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woodcutting osrs guide 2023 fastest 1-99

Woodcutting in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) goes beyond leveling up your character. It can be a profitable and rewarding skill, offering valuable logs and a range of benefits. From chopping trees to reaching level 99, Woodcutting brings both wealth and advantages. Let’s explore how Woodcutting can be profitable and the perks it offers to those aiming for that prestigious level 99. Get ready to delve into the world of timber and uncover its hidden rewards.

Embark on a journey to master Woodcutting in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) in this Ezrsgold guide, we are going to cover every aspect of Woodcutting. By following these methods and strategies, you’ll be able to reach level 99 in Woodcutting faster than ever before. Let’s delve into the world of trees and optimize your training.

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Levels 1-15: Regular Trees

Head to Draynor Village and chop regular trees until level 15.

Regular trees, also called normal trees, are the most basic and easy-to-find trees in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). You can chop them without needing a specific Woodcutting level, and they can be found in many different places.


osrs woodcutting regular trees 1-99 woodcutting guide

Levels 15-30:
Oak Trees

Oak Trees in Varrock Travel to Varrock and chop down Oak Trees near the Grand Exchange. This location offers a good balance between proximity to the bank and decent experience rates for mid-level Woodcutters.

Oak trees are easy to find and cut. Once you have a Woodcutting level of 15, you can chop them in places like Lumbridge, Draynor Village, and Taverley.


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Levels 30-45: Willow Trees

Willow Trees in Draynor Village Return to Draynor Village and cut Willow Trees near the riverbank. These trees provide improved experience rates and are conveniently located near a bank for efficient log banking.

Willow trees are easy to find and cut. Once you have a Woodcutting level of 30, you can chop them in places like Draynor Village, Barbarian Village, and Tree Gnome Stronghold.

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Levels 45-90 or 99: Deadliest Catch & Teak Trees

Teak Trees in Ape Atoll Complete the “Deadliest Catch” quest to gain access to Ape Atoll. Once there, head to the hardwood grove and cut Teak Trees. This method offers faster experience rates than traditional options.

Teak trees are a valuable resource for woodcutters. You can find them in places like the Hardwood Grove on Fossil Island and the Tai Bwo Wannai village. Cutting teak trees gives you good experience, and the logs can be used for building things or sold to make money.

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Levels 90-99:
Redwood Trees

Redwood Trees in Woodcutting Guild At level 75, unlock the prestigious Woodcutting Guild by achieving 75% Hosidius House favor. Inside the guild, cut Redwood Trees, which provide excellent experience rates and are the fastest method to level 99.

Redwood trees are high-level trees requiring a Woodcutting level of 90. Found exclusively on Fossil Island, cutting redwood trees provides substantial Woodcutting experience and valuable redwood logs for profit. The Infernal Axe’s ability to instantly burn logs and the longer respawn time of redwood trees add unique elements to this sought-after woodcutting activity.

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The OSRS Woodcutting Guild offers a variety of trees:

11 Regular trees

4 Oak trees

7 Willow trees

13 Maple trees

17 Yew trees

8 Magic trees

2 Redwood trees

Moreover, being inside the guild provides a Woodcutting XP Boost, granting a temporary increase of 7+ woodcutting levels.

Advanced Tips for Efficiency:

a) Use the best available axe for your level to maximize your cutting speed.

Infernal Axe

The Infernal Axe is widely regarded as the best axe to use in OSRS due to its ability to instantly burn logs, providing faster woodcutting experience and increased efficiency.

osrs woodcutting osrs axes osrs axes shop osrs magic axes bob's axes osrs osrs bob axes osrs infernal axe

To use the Infernal Axe in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), complete the “The Forsaken Tower” quest and reach Firemaking level 85, and enjoy its advantages of faster woodcutting, instant log burning, and increased XP per hour.


b) Utilize the “Drop” option for cheaper logs instead of banking logs to save time.

osrs drop osrs logs
Shift Dropping

To shift drop in OSRS, simply hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click the item you want to drop in your inventory. 
This allows you to quickly discard items without the need for manual right-clicking and selecting the drop option. 

To turn on shift dropping in OSRS, open the Options menu, go to the Controls tab, and enable the “Shift click to drop items” option by checking the box next to it.

c) Consider utilizing Stamina Potions or Energy-enhancing equipment to reduce fatigue and increase your running time.

osrs stamina potion


d) Utilize Fairy Rings or Spirit Trees for quick access to various tree locations.

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e) Equip items that provide bonuses to Woodcutting, such as the Lumberjack outfit that requires (44 Woodcutting), Woodcutting gloves, or the Dragon axe/Infernal Axe. These items can enhance your XP rates and overall efficiency.

To get the Lumberjack outfit in OSRS, play the Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame and complete the easy, medium, hard, and elite routes. 

Collect the outfit pieces by opening supply crates during the minigame until you have the full Lumberjack outfit.

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f) Advanced players can utilize tick manipulation techniques to further increase XP rates. These techniques involve timing your actions within the game’s tick system for optimal efficiency.

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g) Certain potions, like the Woodcutting potion, can temporarily boost your Woodcutting level by 3 levels, allowing you to access higher-level trees and gain additional XP.

osrs woodcutting guide osrs woodcutting potion osrs woodcutting boost stack osrs woodcutting boost stew osrs juju woodcutting potion


Oak Trees:  30k to 50k gold per hour.

Additionally, converting oak logs into oak planks through the Construction skill can provide a higher income potential, depending on the current market prices.

Yew Trees: 80k to 120k gold per hour.

Fletching the logs into yew longbows can increase potential profits further.

Magic Trees: 150k to 200k gold per hour.

It’s one of the most lucrative woodcutting options available.

Redwood Trees: 400k to 600k gold per hour.

Note that redwood trees have a longer respawn time compared to other trees.


Enlightened Journey: Grants 1,500 Woodcutting XP.

Recipe for Disaster (Skrach) – Grants 1,500 Woodcutting XP.

Heroes’ Quest – Grants 1,575 Woodcutting XP.

Monk’s Friend – Grants 2,000 Woodcutting XP.

Animal Magnetism – Grants 2,500 Woodcutting XP.

The Eyes of Glouphrie – Grants 2,500 Woodcutting XP.

The Fremennik Trials – Grants 2,812 Woodcutting XP.

Icthlarin’s Little Helper – Grants 4,000 Woodcutting XP.

The Fremnnik Isles – Grants 10,000 Woodcutting XP.

Song of the Elves – Grants 20,000 Woodcutting XP.

Grim Tales – Grants 14,000 Woodcutting XP.


1-15 Woodcutting: Regular trees (Logs)
15-30 Woodcutting: Oak trees (Oak logs)
30-99 Woodcutting: Willow trees (Willow logs)

By primarily focusing on cutting willow trees from level 30 onwards, you can efficiently train your Woodcutting skill and work towards reaching level 99.


Tick manipulation, an advanced technique, can optimize experience rates when cutting teak trees from level 45 to 99 Woodcutting.

With proficient tick manipulation, players can expect experience rates of approximately 90k/xp to 120k/xp per hour.

While the experience gains are impressive, it’s important to note that tick manipulation requires precise timing and may not be suitable for all players.


By following this Ezrsgold  efficient Woodcutting guide, you’ll optimize your training and swiftly reach level 99 in OSRS. Remember to complete relevant quests, focus on higher-level tree types, and employ advanced strategies for increased efficiency. Good luck on your Woodcutting journey, and may the trees fall swiftly before your mighty axe!

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