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Smithing is a valuable skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), enabling players to create weapons, armor, ammunition, and utility items. Whether you’re a free-to-play player, a member, or an Ironman, this comprehensive guide from Ezrsgold will help you efficiently train your Smithing skill from level 1 to 99. We’ll cover the fastest, easiest, and most profitable methods, as well as those that are AFK-friendly.

What is Smithing?

Smithing in OSRS allows players to create various metal items by smelting ores and shaping them on anvils. It’s a lucrative skill that can generate substantial profit. The primary ways to gain XP in Smithing are:

▸Smelting metal ores to make bars at a furnace.
▸Using a hammer with those bars to craft weapons and armor.

Starting Out: Quests and Requirements  

The Knight’s Sword (Free-to-Play)
The Knight's Sword (Free-to-Play) Smithing Starting Guide


▸2 Iron Bars

▸Redberry Pie

▸Pickaxe (any)

Reward: 12,725 Smithing XP (levels 1 to 29)

Elemental Workshop I (Members)
Elemental Workshop I (Members) Smithing Guide Rewards


▸4 Coal

▸1 Iron Bar

▸Pickaxe (any)

Reward: 5,000 Smithing XP (levels 29 to 32)

Sleeping Giants (Members)
Smithing Guide Starting Sleeping Giants (Members) Rewards Questing


▸3 Oak Logs

▸1 Wool (not Ball of Wool)

▸10 Nails

▸Hammer or Imcando Hammer


▸1 Bucket of Water or Ice Gloves

▸15 Smithing

Reward: 6,000 Smithing XP (levels 32 to 35)

Fastest Way to 99 Smithing

Levels 1 to 35: Questing

Complete the following quests:

▸The Knight’s Sword

▸Elemental Workshop I

▸Sleeping Giants

Use the Quest Helper plugin on Runelite for an easier walkthrough.
Fastest Way to 99 Smithing Quest Helper on Runelite The Knight's Sword Elemental Workshop I Sleeping Giants

Levels 15 to 40: Blast Furnace (Members)

Profit: 198K


▸Completion of The Giant Dwarf quest to access Keldagrim and the Blast Furnace minigame.

▸1.2k coins per minute for Blast Furnace, plus an extra 2.5k every 10 minutes if under level 60 Smithing.


▸Use the official Blast Furnace worlds
official Blast Furnace worlds smithing guide 1-99

▸Travel to Keldagrim, head east from the train station into the east side, and cross the bridge to the Blast Furnace area.

▸Prepare your inventory with the required ores and pay the Foreman if necessary.

▸Load the Conveyor Belt, operate the Blast Furnace, collect the bars, and repeat.

Levels 40 to 99: Gold Bars at Blast Furnace (Members)

Cost: Around 25M


▸Goldsmith gauntlets from Family Crest Quest.
Goldsmith gauntlets from Family Crest Quest Smithing Guide 1-99

▸Ice gloves or bucket.
Ice gloves OSRS fastest Smithing guide 1-99 blast furnace

▸Access to the Blast Furnace.


▸Smelt gold ore at the Blast Furnace without using coal.

▸Equip Goldsmith Gauntlets to receive 56.2 XP per gold ore.

This method provides over 300k XP per hour.

Profitable Smithing Methods

Making Dart Tips

Profit: Varies by metal.


▸Completion of The Tourist Trap quest.
Making dart tips The Tourist Trap quest requirement smithing guide 1-99

Process: Smith dart tips from metal bars
.Smith dart tips from metal bars table levels profit gp/xp smithing guide

Making Cannonballs (AFK)

Profit: Low


▸Completion of Dwarf Cannon quest.
making cannon balls Dwarf Cannon quest smithing guide 1-99

Process: Convert steel bars into cannonballs at a furnace (Edgeville recommended for proximity to the bank).
steel bars into cannonballs at a furnace smithing guide afkEdgeville furnace smithing guide

Making Mithril, Adamant, and Rune Bars at Blast Furnace

Profit: Up to 800K for Runite bars.


▸Coal bag, Ice gloves, and access to the Blast Furnace.
Coal bag Making Mithril, Adamant, and Rune Bars at Blast Furnace smithing guide Ice gloves Making Mithril, Adamant, and Rune Bars at Blast Furnace smithing guide

Process: Similar to the level 15-40 method, but use a coal bag for more XP/h.

Estimated XP per hour:

▸Iron: 75k/h

▸Steel: 94k/h

▸Mithril: 108k/h

▸Adamant: 101k/h

▸Runite: 107k/h
Making Mithril, Adamant, and Rune Bars at Blast Furnace smelting bars cash capital profit hourblast furnace smithing guide 1-99 osrs
For more methods to make a profit in OSRS read here

Ironman Training Methods

Ironman players face unique challenges in training Smithing without access to the Grand Exchange. Efficient methods include:

Mining and Smelting: Mine your own ores and smelt them into bars, saving gold.

Minigames: Participate in minigames like Motherlode Mine for Smithing rewards.

Free-to-Play Methods

For players who prefer not to spend real money, efficient training methods include:

Complete The Knight’s Sword Quest: Start with this for a significant XP boost.

Make Iron and Steel Items: Make iron items until plate bodies, then steel plates to 68, mithril to 88, and adamant to 99.

Smith Silver Bars: Smithing silver bars at a furnace can also be profitable.

Note: For a detailed breakdown of GP/XP or the cost and profit of all these methods, please check online calculators that use current market prices for the most accurate information. This guide is an effective roadmap for players of all levels looking to get level 99 the Smithing skill in Old School RuneScape.


By following this Ezrsgold efficient Smithing guide, you’ll optimize your training and quickly reach level 99 in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Remember to complete relevant quests, focus on smithing higher-level items, and employ advanced strategies for increased efficiency. Good luck on your Smithing journey, and may your anvils ring with success!

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