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Playing Old School Runescape as a Free-to-play player is challenging. The territory you can explore is limited, xp rates are slow and your options are limited, however, we did our best to gather fast, easy and effective money making methods you can do as a free player. However, if you want to save A LOT of time I highly recommend getting membership and you can save some money on it by using this guide. And if you decide to become a member here are some P2P money making methods that can earn you tons of GP. But if you decide to stick to F2P continue reading this guide for the best money makers applicable to both new and advanced free to play players.


Casting High alchemy spell – up to 1m GP/H


-55 magic

-Some gold

-Nature runes and staff of fire

This method also aplies to P2P player, the main difference is that they have a lot more items to choose from and members will also have more grand exchange slots available and that can help tremendously. This method is great, because you will be training magic while getting a lot of money.

So the main thing in this method is to choose the proper items to alch. In Free-to-play the most common items that will bring you profit from high alching are Rune items such as full helm, platelegs, platebody, kiteshield and so on. I recommend getting at least 400GP profit per alch, this would net you around 500k GP/H. You could go for 800gp per alch, but it will become less likely to get your hands on the items. You can see the best alchable items here.

Filling bucket of water 40-80k GP/H




lumbridge fountain

This is surely one of the oldest activities in the F2P worlds to make money; basically you don’t need anything, just have buckets or jugs.

Buckets can be purchased at the Grand Exchange or at any general store in the game.

In order to make money filling bucket of water, just go to a PVP world in Lumbridge castle. Just in case, make sure you dont have anything valuable on you before you log in to a PVP world!

PVP worlds are used because you will have the bank closest to the fountain to fill the buckets.

We place all the inventory slots with buckets or jugs, right click the bucket and selecting “use” then use at the fountain and all the buckets will be filled quickly, run to the bank and repeat.

Buying feathers  200k GP/H


-At least 600k GP

If you’re short on RS gold buy it here. Once you have the gold head to a fishing shop in Port Sarim.

OSRS feathers money making F2p location


Once there, trade the fisherman, buy feather packs, unpack them and repeat the process until you run out of gold. Important note: do not buy out all the feathers and check the pack price before buying, because when the supply lowers, the price rises, so you may end up losing money of you rush it.

Go to the Grand Exchange and sell your feathers for profit.

Collecting cowhides 40k GP/H



Collecting cowhide is one of the most popular activities in F2P. If you are starting and need to buy your first few basic supplies and gear, this is an ideal option.

We start from Lumbridge with nothing in our inventory and walk north-east of the map, as indicated in the image.

lumbridge cows map

Arrived at the site, just collect the cowhide. They are on the ground, dropped by cows killed by other players, fill the inventory and return to Lumbridge; repeat as many times as you can.


Tanning leather 100k GP/H





To tan the cowhides, you must go to Al-kharid, indicated on the map.

To reach Al-kharid, walking from Lumbridge. You will need 10gp to pay the fare to the guards who are at the entrance.

Passing the entrance, just go to the bank that is facing south.

al-kharid map

tan interface

Being in the bank, fill the inventory with as much GP as possible and the rest with cowhides. Walk a little to the north where the tanner is, right click on trade, select what type of leather we will convert the cowhide, right click again selecting “all”. You will have your leathers.

Walk back to the bank and repeat.



Collecting Nature runes in Deep Wilderness 250k GP/H


-Magic level 33

-Staff of air

-Law rune


-1 Energy potion


-Runes to teleport

This is a good but dangerous method to make money in the F2P worlds because it is in deep wilderness and is a PVP zone.

The way to get there is simple but a bit long, it is recommended to walk without using energy to save as much as possible.

The map indicates the route to follow, to reach the nature runes.

wilderness nature rune map

Following the route indicated on the map, You must click on the spell book icon then click on telekinetic grab spell and select the nature rune on the small island, there will be an animation and it will already be in the inventory.

After taking the nature rune, just hop to the next world waiting for the nature rune to respawn again.

It is recommended to go south of the island and save nature runes collected to avoid encountering pkers.

Note: If you are P2P and want to try this method to making money, it is recommended not to go to P2P worlds, because it is the area which Callisto the boss is and you can easily die.


Collecting Wines of Zamorak in Deep Wilderness 70k GP/H


-Magic level 33

-Staff of air

-Law rune


-1 Energy potion


-Runes to teleport

This method is also considered dangerous, but very effective to make money in the F2P worlds, as it is a PVP zone and very popular with pkers.

The route will be indicated on the map to collect the wines of zamorak. It is also recommended to walk to save energy.

wilderness temple map wines

While on the altar you cannot take the wines of zamorak with your hands, you will be burned by the zamorak fire.

For that, telekinetic grab spell must be used. Click on the spell book icon and select the telekinetic grab spell and then use it on the wine of zamorak. The same activity is repeated until the inventory is full.

Fill your inventory and then go down to level 20 wilderness and cast teleport to Varrock.



Killing Ogres 60k-120k GP/H


-The Corsair curse quest

-Good armour, ranged is recommended

-Good food


-Nature and fire rune to high alchemy

Killing ogres is one of the most popular methods today to make money in the F2P worlds because it is simple and there is an advantage of getting a higher combat level by fighting against them.

After starting or completing the quest “The Corsair course”, just go to Corsair cove south of Feldip hill.

To get to Corsair cove, take the ship located at west of the POH portal in Rimmington.

rimmington port

corsair cove map

While in Corsair cove, get off the boat and walk towards the west until we reach the only dungeon in that region.

It is highly recommended to use ranged attacks because  you can safespot. It is possible to be AFK (away from keyboard) for hours here.

Being inside the dungeon, go to the safespot and start attacking the ogres with ranged, collect the runes and items. Rune items can be high alched and converted into GP to save inventory space.

Mining adamant ore 110k GP/H


-Rune pickaxe

-Mining level 70

Mining ores in the F2P worlds is one of the most common and profitable activities to make money. Adamant ores is one of the best ways to make money when you start to learn the game.

Al-kharid and the mining guild are the most common places to mine adamant.

al-kharid ore map

This image shows the place where we can find adamant ore.

Mining adamant ore is very simple, wield your pickaxe and click on the ore and the character will begin to mine it until the ore changes into a gray color, that shows you that the ore was mined. After mining, hop to the next world and do the same.

Mining iron ore in mining guild – 30k GP/H


-Rune pickaxe

-Mining level 15


-Mining level 60

mining guild

Mining iron ore has been one of the most famous activities chosen by the players to make money in the F2P worlds. Only 15 mining levels are required in order to mine iron ore. You can mine iron ore more quickly with 60 levels of mining to access the mining guild and the nearest bank.

The mining guild is south of the falador bank.

When you are in the mining guild there are four iron ores very close. This speeds up your profit per hour.

iron ores in mining guild

Mining iron ores is simple, wield the pickaxe and click on the available ores.

When your inventory is full, walk to the falador bank, deposit the iron ores and return to continue mining.




Mining runite ore in Deep Wilderness – 400k GP/H


-Mining level 85

-Rune pickaxe


-Energy potion

-Good food

-Teleport to escape

runite ores in wilderness

Runite ore is the most valuable ore in the game, becoming highly demanded and popular between the P2P and F2P players. The only flaw of F2P is, the runite ore can be found in the deep wilderness only, making it difficult to access and dangerous to players who mine it.

north of lava maze

The runite ore is found in the lava maze, in the image you will see the exact location.

Mining ores is simple, you just have to click on the ore with the pickaxe wielded and the character will do the rest.

The runite ore takes a long time to respawn, after having mined the ores, hop to the next world.

When you have your inventory full, go down at level 20 of wilderness and cast a teleport to a safe zone.

Chopping oak trees – 40k GP/H


-Woodcutting level 15

-Any axe

oak trees

Chopping down oak trees is one of the most popular money making methods in the woodcutting skill in F2P.

It is really fast obtaining 15 levels of woodcutting, allows players to make money early in the F2P worlds.

The high demand of the oak logs is to level up skills such as firemaking or make oak planks to level up construction. In the P2P worlds, players have made their value stay over time.

To the north of the Falador bank there are some oak trees near the bank, reducing the storage time of the oak logs.

Chopping down oaks is simple, you just go to the oak tree and click on it with the axe wielded.

falador bank and oak trees

When the inventory is full, you go to the bank and return.

Chopping yew trees – 30k GP/H


-Woodcutting level 60

-Rune axe

Yew trees are the most valuable logs that exists in F2P. They are considered a rare tree and have great utilities in multiple skills in P2P and F2P. They are a very desired item in Old school Runescape.

The F2P worlds is not so difficult to find the yew trees, there is a considerable amount and have easy access. To know the location of them just open your mini map by seeing the icons of trees, you can find the exact location of each one of them.

map behind lumbridge castle yew trees

Arriving at the yew tree, just click on the tree. When the inventory is full go to the bank and return.

Cooking raw tunas 40k GP/H


-Cooking level 30

-Raw tunas


-Cooking level 63

Cooking raw tunas is a very good method to make money in F2P, it is highly profitable and you level up quickly at the same time.

Tunas are a very common food to heal, guaranteeing their demand in the Grand Exchange and making good money at the same time.

Al-kharid is a good place to cook, it has a range very close to the bank which reduces athe number of trips required when doing this method.

al-kharid bank

The image shows the site where the range is located.

The raw tunas can be cooked at level 30 but there are great chances of being burned by the low experience in cooking and can decrease profit, so it is highly recommended to have at least 63 cooking level so that the tunas stop burning and you get the best possible profit.

Cooking tunas is simple, just must go to the range and click on it, the option of how many tunas you want to cook will appear, select “all” and all will be cooked, then back to the bank for more tunas.

Collecting wines of zamorak 80k GP/H


-Magic level 33

-Law rune

-Air staff

-Zamorak robes

-Total Skill of 500


-Some food

-Magic level 37 (Teleport to falador)

-Runes to teleport to Falador

chaos temple zamorak

Wines of Zamorak is not only found in the deep wilderness, it can also be found in the temple north of Falador where followers of Zamorak reside.

Even if you are not in the Deep Wilderness it is easy to die if you do not know what to do, zamorak followers will attack anyone who tries to take the wines of zamorak by reducing your stats quickly.

There is a way to be able to take the wines of zamorak and greatly reduce the attack of the followers, so must wear zamorak robes to appear to be another follower.

inside chaos temple casting telekinetic grab

To collect the wines of zamorak, cast telekinetic grab spell at the entrance of the temple and quickly climb up the ladder (total skill level of 500 and zamorak robes are requirements in order to be able to climb up ladder) and take the other one, climb down the ladder and the followers Zamorak will stop attacking you. Repeat until the inventory is full, cast your teleport to go back the Falador bank and run again to the temple.

Note: Zamorak followers quickly reduce stats, so it is advisable to bring food. You can also only take the wine of zamorak upstairs but the hourly profit will be reduced in half.

Making gold amulet (u) – 35k GP/H


-Crafting level 9

-Gold bar

-Amulet mould

inside edgeville bank and furnace

One of the last updates of Old School Runescape was to allow access to the furnance located in Edgeville to F2P players.

This method requires you to have some crafting levels, so be sure to check out 1-99 crafting guide. Also, we have some additional crafting money making methods that can make you 200k+ GP/H in F2P.

The edgeville furnance is one of the furnance’s closest to the bank, allowing the reduction of time between trips.

Making gold amulet (u) is really simple, you must go to the bank of edgeville, you fill one inventory slot with the amulet mould, and the rest in gold bars and run to the furnance.

When you are at the furnance you click on it, a new window will be opened, choose how many gold amulet (u) you would like to make, after approximately 1 minute, you will have all the gold amulet (u) made. Run back to the bank and repeat again.

Gold amulet (u) is a slow but effective method of leveling up crafting in addition to being highly traded in the Grand Exchange for its usefulness among players who want to level up their magic level by its value in alchemy reducing its cost in GP.

ring interface

Being able to buy the first Old School bond in the Grand Exchange is dedication and time, everything will depend on you.

But if you want to take a pause between methods, there is the purest way to get GP and see other players noble heart.

dancing in grand exchange

Dancing in the Grand Exchange for money is another fun way to get money although it is not reccomended as many players do not appreciate this because it is known as a form of begging. However it is not against the rules.

Be sure to check out a few additional F2P money makers here.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully you can escape the evil lands of F2P and afford a bond after this guide. And if you want the fastest money making method, click here to buy gold.

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