and up to 2M gp per cut zenyte. A little later we will introduce you to an amazing crafting money maker that’s related to zenyte.

Crafting Jewellery

Crafting Jewellery is actually the golden method you can do to earn some serious GP in the game.

This method does require some initial investment.  You can  stock up on  gold  here on our website.

The investment is definitely worth it.  It is very time inefficient to run back and forth from the Grand Exchange to Edgeville buying more materials.

You can make and test out different Jewellery profits every day since they fluctuate so much, you can get on the “golden train” and really  make some serious bank.

This all depends on the prices of the materials you buy, but you always end up in profit, which you will see later on in the charts. Here’s how to do it and where to start.

Crafting Gold bracelets

We said we need level 7 to make any money here at the start, so I hope you got there by this part of the Guide. 

Now, you will need to buy a Bracelet mould, and a couple hundred, or thousand Gold bars.

Gold Jewellery profit chart

You will be making 73 GP profit per Bracelet, which is very high for a level low as this.

You will be getting 25 XP per bracelet while making a profit, so you can soon get to more a profitable method. You can actually do this one until level 99, but there are far better methods you will see below.

Crafting Jewellery

After you get to level 20 you can make a sapphire ring by getting 1 gold bar, 1 Sapphire, and a Ring mould.

You will need to get to Edgeville, just by the bank, there is a furnace, so it’s the best spot for crafting any type of jewelry. This will net you 200k GP per hour.

As a really good tip, I would advise you to keep the mould in the same spot and put your Sapphires and gold bars close in your bank, and by selecting X you can put the value to withdrawal to 13, this will speed up the process a lot. You can repeat this for any kind of Jewellery, with a different mould if you are doing something else than rings.

Jewellery running Inventory Setup

Now click on the green ring. There will be better examples of this, so read until the end.

This method requires only level 13 crafting, but you can make a lot of GP.

You can use stamina potions, but it’s not necessary or anything like that, if you have low agility

sometimes you will need it.

Make sure to bring some weigh reducing gear if you have some of these items since you will be running with gold or silver bars, which are pretty heavy.

So, now you are making about 200k to 300k per hour and got your levels up, you can choose the path you want to take.

Trial and error is the best method here.

The most profitable methods to make Jewellery

There are many ways and methods you can make jewelry, but the most profitable ones are not easy to find if you don’t use the right techniques.

This will need some GP to start, but it will get you 500K-1M in profits per hour.

At the time of writing this article, the most profitable method is making Topaz amulet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When crafting ANY jewellery, check the price of the enchanted version, because most jewellery gains it’s value from the effects of enchantment and enchanting with appropriate staff usually costs the price of one cosmic rune. The most lucrative jewellery to make is the one that nets profit after enchanting it, because no matter if you choose to enchant it yourself or sell it as is, it will be easy to move it.

Topaz Jewellery profit chart

These are just the current Grand Exchange values, and they fluctuate a lot.

The Ring is the main moneymaker, but you can actually earn a lot more making Amulet(u) since people buy them all the time to train crafting by stringing them.

(You can do the same and just sell them with a higher profit margin).

These kinds of items with a little bit of effort can actually make you unbelievable amounts of money.

You must have enough to invest, get to Edgeville, and make the products while the price is still high, so you can sell them right away.

There is a high amount of buy orders for Topaz or Opal bracelets since people use them to train Slayer.

You can find our EZRS gold 1-99 Slayer article here!

Here’s a chart for Jade Jewellery profits:

Jade Jewellery profit chart

Sometimes you will find yourself in situations where your Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, or Amulets suddenly stop selling. This is why you have to look good at these charts, and maybe if you switch to something else it turns out way more profitable.

Next up is Emerald, which is the third most bought and most profitable:

Emerald Jewellery profit chart

Emeralds are good, but in these methods, you have to improvise.

You will need to look outside of the box. There are Jades, Opals, Emeralds, Dragonstones, Sapphires, Rubies, Diamonds.

You can maybe make 600k per hour one day on Emerald items, but some days your offers will just stand. To combat this, here is a solution.

I found that constantly trying new items, at least an inventory is worth it!

Other profitable jewellery to craft is Diamond and Dragonstone bracelets. You can gain a lot of xp while doing so and it will give you decent profit. And the best profit can be achieved by making Zenyte jewellery, just make sure to check the prices of all the items needed for it and the prices of it’s enchanted counterparts so you don’t burn your money.

How to pick the best item to craft

You will need to check each item on the GE. You will need to buy all the required materials before

so you don’t have to run back to the GE all the time to sell rings/anything and buy more materials.

A fast method of checking is just checking the buy/sell price on the GE, or you can just buy an inventory for every one and calculate it later, I did this while doing this example below.

You can buy some GP on our site here to make this process easier and less time consuming since once you find your moneymaker, you want to do it as fast as possible to get the profit right back into your hands, and you need tons of materials so you don’t have to spend Rings of Wealth or run.

I tried an example right here, making Opal Bracelets.

It actually gave me a nice chunk of profit for one inventory.

Here’s the setup and how to make these bracelets:

How to make a Bracelet

Click on Craft Opal bracelet and you are a few ticks away from profit.

I bought the inventory worth of materials for 5434 GP and ended up with 8086 GP in my inventory.

Opal Bracelet sold

Opal Bracelets material costs

This is 2602 GP profit from only ONE inventory, this is why I said that you really need some investment money for this, but it’s really worth it. People need this item to make it into an Expeditious bracelet, so they can train their slayer more efficiently, but you are making tons of profit this way.

Let’s find out the GP per hour for this method.

You can Craft around 1060 pieces of any Jewellery in one hour. This takes you about 80-100 trips.

With our Opal bracelet method, we made 204 GP for every Bracelet made.

With 1060 pieces, we could make 216240 GP per hour. This is a raw assumption of what the GP per hour would be.

But, there is a very useful twist, you can take any item and try it, some even have 646 GP profit per amulet like Topaz amulet (u) which would make you 684,740 GP hourly profit.

To spice it up, if we followed some more guidelines, we can earn a lot more, check it out below.

Amazing crafting money maker that also gets you magic xp!

This method has quite high requirements, however, the xp you can gain and the money it makes is well worth it. This method will require you to make molten glass using a magic spell. Thre requirements to cast this spell are quite high, as you need to complete Lunar diplomacy quest, however, our quest services can help you with that. Apart from the quest you will need 77 magic and at least 2M GP as starting capital. We recommend using a smoke battlestaff to save money on the runes. For an hour of efficient training you will need roughly 18K buckets of sand, 3K giant seaweed and 2k Astral runes. Each inventory should contain 18 buckets of sand, 3 giant seaweed and a stack of astral runes. You should expect to get 45k-65k Magic xp as well as 110k-150k crafting xp per hour as well as 600K to 1M OSRS GP PER HOUR!

Tips on how to get even more GP per hour

We spent 350 GP for each Opal, and 68 GP for each Silver bar, these were the instant buy prices.

To help us earn more GP, we could have put the Opal for 315 or 325 and in some time those offers will fill in. We could have also bought the silver bars for a lower price.

You can actually put a Grand Exchange offer before you go to sleep and wake up to a nice profit, just for waiting a little bit longer when you’re offline anyway.

This way you can actually put in buy offers for materials during the day and buy it slowly (some have a GE limit but you can wait 4 hours or just buy it from someone around the Grand Exchange, there will be a discussion later in the tips section on how to bypass this).

Most of the items have some kind of buy limit, so this is why the overnight offer standing is the best way to get your items or sell them. And that’s why you need a fat wallet here (you can’t make money without money). You will need to buy some GP, maybe a bit more extra than you expected, because you will be putting offers for 16k items for a lower price if they have a 4k buy limit. This will get you the items every 4 hours, and you will for sure buy everything until the morning.

If you see the potential now, go and buy some EZRS gold here and put up your offers right now.

You can also do this when selling your items. Put them up for some more GP and they will surely sell, as I said for these items the prices fluctuate a lot, and you have a good market to work in.

Since you will actually be making a considerable amount of GP, why not sell some GP and turn it into real-life cash.

Just make sure you are not overpaying for gems and materials or selling under the profit margin, and you can make up to 1M+ an hour with these methods.

Good luck and happy holidays from the EZRS Gold Team!

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