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Crafting is a versatile skill in OSRS that can be highly profitable if you choose the right methods. Whether you’re a member, a free-to-play player, or an Ironman, there are plenty of ways to turn crafting into a lucrative endeavor. Let’s dive into the most effective strategies for making money with crafting.

Getting Started: Reaching Level 7 Crafting

Some methods require you to have a higher Crafting level, so you may want to check out our 1-99 crafting guide.

To start making money with crafting, you’ll need to reach at least level 7. Here’s a quick guide to get you there:

Level 1-7: Crafting Leather Gloves

▶Materials Needed: Needle, Thread, Leather

Crafting Leather 1-20 Levels Table OSRS Money Making

▶Cost: Approximately 9,500 GP

Material cost to level 7 OSRS Crafting Money Maker

▶How to Craft: Use the Needle on the Leather and select Leather gloves from the menu.

How to Craft Leather items in OSRS Money Maker 2024

Alternative XP Boost: Questing

▶Sheep Shearer: 150 Crafting XP
Crafting XP Reward Sheep Shearer

▶Misthalin Mystery: 600 Crafting XP
Misthalin Mystery Crafting XP Reward OSRS

▶Dwarf Cannon: 750 Crafting XP
Dwarf Cannon Crafting XP Reward OSRS

Best Money-Making Methods for Members

Profitable Snakeskin Items

▶Snakeskin Boots (Level 45): Profitable during high demand. Requires 6 Snakeskins.
Snakeskin Boots Crafting Money Making 2024
Profit: 1M+ GP per hour during high demand.

▶Snakeskin Body (Level 53): High profit margin. Requires 15 Snakeskins.
Snakeskin Body Crafting Money Making 2024
Profit: 300K-500K GP per hour.

▶Snakeskin Chaps (Level 51): Consistent profit. Requires 12 Snakeskins
Snakeskin Chaps Crafting Money Making 2024
Profit: 250K-450K GP per hour.

Snakeskin Shield

▶Level Required: 56
Snakeskin Shield Crafting Money Making 2024

▶Materials Needed: 2 Snakeskins, Willow shield, 15 Iron nails, Hammer
Snakeskin Materials Crafting Snakeskin Shield Money Making 2024

Profit: 150K-300K GP per hour

Cutting Gems

Cutting gems is another excellent method for making money. Start with Jade at level 20 and progress to higher-level gems as your crafting level increases. Here are the highlights:

Click on your Chisel and then click on your Uncut Gem.

How to cut a gem Cutting Gems OSRS Crafting Money Making Guide

Jade (Level 20)
Jade Gem OSRS Crafting

Materials Needed: Uncut Jade, Chisel

Profit: 50K-300K GP per hour

Zenyte (Level 89)
Zenyte Gem OSRS Crafting

Materials Needed: Uncut Zenyte, Chisel

Profit: 1.5M+ GP per hour

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Crafting Jewelry

Crafting jewelry is a steady money-maker that requires an initial investment. Start with gold bracelets at level 7 and move to more profitable items as you level up.

This method does require some initial investment you can stock up on gold here on our website.

Here’s how to do it and where to start:

Gold Bracelets (Level 7)

Materials Needed: Gold bar, Bracelet mould

Profit: 150K-200K GP per hour

Gold Jewellery Crafting OSRS Money Making

Sapphire Rings (Level 20)

Materials Needed: Gold bar, Sapphire, Ring mould

Profit: 100-160K GP per hour

Sapphire Jewellery Crafting OSRS Money Making

Topaz Amulet (u)

Materials Needed: Gold bar, Topaz, Amulet mould

Profit: 500K-700K GP per hour

Topaz Jewellery Crafting OSRS Money Making

There is also a high amount of buy orders for Topaz Bracelets since people use them to train Slayer.
You can find our EZRSGold 1-99 Slayer guide here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When crafting ANY Jewellery, check the price of the enchanted version, because most Jewellery gains it’s value from the effects of enchantment and enchanting with appropriate staff usually costs the price of one Cosmic Rune. The most lucrative Jewellery to make is the one that nets profit after enchanting it, because no matter if you choose to enchant it yourself or sell it as is, it will be easy to move it.

Molten Glass Method gets you Magic XP!

Requirements: Lunar Diplomacy, 77 Magic, Smoke Battlestaff, 2M GP starting capital
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Materials: 18K buckets of sand, 3K giant seaweed, 2K Astral runes

Profit: 400K to 600K GP per hour

XP Gains: 45K-65K Magic XP; 110K-150K Crafting XP per hour

This method has quite high requirements, but the XP gain and profit make it worth the effort. You’ll be using the Superglass Make spell from the Lunar spellbook. To use this spell, you need to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest, however, our quest services can help you with that.

Easy, Fast, and AFK-Friendly Crafting Methods


Level Required: 54

Materials Needed: Unpowered orbs, Battlestaves
Battlestaves Crafting AFK Friendly Money Making OSRS 2024

Profit: Steady and AFK-friendly, 100K-500K GP per hour

Tips for Maximizing Profits

Monitor Market Prices: Always check the Grand Exchange prices before starting any crafting method.

Buy Materials Smartly: Place overnight offers for lower prices and sell items when the market is favorable.

Use Efficient Locations: Utilize locations like Edgeville furnace for quick banking.

Invest in Initial Capital: Consider buying some GP to make the initial investment easier here

Trial and Error: Test different methods and items to find the most profitable ones for your playstyle.

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