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osrs mining guide skill leveling profit money making 1-99
Mining is a fundamental skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), providing you with valuable ores and gems that support various other skills and can significantly boost your in-game wealth. This comprehensive guide by Ezrsgold will outline the best practices for training Mining, covering methods for free-to-play (F2P), members (P2P), and Ironman players. We will explore techniques that are easy, fast, profitable, and AFK-friendly to help you achieve 99 Mining efficiently.

Free-to-Play Mining Training

Pickaxe Progression

Using the right pickaxe is crucial for maximizing your Mining efficiency. Here’s the pickaxe progression for F2P players:

▶Iron – Level 1 osrs iron pickaxe

▶Mithril – Level 21 OSRS mithril pickaxe

▶Adamant – Level 31 adamant pickaxe old school runescape mining

▶Rune – Level 41 rune pickaxe

Note: Bronze, Steel, and Black Pickaxes are not recommended due to minimal performance upgrades.

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F2P Mining XP Quests


Experience Reward

Mining Level Requirement

Other Requirements

Doric’s Quest


Level 1-15: Copper and Tin

copper & tin ore osrs mining guide 1-99

Mining Copper and Tin is the optimal method to get from Level 1 to 15. The South-East corner of Lumbridge Swamp is a convenient location. Alternatively, the mine south-east of Varrock, though often crowded, provides access to the Varrock East Bank.
The South-East corner of Lumbridge Swamp mine mining 1-99 guide leveling with money makingVarrock East Bank mine mining 1-99 guide leveling with money making

Experience needed: 2,410 XP

Ores needed: 138

Level 15-99: Iron Ore

iron ore mining guide 1-99

Iron ore is the fastest way to level up Mining in F2P. The best spots include:

▶Al Kharid Mine – Power mining using three iron rocks.
Al Kharid Mine mining leveling guide desert 1-99 tutorial

▶Dwarven Mine – Accessible via East Falador Bank.
Dwarven Mine osrs mining guide entrances

Experience needed: 13,032,020 XP

Ores needed: 372,344

Experience rate: Up to 50k XP/hr with a Rune Pickaxe

Other F2P Methods

Level 85-99: Runite Ore

osrs rune ore

Runite mining is a highly profitable and AFK-friendly method for those who reach Level 85.

Experience needed: 9,775,837 XP

Ores needed: 78,207

Profit: 872,711,913 GP

Members (P2P) Mining Training

As a member you unlock a lot of different mining training methods as well as new mining gear that boosts your XP rates and allows you to make more money. Below is all the necessary gear you should use while mining.

Pickaxe Progression:

Dragon- Level 61osrs dragon pickaxe
Crystal(optional and only available after Song of the Elves)- Level 71osrs crystal pickaxe

Mining Experience Boosting Equipment

Prospector Outfit – Obtained from Motherlode Mine
mining xp boosting equipment for osrs

Cost: 180 Golden Nuggets in total

Prospector Outfit: Increases mining XP by 2.5%.

Mining Gloves – Obtained from Mining Guild

Regular: 60 Unidentified Mineralsmining gloves
Superior: 120 Unidentified Mineralssuperior mining gloves
Expert: 60 Unidentified Minerals with Regular and Superior Mining Glovesexpert mining gloves

Mining Gloves: Prevents rock depletion.

Varrock Armour 1-4 – Obtained from Completing Varrock Achievement Diaries
mining xp boosting equipment for osrs varrock armour

Varrock Armour: Grants a chance to mine double ores.

Effect: When Worn

▶10% Chance of mining 2 ores at once, up to coal, granting xp for both.

▶10% Chance of mining 2 ores at once, up to mithril, granting xp for both.

▶10% Chance of mining 2 ores at once, up to adamant, granting xp for both.

▶10% Chance of mining 2 ores at once, granting xp for both.

Note: The effects do not work at Motherlode Mine, Blast Mine, Volcanic Mine, Dense Runestone, Salt Mine, Daeyalt Essence, Gem Rocks, or for Unidentified Minerals.

All Quests for Mining Experience:


Experience Reward

Mining Level Requirement

Other Requirements

The Forsaken Tower


20% Lovakengj Favour

Doric’s Quest


Plague City


The Giant Dwarf


14 Thieving, 12 Crafting, 16 Firemaking, 33 Magic

Heroes’ Quest



55 Quest Points, 53 Cooking, 53 Fishing, 25 Herblore

Another Slice of H.A.M.


15 Attack, 25 Prayer

The Lost Tribe



13 Agility, 13 Thieving

Between a Rock…



30 Defense, 50 Smithing

Enakhra’s Lament



50 Crafting, 45 Firemaking, 43 Prayer, 39 Magic

Making Friends with My Arm



35 Construction, 66 Firemaking, 68 Agility

The Dig Site


10 Agility, 10 Herblore, 25 Thieving

Dragon Slayer II



200 Quest Points, 75 Magic, 70 Smithing, 62 Crafting, 60 Agility, 60 Thieving, 50 Construction, 50 Hitpoints

Song of the Elves



70 Agility, 70 Construction, 70 Farming, 70 Herblore, 70 Hunter, 70 Smithing, 70 Woodcutting



OSRS Fastest Mining XP

Level 15-75: 3-Tick Iron

tin ore osrs mining guide

The best place to mine iron using this method is in the Legends’ Guild, offering a high XP rate through 3-tick manipulation.

Experience rate: 70k-80k XP/hr

Level 75-99: 3-Tick Granite

granite rocks

The fastest Mining XP method, though highly click-intensive, is 3-tick granite mining in the Quarry.

Granite rocks are located in the south-west area of the Quarry, with four rocks close to each other. The quickest way to get there is by using the Camulet teleport. Ensure you have protection against desert heat: the Desert amulet 4 provides immunity, or you can use the Hitpoints cape and regen bracelet to outheal the damage. Alternatively, bring waterskins and refill them with Humidify.

When mining granite, drop the pieces between actions. Start the 3-tick mining action, click on the next rock, drop the granite quickly, and click the rock again. This method is very click-intensive but significantly increases efficiency.

Experience Rate:
▶90k-95k XP/hr at level 75
▶105k-115k XP/hr at higher levels
▶125k-130k XP/hr at level 99 with the Mining Cape Perk

OSRS Mining Money-Making Methods (AFK)

There are various ways you can make money with this skill, however, here are the most profitable ways to 99 Mining.

Motherlode Mine:

mlm golden nugetsmlm prospector outfit

Mining in the Motherlode Mine requires Level 30 Mining but is recommended from level 55 for better efficiency. It offers low-effort training and decent profit, especially compared to Amethyst mining. Completing medium Falador Diary tasks grants a shortcut (54 Agility required), and the Elite Diary increases higher-level ore chances.

Cleaning pay-dirt yields golden nuggets for the Prospector outfit, which gives a 2.5% XP boost. The outfit is needed for hard Falador Diary tasks. At level 72 Mining and with 100 nuggets, unlock the upper levels for better ore veins.

Experience Rate:
▶30k XP/hr at Level 70
▶42k XP/hr at Level 85
▶53k XP/hr at Level 99

Profit: 300k GP/hr

Gem Rocks (Levels 61-75/99)

osrs gem mining moneymaking

Mining gem rocks in the underground area of the Shilo Village mine becomes viable after completing the hard tasks of the Karamja Achievement Diary. Use the nearby Bank Deposit Box to store gems when your inventory is full. Gem rocks offer the fastest chance to obtain the Mining Pet, Rock Golem. They’re also the primary source of opal, jade, and red topaz, crucial for ironmen.

It is advisable to purchase a Gem bag from Motherlode Mine to lessen banking. Less banking = more profit.

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Experience Rate: Varies

Profit: 893,881 GP/hr

Amethyst (Levels 92-99)

mining guide - amethyse mining

A popular AFK method with moderate XP but good profit.

Experience rate: 19k-24k XP/hr

Profit: 310k GP/hr

Other Mining Methods

Volcanic Mine (Levels 70-99)

The Volcanic Mine on Fossil Island offers fast experience with low effort, but it’s not profitable and requires teamwork, so it’s generally not recommended. It’s best to start using this method around Level 70 Mining, despite unlocking it at Level 50.

To enter, complete the Bone Voyage quest, earn at least 150 Kudos, and claim five unidentified small fossils from Peter after fully building the Museum Camp. Each entry requires paying Petrified Pete 30 numulite. Over time, you’ll slightly profit numulite from the mine.

World 323 is the official world, but forming your own team ensures better coordination. Optimal teams consist of 3 to 5 players; duo works if both are experienced. Soloing is possible but more effortful with slightly slower experience rates than in a team.

Experience Rate:
▶65k-70k XP/hr at Level 70
▶75k-80k XP/hr at Level 85
▶85k-90k XP/hr at Level 99 (with a Dragon Pickaxe)

Using a Crystal Pickaxe starting at Level 71, you can receive an additional 5k XP/hr

Blast Mine (Levels 75-99)

The Blast Mine minigame, requiring 100% Lovakengj favour, offers good experience and profit starting at Level 75 Mining, primarily due to the availability of runite ore. It’s crucial to begin at this level to maximize both experience and profit, as lower levels lack access to runite.

To prepare, bring noted and unnoted dynamite, a chisel, tinderbox, and stamina potion. Replenish dynamite at the nearest bank chest when needed. Using the Graceful Outfit conserves run energy. Equip a Dragon Pickaxe to enhance chances of obtaining higher-level ores based on Mining level. Wearing the Prospector outfit while collecting ores from the operator boosts experience, akin to goldsmith gauntlets at the Blast Furnace.

Experience Rate:
▶55k XP/hr at Level 75
▶65k XP/hr at Level 90
▶70k-75k XP/hr at Level 99

Essence Mining:

See EZRSGOLD’s Runecrafting Guide for more information.

Ironman Training Methods

Ironman players should focus on efficient methods that provide essential resources:

▶Early levels: Copper and Tin

▶Mid levels: Iron Ore, transitioning to Motherlode Mine

▶High levels: Gem Rocks and Amethyst for profit and resources


Training Mining in OSRS can be rewarding and profitable with the right methods and equipment. Whether you prefer fast, profitable, or AFK-friendly techniques, this guide by Ezrsgold covers all the essential strategies to help you reach Level 99 Mining efficiently. For additional resources and to save on membership, consider buying OSRS gold from Ezrsgold.

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