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This article will outline some of the best ways to make money in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) as of 2024. You’ll find a variety of methods including AFK money-making, combat methods, and various skilling techniques. Please note that the OSRS economy is dynamic, so prices and profits may vary over time. It’s advisable to conduct your own research before engaging in any of these methods to get the most accurate profit estimates.

If you are an ironman check out Ironman money making guide.

For the fastest way to obtain RS gold, you can find HERE.

• New methods are regularly added to this article, and profits are updated accordingly. However, it’s always a good idea to verify the profitability on your own before diving in.

Each money-making category listed here will include one primary method. For additional methods, refer to the related articles provided.

Here are some of the best Old School RuneScape Money Making Methods by :

1. Killing VorkathProfit: Up to 4M / Hour
2. Killing ZulrahProfit: Up to 1.5M / Hour
3. Pickpocketing Master FarmersProfit: Up to 900K / Hour
4. Crafting Astral RunesProfit: Up to 1.4M / Hour
5. Smelting Adamant Bars at Blast FurnaceProfit: Up to 750K / Hour
6. Casting Tan LeatherProfit: Up to 1.1M / Hour
7. Making Snapdragon PotionsProfit: Up to 1M / Hour
8. Smithing Steel Bars at Blast FurnaceProfit: Up to 600K / Hour
9. Making Teak PlanksProfit: Up to 300K / Hour
10. Tanning DragonhideProfit: Up to 600K / Hour

These methods vary in difficulty, with some suitable even for new players. Refer to the detailed guides for specific requirements and instructions. For most of these guides you will need to be a member, some of these guides require you to have some starting cash. Click here to buy OSRS gold.

No requirement OSRS money making guide

Here’s an updated guide for making money with no specific requirements in Old School RuneScape as of 2024:

Tanning LeatherProfit: Up to 700K / Hour

Tanning leather is straightforward and profitable. All you need is some starting gold. F2P players can tan Cowhides, while P2P players can tan various dragonhides for increased profits.

The best place to tan hides is Al-Kharid. Accessible from Lumbridge (requires 10gp for the gate) or teleportation methods like a ring of dueling or amulet of glory – Al-Kharid.
Tanning Leather OSRS Guide Location Money Making

For more methods like this, refer to the No requirement Old School Runescape Money Making Methods.

Here are some additional methods that require no specific requirements:

• Tanning hides – Expected profit: 100k-600k GP/H.
• Flipping @ The grand exchange – Expected profit: 700k-15M/H. (Depends highly on market fluctuations and investment amounts)
• Cutting chocolate bars into dust – Expected profit: 250k GP/H.
• Collecting white berries – Expected profit: 150k GP/H.

OSRS Combat money making methods

Earning gold while training your combat skills can be highly lucrative in Old School Runescape. By selecting the right monsters to battle, you not only level up quickly but also accumulate significant amounts of RS gold along the way. If you accumulate accumulate more than you need, remember that you can always convert your Runescape gold in to real money simply sell gold to us! Let’s delve into some of the most profitable combat money-making methods available in Old School Runescape!

As of 2024 killing Vorkath you can make up to 4M / Hour
Vorkath 2024 Money Making Profits

However, accessing this opportunity demands completion of Dragon Slayer 2 quest and having decent combat stats. Once you master defeating Vorkath, you can expect to earn around 1.5M gold per hour. As you improve, your earnings have the potential to increase even further.

Additionally, in 2024 killing The Nightmare can yield profits of up to 2M gold per hour!
The Nightmare OSRS Money Making Profit
OSRS Official Worlds The Nightmare of Ashihama Money Making

Recommended Requirements:

Combat Level: Recommended combat level of at least 100 to 110.
Prayer Level: High Prayer level (around 70 or higher) for access to protective prayers.
Magic Level: High enough Magic level (around 90 or higher) for using better spells.
Combat Gear: High-tier combat gear.
Completion of Priest in Peril Quest: This quest is required to access the area where the Nightmare resides.

Additionally, having access to a group or team of players is highly recommended due to the difficulty of the Nightmare encounter.

This guide also has easier monsters you can kill such as:

Killing Green Dragons Expect to make 800k+ GP/Hour Suitable for players with low combat stats.
Killing Brutal Black dragons Expect to make up to 1.2M GP/Hour Requires 77+ Slayer, 75+ Ranged, and 37+ Prayer.
Killing Gargoyles Expect to make 600k+ GP/Hour Requires 75 Slayer and 75+ in Strength, Attack, and Defense.
Killing Chaos druids Expect to make 180k+ GP/Hour Suitable for low-level players, decent experience and money-making.
Skeletal Wyverns Expect to make up to 750k GP/Hour Requires 72 Slayer, Knight’s Sword quest & Elemental, mind or dragonfire shield.
Dagannoths Expect to make up to 1.3M GP/Hour Requires completion of The Fremennik Trials quest & combat level of at least 70’ish.
Killing Ogres Expect to make 100k GP/Hour This is a F2P money-making method, viable with around 40 Ranged or Magic.
Basilisk Knights Expect to make up to 500K GP/Hour Requires Completion of the Fremennik Exiles quest & 75+ Slayer.

For a detailed Guide on combat money-making methods, including easier monsters to kill, refer to OSRS Combat money making guide.

OSRS P2P Money making

Becoming a member unlocks numerous money-making opportunities in OSRS. It’s pretty cheap to become a member, specially if you buy a Bond using RS gold.
You can see our calculations in this article – reasons to buy Runescape gold.

There are plenty of no requirement money making methods available for members and to start this list off one of the easiest ways you can make money is by collecting Blue Dragon scales.

This method is pretty simple – Head to the Taverley dungeon squeeze through a pipe to the Blue Dragon area, collect blue dragon scales, and bank them in Falador. Don’t forget your anti-dragon shield!

Here’s a quick way to get to the Bank and Back:
Collecting Blue Dragon Scales OSRS Money Making Location

• Collecting Blue Dragon Scales – Profit: Up to 200K / Hour

Second method, would be Using Crystal Keys,

Head to Taverley, you’ll find the chest located in the house west of the Witch’s house. Approach the chest and use your Crystal key on it to unlock its contents.
Crystal Keys OSRS Money Making Location

Crystal keys are tradeable, allowing players to buy and sell them on the Grand Exchange or through player trading.
Crystal Keys OSRS Money Making Price Grand Exchange

 You can make up to 1M GP/Hour

For more P2P money-making methods, check out the – OSRS P2P Money Making Guide.

Many of the methods listed require minimal to no requirements and can yield profits ranging from 100K to 4M GP/Hour, along with skill experience. Explore these guides for leveling and earning opportunities.

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