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Old school Runescape has different game modes. There is normal mode, which is what most players are set to, where you are able to trade freely with other players and use the grand exchange. And there is Ironman mode. This game mode is divided into three seperate sub modes. Iron man, Hardcore iron man and Ultimate iron man. These game modes do not allow you to trade with any other players freely and also it does not let you to use the grand exchange. This is what makes the game mode very difficult.


It also adds extra personal value to skills and items you achieve as they will take much longer to get than if you were to use the normal game mode. One of the majour set backs on iron man mode is making money. Making money in iron man is very difficult because you do not have access to trading or the grand exchange, therefore you have to be able to make your money through other methods such as buying and selling from shops or using the magic spell ‘high alchemy’. This guide will teach you how to make some good money in Old school Runescape in the iron man mode.


Some of these money makers will require membership and as an ironman, you can only get membership through buying a bond on another account and using it with your iron man. You can buy osrs gold to buy bonds very cheap right here.


Alching yew longbows 200k GP/H


-60 Woodcutting (to cut down yew trees)

-70 Fletching


-Bow string

-55 Magic

-High alchemy runes


You may find it hard to level your skills up in iron man mode so you can use our power levelling service here.


To begin with this money making method, you want to have some yew logs. As an iron man, you may need to chop yew trees down yourself. You can find yew trees all over Old school Runescape. A map of one good spot close to a bank is provided below.

osrs map of lumbridge yew trees spot


Once you are at a yew tree, you want to chop them down and deposit them in the bank. It is good to collect a few hundred or thousand before turning them into bows. Once you have as many logs as you want, you want to head over to a bank and withdraw one knife and fill the rest of your inventory with the yew logs. Use your knife with the logs and select longbow then fletch all. You will be left with Yew longbow (u). You want to fletch all your yew logs into the yew longbow (u)’s. You will gain quite a lot of fletching exp from this too.

Next, you want to get 14 bow string and 14 yew longbow (u) in your inventory and combine then by clicking one on another. The rest will combine automatically. Repeat this process until you have finished all your supply.  You should also gain a lot of fletching experience from this.

Once you have got all your yew longbows, you want to withdraw them from the bank all in note form. Also take out your runes for high alchemy and begin alching them all. You will gain some magic experience and you will also see the money flooding in! You should be roughly averaging around 200k GP per hour, which is quite good for iron man mode players.



Alching ecumenical keys 180k GP/H


-55 Magic (high alchemy)

-A weapon



-Teleportation method


Ecumenical keys are a very useful item for high level players. They are used to enter any god wars dungeon boss room without having to get the kill count. This can increase peoples kills per hour, which is why they use this key. It is always in high demand and is quite easy to get. They are worth quite a lot, 61k high alchemy price. These ecumenical keys can be found by killing any monster found within the god wars dungeon.

It is good to note that this god wars dungeon is located in the wilderness so be sure not to bring high value items unless you are willing to risk it. A map of the god wars dungeon will be provided below.

Once you are here. You want to make your way to the north – east side and look for the small red imps. As all monsters are able to drop this ecumenical key, it is best to attack these red imps only, if you are low level. Once you have a recieved a key, it is good to note that the next key will have a lower drop rate. This is why it is a good idea to bring some high alch runes with you to alch the keys as soon as you get it. Or you are able to bank them when you get an ecumenical key.

This is one of the best money making methods for iron men at low to mid levels. You can expect to make an average of roughly 180k GP per hour.


Killing Vorkath 1m+ GP/H


-Dragon slayer 2 Quest

-Ability to kill vorkath


One of the best money making methods, iron man mode or even regular account mode, is to slay vorkath. Vorkath has a very good drop table with high valued items. Many of these items are high alchable, which means there is money to be made on an iron man account. The reason for this high valued drop table is because of the extremely high requirements to even unlock the ability to fight vorkath. It can take a very long time to complete dragon slayer 2.


Vorkath is a fairly simple boss to slay after you learn the mechanics and attacks of the boss. A map of the boat you take to get to the boss will be provided below. Although you should already know how to get there as you learn how to do so in the actual quest. It is good to note that the quest version of Vorkath is much easier compared to the post quest vorkath. Also, if you die here, you will have to pay 100k at the man near the boat to get your items back. However if you die before collecting your items then you will lose everything.

osrs map of boat to vorkath


Once you kill vorkath, teleport to a bank and return to kill it again. Repeat this process until you feel like you have enough alchables. It is a good idea to check the Old school Runescape wiki to see what items are worth a lot when high alched. Using this money making method, you can expect to make roughly around 1m+ GP per hour.


Collecting steel platebodies 100k GP/H


-Knife (or weapon to slice webs)




Steel platebodies are one of the first items collected by new iron man accounts to make some quick starting cash. They can be high alched with level 55 magic or they can be sold at the Varrock platebody store for the same value. These steel platebodies are located in the wilderness so it is a good idea not to bring anything valuable. They are also guarded by lesser demons which can potentially one hit you if you are just starting out. So you should bring food if you can at low levels. A map of where the steel platebodies are located is provided below.

osrs map of lava maze

To get to the steel platebodies, you want to go all the way around the lava maze, this is not difficult, just simply follow the path way until you see the lesser demons. You may need to slice webs along the way.

Once you have collected a full inventory, make your way back via teleportation or walk back to a bank and deposit all your steel platebodies. Once you are happy with the amount you have, you can sell them at the Varrock platebody store. This is shown below.

osrs map of varrock platebody shop

Using this money making method, you can expect to make roughly an average of 100k GP per hour.


These are just a couple of iron man money making methods. There are still hundreds or even thousands of methods out there for you to use. You just have to find them! If you enjoyed this guide, check out another money making method here. Thank you for reading.


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