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Please note that the profit per hour for each method may vary based on current market prices and your efficiency.


Method 1: Fishing Sacred Eels

  • Requirement: 87 Fishing, Completion of Regicide and associated prerequisites (56 Agility, 10 Crafting, and 25 Ranged)
  • Profit Per Hour: 163,000 GP at level 88 Fishing, 250,000 GP at level 99 Fishing
  • Process: Equip a fishing rod and bait. Fish in Zulandra. Use a knife on the eels to obtain stackable Zulrah’s scales. Pools move around every minute, requiring minimal clicking.
  • Pro Tip: Bring weight-reducing gear and food to Zulandra for increased efficiency.

Method 2: Hunting Brutal Black Dragons

  • Requirement: 77 Slayer
  • Profit Per Hour: 1.4 Million GP
  • Process: Acquire a Dragon Hunter Crossbow for efficient kills. Engage in combat at a range, ensuring auto-retaliate is on. Bank valuable drops, like Dragonhides and Bones, approximately every 8 minutes.
  • Pro Tip: Consider bringing a Bonecrusher to automatically bury bones for Prayer experience. Also, use Protect from Magic prayer to reduce damage.

Method 3: Crafting Cannonballs

  • Requirement: 35 Smithing, Completion of the Dwarf Cannon Quest
  • Profit Per Hour: 135,000 GP with a single mould, 270,000 GP with the double mould
  • Process: Use steel bars on a furnace with an ammo mould in your inventory. The double cannonball mould from the Giant’s Foundry minigame doubles output.
  • Pro Tip: Bank in Edgeville for quicker trips between the bank and furnace.

Method 4: Combat with Abyssal Demons

  • Requirement: 85 Slayer
  • Profit Per Hour: 420,000 GP
  • Process: Use the Venenatis bow which targets multiple enemies in the Catacombs of Kourend. Pick up valuable drops such as the Abyssal Whip.
  • Pro Tip: Use a cannon for faster kills and bring prayer potions if using Protect from Melee.

Method 5: Mining Basalt

  • Requirement: Completion of ‘Making Friends with My Arm’ quest, Various skill requirements (66 Firemaking, 72 Mining, 35 Construction, 68 Agility, etc.)
  • Profit Per Hour: 329,000 GP
  • Process: Mine Basalt rocks in the Salt Mine after the quest. Use Basalt with the piles of salt to create teleport tablets.
  • Pro Tip: Bring a chisel to your mining trips; this allows you to chisel the Basalt into stacks, saving inventory space.

Method 6: Combat with Vyrewatch Sentinels

  • Requirement: Completion of ‘Sins of the Father’ quest
  • Profit Per Hour: 750,000 GP
  • Process: Engage in combat with Sentinels in Darkmeyer. Stand in one place with auto-retaliate on and collect drops.
  • Pro Tip: Use a Flail for optimal damage. It’s the only weapon that Vyrewatch are weak to.

Method 7: Fighting Skeletal Wyverns

  • Requirement: 72 Slayer, Elemental or Dragonfire shield
  • Profit Per Hour: 750,000 GP (melee), 500,000 GP (ranged)
  • Process: Engage in combat, using either a melee or ranged approach. Pick up valuable drops, with less frequent banking when ranging.
  • Pro Tip: Bring high Alchemy runes to convert drops into coins, reducing the need to bank frequently.

Method 8: Fishing Karambwans

  • Requirement: 65 Fishing, Completion of ‘Tai Bwo Wannai Trio’ quest
  • Profit Per Hour: 196,000 GP
  • Process: Fish at the Karambwan fishing spot. Use a fish barrel from Tempoross for additional capacity.
  • Pro Tip: Use Karambwanji as bait (can be bought from Tiadeche in Tai Bwo Wannai).

Method 9: Combat with Drakes

  • Requirement: 84 Slayer
  • Profit Per Hour: 500,000 GP (melee)
  • Process: Engage in combat using either range or melee attacks. Use Super Anti-fire potions to nullify Drake’s special attacks.
  • Pro Tip: Wear high Ranged Defence gear to reduce damage from Drakes’ ranged attacks.

Method 10: Cooking Various Foods

  • Requirement: Varies (e.g., 55 for Tuna)
  • Profit Per Hour: Varies (e.g., Sharks for best profit)
  • Process: Cook raw fish or other food items at a range or fire. Ensure you have the required level to stop burning the chosen food.
  • Pro Tip: Use Cooking Gauntlets to reduce the chance of burning food, and cook in a location close to a bank for maximum efficiency (e.g., the Rogue’s Den).

Method 11: Crafting Gem Tips

  • Requirement: Varies (e.g., High crafting level for cutting Opals)
  • Profit Per Hour: 435,000 GP
  • Process: Buy Uncut Gems from the Grand Exchange, cut them, and then chisel them into tips. Bank in a nearby location for efficiency (e.g., Crafting Guild with a Skills Necklace).
  • Pro Tip: Consider starting with lower-level gems (like Opals) for practice and work your way up to more profitable gems as your Crafting level increases.


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