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Released in the January of 2005, Slayer is one of the most popular skills in OSRS that players choose to train yet has one of the least amounts of 99s compared to the other skills. With the vast amount of slayer masters, special equipment, monsters and more, the skill may seem quite daunting at first. On the other hand, Slayer is a great skill for you to train, as on the way to accomplishing level 99, you’ll be getting around level 99 in all your other combat stats. On top of that, Slayer unlocks a wide variety of monsters that can make you serious amounts of money. We’ve gone ahead and made a comprehensive guide to Slayer, that’ll surely get you to 99. So, sit back as we go through the ins and outs of the skill of Slayer!

slayer cape 99 guide osrs


Before we jump into the levelling guide, you should be aware of the Quests in OSRS that grant slayer experience. As slayer is a relatively long skill to train, especially in the lower levels with the low experience rates, the usage of completing quests to speed through those levels is highly recommended. Below, we’ve got a list of all the quests in OSRS that grant slayer experience. So, before you head out slaying all the monsters in the game, consider trying a few quests out!

slayer osrs quests provide slayer xp experience reward

Useful Items

Here is a list of useful items that will assist you greatly in your slayer journey.

The first, is the fairy ring teleport system. With the fair ring teleport system, you can have access to almost every slayer monster in the map instantly. As slayer monsters are scattered across the whole world, this makes it much easier to navigate to your slayer task. To gain access to the fairy ring teleport system, you’ll need to use the specific fairy rings with either a Lunar or Dramen staff, after starting the Fairy-tale II quest. Keep in mind, if you’ve completed the Lumbridge & Draynor Village achievement diary sets, you won’t need the staff.

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osrs fairy ring

Next, is lunar magic. The lunar magic spell book has an extremely beneficial spell – NPC contact. This spell allows you to communicate to your slayer master wherever you are. Therefore, you can get a task, tips and other information whenever, wherever. Additionally, the lunar magic spell book has the spell book swap ability, allowing you to access teleports to locations such as Trollheim and Ghorrock. To use lunar magics, you’ll need to complete the lunar diplomacy quest.

After that, it’s the slayer ring! The slayer ring, especially at higher slayer levels, is extremely beneficial, as you can use it to teleport to a vast variety of slayer locations, such as the slayer tower, and the stronghold slayer cave. You can purchase a ring from a slayer master for 75 slayer points, or you could craft it yourself by unlocking the ability to craft it (we’ll speak about the unlocks later) for 300 points.

osrs slayer ring guide

Next, the Karamja gloves 3 allows you to teleport to Shilo Village. You may be asking, why do you need to go to Shilo Village? Well, as you’ll find out shortly, Shilo Village is the home of one of the high-level slayer masters – Duradel. Also, if you’ve got Karamja gloves 4, you can teleport directly to Duradel. To get these Karamja gloves 3, you’ll need to complete the hard Karamja diaries, and to get the fourth-tier version, you’ll need to complete the Karamja elite diaries.

Karamja gloves 3 slayer osrs guide shilo village

The Xeric’s Talisman is a very useful item that allows you to teleport to various locations in the Great Kourend. Although being useful for plenty of other skills and activities, the talisman is useful for slayer as you can teleport to near the Catacombs of Kourend, where you’ll be spending a lot of time. To get the talisman, you’ll need to kill lizardmen, brutes or shamans. Alternatively, you could steal from the stone chests in the Lizardmen Temple.

Xeric’s Talisman osrs slayer 1-99 guide Great Kourend

The slayer helmet is going to be your best friend during your Slayer journey. The main reason for this is that it provides a 15% attack and strength boost against slayer tasks. Additionally, it combines the effects of its parts, which are: the spiny helmet, facemask, earmuffs, nose peg and black mask. If you imbue it at the Nightmare Zone, it will also provide ranged and magic bonuses. To make it, you’ll need to spend 400 slayer points on the unlockable ability.

slayer helmet osrs 1-99 guide

Until you have a slayer helmet, you should heavily consider using a black mask. The black mask provides a 15% attack and strength boost against monsters on a slayer tasks, and requires 10 defence, 20 strength and 40 combat to wield. If you imbue it at the Nightmare Zone, it also provides ranged and magic bonuses. You can either buy the black mask off the Grand Exchange or be lucky enough to receive it as a drop from Cave Horrors.

black mask osrs slayer guide 1-99

The enchanted gem is a must have for slayer. Sold by all slayer masters for 1 GP, the gem allows you to contact your slayer master at any time, to ask them about your current assigned task, as well as tips for it.

enchanted gem osrs slayer guide 1-99 contact slayer master

There’s also a bunch of miscellaneous items you’ll need to effectively slay and protect yourself against certain monsters. At level 10, the facemask protects you from the Dust Devil attacks. At level 15, the earmuffs protect you from Banshees. At level 25, the mirror shield protects you against Basilisks and Cockatrice. At level 33, the unlit bug lantern allows you to attack Harpie Bug Swarms. At level 35, the spiny helmet protects you from Wall Beasts. At level 37, the insulated boots protect you from Killerwatts. At level 57, the Fungicide spray allows you to finish off Mutated Zygomites. At level 60, the nose peg protects you from Aberrant spectres. At level 75, the rock hammer and rock thrown hammer allows you to finish off Gargoyles.

Recommended Quests to be Completed

Slayer requires you to travel the whole world to find specific monsters to defeat. As a result, you’ll need to have quite a few quests under your belt in order to access the various parts of the map, to find the most challenging monsters. Here’s a list of quests we recommend you complete before jumping into slayer, as they’ll be very beneficial in your journey.

• Horror from the Deep, to unlock Dagonnoths.

• Lunar Diplomacy, to unlock Suqahs.

• Priest in Peril, to unlock Morytania (the home of the Slayer Tower).

• Barbarian Training, to unlock Mithril Dragons and Waterfiends.

• Mourning’s End Part II, to unlock Dark Beasts.

• Desert Treasure, to unlock Dust Devils.

• Monkey Madness II, to unlock demonic gorillas.

• Bone Voyage, to unlock Fossil Island Wyverns.

• Dragon Slayer II, to unlock Adamant Dragons and Rune Dragons.

• Death Plateau, to unlock spiritual creatures.

Slayer Masters

In your Slayer journey, you’ll be visiting the majority of the slayer masters around the world. However, at the later levels, you’ll mainly be getting tasks from Duradel or Nieve (also known as Steve). So, let’s meet them all!


First up is Turael, who can be found in Southeast Burthorpe. He is the first slayer master, and therefore has no requirements to get tasks from him. To get to him, you could use either a games necklace teleport or travel via hot air balloon. His tasks are very easy, but you shouldn’t spend extra time with his tasks. An interesting fact about Turael is that he is able to replace your current assignment from another slayer master with his own easier tasks. So, if you ever find yourself stuck, and you can’t skip any tasks, head to Turael!

Turael osrs slayer master location



Next, is Krystilia, found in Edgeville. You don’t need any requirements to receive tasks from her, except that you should have 1 task from any other slayer master under your belt. To get to Krystilia, you can use an amulet of glory. All of her assignments are found in the Wilderness, and therefore you can earn extra rewards when slaying the assigned monsters. Keep in mind that Wilderness slayer tasks have a different counter from standard tasks.

Krystilia slayer master location



After that is Mazchna, found in Canifis. To receive tasks from him, you’ll need to complete Priest in Peril and have 20 combat. To get to him, you should either use an ectophial or fairy ring (cks). Just like Turael, his tasks are also quite easy.

Mazchna slayer master location



Next up is Vannaka, found in Edgeville dungeon. You’ll need to have a combat level of 40 to receive his assignments. To get to him, simply use an amulet of glory to head to Edgeville, then head down to the Edgeville dungeon to find him. He is one of the more popular slayer masters, as his tasks are designed for those in the medium to high level players.

Vannaka slayer master location



After Vannaka is Chaeldar, found in the Zanaris Fairy Queen’s court. You’ll need a combat level of 70, as well as the completion of Lost City to utilize her assignments. To get to her, simply use a fairy ring teleport to get to Zanaris, the fairy ring hub. Keep in mind however, she can hand out dangerous tasks such as Bronze Dragons.

Chaeldar slayer master location


Konar Quo Maten

Next is Konar Quo Maten, found in Mount Karuulm. You’ll need a slightly higher combat level to receive assignments from her, requiring 75 combat. To get to her, use the fairy ring teleport (cir) and head north. The special thing about her slayer tasks is that there is a chance of receiving Brimstone Keys, which can allow you to open the Brimstone Chest, which can contain various valuable goodies.

Konar Quo Maten slayer master location



One of the final slayer masters is Nieve, located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You’ll have to have a combat level of at least 85 to receive tasks from her. To get to her, use a spirit tree teleport to the Tree Gnome Village, and head to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, where you’ll find her. However, if you’ve completed Monkey Madness II, Nieve will be seen to be replaced by Steve, her cousin.

Nieve slayer master location



The final and most challenging slayer master is Duradel, located in Shilo Village, and requiring 100 combat, as well as 50 Slayer to receive tasks from. To get to him, simply use a fairy ring teleport (ckr) and head to the top floor of the fishing store or use the Karamja Gloves 3 (or 4) teleport. His tasks are usually very hard, so make sure you’re all prepared before consulting him!

Duradel slayer master location

Slayer levelling Guide

As you may know, Slayer is a skill that involves you visiting specific slayer masters, who assign you tasks to kill a specific amount of a certain monsters. The monsters you’re assigned is based upon both your own combat level, and the general difficulty of the slayer master you speak to. After every successful kill of the assigned monster, you receive Slayer experience, roughly equal to the monster’s hit points.

Duradel slayer master

So, to receive a Slayer task, you’ll just need to head to a Slayer master. If you don’t know which Slayer master to go to, simply scroll up to find a list of them. Once assigned a task from the Slayer master, you may need Slayer-specific equipment, in which when asking the respective Slayer master for tips, those equipment pieces will be revealed. For example you’ll need a face mask for killing Dust Devils.

If levelling Slayer gets boring, you can also partake in group Slayer, in which you partner up with another player and work your way through the same slayer task. You can achieve this by right clicking and selecting the ‘partner’ option on either an enchanted gem, slayer ring or slayer helmet.

slayer partner group Slayer new partner

Technically, there are no requirements to start Slayer training. However, we highly recommend getting your combat stats up a little, to make the Slayer progression a lot easier. In other words, the higher your combat, the faster your Slayer experience rates will be.

Recommended Equipment

The equipment you bring to your Slayer tasks are extremely important, as it can heavily influence your experience rates. You should always be aiming to bring the best in slot equipment to slayer to maximize experience rates. If you’re unaware of what equipment to bring to Slayer training, we’ll quickly run through the setups you should go with!


If you choose to bring melee along to Slayer training, you should opt for a max DPS setup. If you don’t know what that looks like – don’t worry! We’ll run you through the gear setup. On the very left, you’ll see the gear at which we recommend the most. If you can’t use that piece of equipment (due to level or monetary restrictions), use the gear directly to the right of it, until you find something you can use. Or consider buying osrs gold. from Ezrsgold and make your gameplay more enjoyable!

Helm: Slayer helmet (i) > Black mask (i)
Amulet: Amulet of torture > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Cape: Infernal cape > Fire cape > Mythical cape > Ardougne cloak 4 > Cape of accomplishment
Top: Bandos chest plate > Fighter torso > Obsidian plate body > Proselyte hauberk > Torag’s plate body
Bottoms: Bandos tassets > Obsidian plate legs > Proselyte cuisse/tasset > Verac’s plate skirt
Main Hand: Ghrazi rapier > Abyssal whip > Abyssal bludgeon > Zamorakian hasta > Abyssal dagger
Shield: Avernic defender > Dragon defender > Dragon fire shield
Ammo: Rada’s blessing 4 > God blessing > Rada’s blessing 3 or 2
Gloves: Expeditious bracelet / Bracelet of slaughter > Ferocious gloves > Barrows gloves
Boots: Primordial boots > Dragon boots
Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Brimstone ring
Special attack weapon: Dragon claws > Dragon dagger > Saradomin god sword

Recommended Equipment for slayer melee

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Not a fan of melee? No worries! Here’s the mage setups we recommend for max DPS when slaying. Just like for melee, you’ll see the most optimal gear on the left, and all you’ll need to do is keep heading right until you find a piece of equipment you have access to.

Helm: Slayer helmet (i) > Black mask (i)
Amulet: Occult necklace
Cape: Imbued god cape > God cape > Ardougne cloak 4 > Cape of accomplishment > God cloak
Top: Ancestral robe top > Ahrim’s robe top / Vestment robes > Mystic robe top
Bottoms: Ancestral robe bottoms > Ahrim’s robe skirt / Vestment robes> Mystic robe bottom
Main Hand: Kodai wand > Nightmare staff > Master wand > Ancient staff
Shield: Arcane spirit shield > Book of darkness > Unholy book > Book of balance
Ammo: Rada’s blessing 4 > God blessing > Rada’s blessing 3 or 2
Gloves: Expeditious bracelet / Bracelet of slaughter > Tormented bracelet > Barrows gloves
Boots: Eternal boots / Devout boots > Infinity boots / Holy sandals > Wizard boots > Mystic boots
Ring: Seers ring (i) / Ring of the gods (i) > Brimstone ring / Ring of wealth

Recommended Equipment for slayer magic


And finally, the Ranged setup! Here’s the ranged setup we recommend you bring along to your Slayer tasks. As usual, you’ll see the gear we recommend the most on the left, and if you can’t use it, use the gear next to it, until you find something you can use.

Helm: Slayer helmet (i) > Black mask (i)
Amulet: Necklace of anguish > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Cape: Ava’s assembler > Ava’s accumulator > Ranging cape
Top: Armadyl chest plate > Blessed body > Black d’hide body
Bottoms: Armadyl chain skirt > Blessed chaps > Black d’hide chaps
Main Hand: Toxic blowpipe
Ammo: Rada’s blessing 4 > God blessing > Rada’s blessing 3 or 2
Gloves: Expeditious bracelet / Bracelet of slaughter > Barrows gloves
Boots: Pegasian boots > Ranger boots > Blessed boots > Boots of brimstone
Ring: Archers ring (i) > Brimstone ring > Ring of suffering (i)

Recommended Equipment for slayer ranged

Slayer Points

As you continue grinding through your Slayer tasks, you’ll start to accumulate Slayer points. If you’re unfamiliar with them, Slayer points can allow you to cancel tasks, permanently block tasks, and unlock useful rewards that we’ve mentioned before.

We recommend that while you collect Slayer points, you spend them in this optimal order: Blocking tasks, Superior Slayer monsters, Slayer helmet, Extensions, and other unlocks.
Let’s go through each of them!

Cancelling and blocking tasks

As Slayer features a wide variety of monsters to kill, there’s bound to be a few that are undesirable. Luckily, you can either skip them when you’re assigned them, or you can even permanently make it, so you’re not assigned them.

• Cancelling a task costs 30 reward points,
• Blocking a task costs 100 reward points,
• You can have up to 6 tasks blocked simultaneously.

Why should you block tasks?

As Slayer is all about efficient training, it is imperative that you spend more doing good tasks that generate good experience and income. Additionally, you shouldn’t bother blocking tasks for lower level Slayer monsters, and only consider blocking tasks for the final Slayer masters (Nieve/Steve and Duradel).

To adopt a strategy to effectively block tasks, you should follow this reasoning:
• First, sort the slayer tasks you are eligible to receive from fastest to slowest Slayer experience.
• Focusing on the slower tasks, look at the amount of time that it takes.
• The tasks which have the slowest experience rates,
• Longest time to complete should be blocked first.

Unlocking the ‘Bigger and Badder’ perk for a cost of 150 slayer points allows you the ability to encounter superior variants of monsters at a rate of 1 in 200. These superior monsters are much more difficult to defeat than their inferior variants yet provide a large amount of slayer experience when killing it, along with the chance of dropping valuable items such as:
An eternal gem,
Imbued heart.

We recommend you unlock this perk to maximize your experience and gold gains while slaying.

Extending slayer tasks

Sometimes, you may want to extend slayer tasks. For example, if you receive a task with great experience rates and great monetary gain, such as Abyssal Demons, you may want to use your slayer points to extend the task and be assigned much more monsters to kill. However, in an optimal strategy to maximize slayer experience, you should only extend premium tasks such as Nechryaels and Dust Devils.

Unlocking new tasks

To unlock new tasks, you’ll need to pay with your Slayer points. Once you’ve paid, you can start receiving them as an assignment. The unlockable tasks are:
Seeing Red,’ allowing you to receive a Red Dragons task.
The ‘I hope you mith me’ unlock allows you to receive Mithril Dragons as a task.
The ‘Watch the birdie,’ unlock allows you to receive Aviansies as a task.
The ‘Hot Stuff’ unlock allows you to slay TzHaar’s such as Jad, or Zuk if you’ve already completed the inferno.
The ‘Reptile got ripped’ allows you to slay Lizardmen on task.
The ‘Like a boss’ task allows you to slay all normal bosses in OSRS.

If you’re trying to optimally train slayer for maximum experience rates, you shouldn’t be unlocking new Slayer tasks.

Killing perks

The only killing perk we recommend you unlock the Gargoyle smasher. As you’ll receive Gargoyle tasks quite frequently at higher level Slayer, you’ll save a lot of time with the Gargoyle smasher perk.

Train Construction with Slayer

As mentioned in our Construction guide, you can gain a lot of free Construction XP while training slayer. Simply collect long bones and curved bones that you receive from during your slayer tasks and turn them in for free Construction XP.

Money Making with Slayer

The great part of Slayer is that you can make a whole lot of gold! Let’s go through a few.

First, once you hit level 65 Slayer, you can kill Dust Devils. Located in both the Smoke Dungeon and Catacombs of Kourend, they require a facemask in order for you not to disorient your stats. As aforementioned, a slayer mask already has a facemask on it. They can drop a wide variety of runes, herbs, gems and more, which leads to some really nice profit. Furthermore, they are great experience! We recommend you use bursting or barraging to target multiple at a time.

Dust Devils osrs slayer 1-99 money maker

Next, when you’re at level 72 Slayer, you’re able to slay Skeletal Wyverns. These Skeletal Wyverns can make you a bunch of money, in a very AFK manner. To kill them, you’ll need either an elemental shield, mind shield, dragon fire shield, dragon fire ward or ancient wyvern shield, in order to protect yourself from their icy breath. They drop wyvern bones, battle staves, rune equipment, runes, herbs, prayer potions, and the valuable draconic visage.

Wyvern osrs slayer money maker 1-99

Moving on, you can start slaying Brutal Black Dragons at level 77 Slayer. These brutal black dragons, although being difficult to kill, drops dragon bones, black dragonhide, dragon equipment, rune equipment, runes, and the draconic visage. We recommend you bring range along, and preferably with a dragon hunter crossbow.

Brutal Black Dragons osrs slayer money maker 1-99

After making all that gold while Slaying, why not sell it off for real life cash? If that interests you, follow this link to sell osrs gold.

And there you have it, our comprehensive guide to achieve 99 Slayer in OSRS. We hope you enjoyed, and we wish you the best of luck on dominating the skill of Slayer!

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