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Hello fellow Runescaper!

Some people don’t know this, but you can actually buy & sell Runescape gold and a lot of people do it! Whether your an experienced player or a newbie, you will have more fun playing if you are wealthy in game. Here are the top reasons you should buy gold:

Save money on membership

There are a couple of ways you can become a member on Runescape. It’s by buying membership on Runescape website or buying a bond. A bond can also be bought directly from Runescape, however, it is way cheaper to buy Runescape gold from Ezrsgold and then buy the bond in game. This way you save a lot of money. Heres the math.

The cost of Runescape membership is 12.49$

osrs membership price rs3 runescape 1 month member old school runescape

The cost of a Old School Runescape bond at this time is 13.8M

osrs bond price grand exchange
The cost of a Runescape 3 bond at this time is 142.50M

Using a single bond in game grants you 14 days of membership, 2 bonds give you 29 days and 3 bonds give you 45 days of membership.

Currently you can buy 1m of OSRS gold from Ezrsgold for as little as 0.23$ per Million. This means that buying 2 bonds (costing you a total of 27.6M), will cost you (27.6M*0.23$) 6.39$ for a month of membership.

So paying for your membership with the gold you buy from Ezrsgold will save you (12.49$-6.39$) 6.10$ a month!

Or in other words, buying 12.49$ worth of gold from Ezrsgold will get you a month of membership AND an extra 26.52M Old School Runescape gold or 248.98M Runescape 3 gold!

Buy the gear you always wanted

Having trouble completing certain minigames because of your gear? Bosses keep killing you?

Buying gold will allow you to buy the gear you always wanted but never had.

expensive OSRS armor

Focus on the things you love

You come back from a hard day of work just to find out you cant afford the sword you wanted, so you decide to do some ridiculous money making method you don’t enjoy for 10 hours just to buy an item worth 3M. Skip the boring grind and go straight to fun. When you can afford anything you want you can go kill bosses with your friends, kill other players or enjoy any other activity without worrying about having too little in your bank!

Make more money

Money makes money. You can invest the gold you buy at grand exchange, you can invest it in to buying a gear for a particular boss and killing it for profit or you could try your luck at the duel arena and make more Runescape gold than you ever imagined.

Old school Runescape twisted bow win at duel arena.

Level up faster

There are certain skilling methods that require you to have a decent cash stack. These methods grant faster experience rates so you can achieve more in the same amount of time. Also, for skills like Construction, you will need to spend some money to get all the benefits and convenience this skill provides.

OSRS Ornate pool

Start playing like a PRO, buy gold today!

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