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Farming can seem like a complex skill, for this reason a lot of people seek guides to help them train this skill. I will admit, the first time I had to train farming in OSRS I had no idea what to do, but once I got the hang of it it became one of my favorite skills. This is due to the fact that you don’t really have to actively train it. You just plant a crop and slay some dragons while your crops grow. There are actually some very useful OSRS clients you can use that let you know how your crop is growing. Once they are grown, simply harvest your crops and repeat. In this guide Ezrsgold will teach you:

• How to start training farming in OSRS 2022

• The Fastest way to get 1-99 farming

• OSRS Farming money making methods – how to make money with farming

The first thing you need to do before training any skill is do all the quests you can. Or you could order our questing service and we will do it for you 😉

Here are the quests you should do before you start:

OSRS Farming XP Quests

These quests will give you farming xp and it can really speed up your training. A couple of additional quest you should complete are Bone Voyage – this quest will unlock fossil island and you will gain access to additional farming patches. Also 60% hosidious house favour is recommended for access to farming guild at level 65 Farming for access to more patches. More patches are also unlocked with Mornings end pert 1 quest.

If you don’t really like quest we would highly recommend that you at least complete Fairytale I – Growing pain, because one of the rewards for this quest is Magic Sacateurs. This item will increase the crop yield by 10% – this will help you make more money with farming. This item costs 40k OSRS gold and you can buy it from Malignius Mortifier in Falador.

There’s a farming patch at level 76 Farming (can be boosted) that will can benefit you greatly. It’s called an anima patch and there are 3 types of seeds that can be planted there, each having a different effect on other crops you grow. The seeds in this patch grow for up 3.5 days before it dies, so it’s worth setting up a timer for it. These seeds can be obtained from Hespori. Here are the available seeds and their effects:

Attas seed can increases your yield by boosting the probability of your crop surviving by additional 5% worldwide.

Iasor seed this seed will decrease the chance of farming patches becoming diseased during growth by 80% worldwide.

Kronos seed provides a chance for farming patches worldwide to skip a growth stage – it can save you a lot of time, but if you plant this one I really recommend using a client that tracks the growth cycles of your crops.

Another very useful item is Farmer’s outfit. You can receive it by playing a minigame in Hosidious. The minigame is called Tithe Farm and the outfit costs 400 points. This shouldn’t take long to get. This outfit grants 2.5% bonus experience and is very helpful in the long run.

If you really want to zero-in on farming I highly recommend doing Tithe Farm minigame between your runs. This way you will receive the most amount of farming xp an hour. A brief guide on how to do this minigame can be found after Tree farming guide.

Useful transportation items:

Farming in Old School Runescape is difficult, because farming patches are located all over the map. For this reason you need a variety of teleport methods to maximize your experience gains. You can get to most of the allotment by teleporting using your magic spells, however, there are certain items that will get you closer to your destination.

Ardougne cloak 2 or above – teleports you near the farming patch in Ardougne. In order to receive this item you must complete easy and hard Ardougne diaries.

Ectophial – you get this item after completing Ghosts Ahoy quest and it teleports you pretty close to the farming patch in Canifis.

Explorer’s ring 2 or above – received after completing easy and medium Lumbridge & Draynor diaries. This item will teleport you near the Falador farming patch.

Xeric’s Talisman – This item will teleport you to Hosidius and it will be easier for you to reach the Hosidius farming patches. You can receive it by stealing from the Lizardman Temple stone chsts or killing brutes, shamans or lizardmen.

The fastest way to 99 farming

Fairy tale part I: Level 1-17 Farming

Start off by completing Fairy Tale part I quest. You will get enough xp to get to level 17 and you will get Magic Secateurs – this item will help you a lot on your journey to 99 farming.

Before you start actual farming I would really recommend getting weight reducing gear like full graceful or boots of lightness. Training farming requires a lot of running! But if you don’t have time for agility you could bring a dose or two of stamina potion to help you complete each run.

Farming Oak Trees: Level 17 to 30

Farming Oak trees is one of the fastest ways to get your farming up at this level. For this you will need to plant 6 trees in total.

You will need to plant Oak trees until level 30 Farming, but take note – there are other good farming methods unlocked along the way, so be sure to add them to your farming run. Don’t worry – all of these methods are listed below.

Before we get in to details I do have to mention that this farming method will require a lot of money, so if you’re not yet rich in game you can buy osrs gold from Ezrsgold and make your play time most efficient.

To plant Oak trees you need: Oak sapling, a spade, a rake and various teleport runes or teleport tabs so you can teleport to Falador, Taverly, Varrock, Tree Gnome Stronghold and Lumbridge.

You will also need to pay gardeners to look after your Oak trees so they don’t die. For this you will need to pay them in baskets of tomatoes.

Visit all of these farming patches, rake the weeds if there are any and plant your saplings.

All OSRS Tree farming patches.

Lumbridge Tree Farming patch. Fastest way there – Lumbridge teleport

Lumbridge Tree Farming Patch

Varrock Tree Farming patch. Fastest way there – Varrock teleport.
Varrock Tree Farming patch.

Falador Tree Farming patch. Fastest way there – Ring of Wealth teleport to Falador park.

Falador Tree Farming patch.

Taverley Tree Farming patch. Fastest way there – Balloon transport system.

Taverley Tree Farming patch.

Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Farming patch. Fastest way there – Slayer ring teleport to Stronghold slayer cave.

Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Farming patch.

Farming guild Tree Farming patch. (Requires 65 Farming) Fastest way there – Skills necklace teleport.

Farming guild Tree Farming patch.

Additionally, there are two additional tree patches in the farming guild – Redwood, located at the North-West corner or the Farming guild, and Celastrus farming patch located at the North section of the guild.

When growing Oak trees, to have a 100% success rate of your tree growing, give a basket of tomatoes to the farmer and he will look after your tree for you!

Oak Trees take about 3.5 hours to grow, but if you are using runelite client, there is a plugin that shows you how much longer you need to wait before the tree fully grows. If you’re using a different client, you can simply set a timer on your phone or computer.

Farming Apple trees Levels 27 to 33

Continue farming Oak trees, but to boost your xp, start doing fruit trees. The first fruit tree you can plant is an Apple tree.

All OSRS Fruit Tree Farming patches

Gnome Stronghold Fruit Tree Farming patch. Best way to get there is using a Spirit tree, you will need to complete Tree gnome village quest for that.

Gnome Stronghold Fruit Tree Farming patch.

Brimhaven Fruit Tree Farming patch. Get there by moving your house here and using a house teleport.

Brimhaven Fruit Tree Farming patch.

Catherby Fruit Tree Farming patch. Get there by teleporting to Camelot on regular spell book or teleport to catherby using a lunars spell book.

Catherby Fruit Tree Farming patch.

Tree Gnome maze Fruit Tree Farming patch. Get there by teleporting to Tree gnome village and follow Elkoy out of the maze.

Tree Gnome maze Fruit Tree Farming patch.

Lletya Fruit Tree Farming patch. Get there by teleporting to Camelot on regular spell book or teleport to catherby using a lunars spell book.

Lletya Fruit Tree Farming patch. Old School Runescape Farming guide.

Farming guild Fruit Tree Farming patch. Get there by teleporting to farming guild using Skills necklace.

Farming guild Fruit Tree Farming patch.

If you want to pay the farmer so he would look after your tree, be sure to have 9 sweetcorns. Fruit trees take about 16 hours to grow, so its best to grow them over night. Just set a timer so you remember to harvest your crops!

There’s a new best tree you can plant in regular tree patches at level 30! Be sure to check it out.

Farming Willow Trees: Level 30 to 45

Continue planting your fruit trees, but now, instead of planting Oak trees, plant Willow trees. If you want farmer to look after your Willow tree, you will have to pay him with a basket of apples. Willows take slightly longer to grow, but it still takes about 5 hours.

There are few other trees you will unlock before level 45 farming and they are listed below.

Farming Banana Trees: Level 33 to 39

At level 33 farming you will be able to plant banana trees, so continue planting Willows and in your fruit tree patches plant Banana trees. These trees will give you more xp. Be sure to bring 4 baskets of apples if you want the farmer to look after your tree!

A new fruit tree will be unlocked at 39 farming, before you get there there’s another unlock at level 35 farming.

Farming Teak Trees: Level 35 to 57

At level 35 farming you will be able to plant Teak trees. These trees have their own farming patch, so you can continue farming Willow and Banana Trees as you did before. You will need 15 limpwurt roots if you would like the farmer to take care of your tree. To plant trees in this location you will need to unlock fossil island. You can do so by cleaning up fossils and doing other activities in Varrock Museum. Once this area is unlocked I recommend getting there with a Fossil Island Mushroom Forest teleport.

Here is the location of this tree patch in Fossil Island:

Fossil island osrs hard wood patch

Teak trees take about 3 days to grow! It’s a very long time, but RuneLite client should have a timer that tracks the growth of this tree as well. If you’re not using this client, set up a reminder on your phone, because you will most likely forget about it otherwise.

This patch will be used to plant Teak trees until level 57 farming. At level 57 a new tree will be unlocked at this patch. There are other unlocks in different tree patches along the way!

Farming Orange Trees: Level 39 to 42

At level 39 farming you are able to grow Orange trees. These trees give more experience, so I recommend planting them. You can plant them at all of the fruit tree spots. Make sure you bring 3 baskets of strawberries so you can pay the farmer! And like before, continue planting Willow ant Teak trees at the other tree patches.

Farming Curry Trees: Level 42 to 45

You’re at level 42 farming already? Congratulations! Now you can plant Curry trees. It will cost 3 strawberry baskets to pay the farmer. Continue planting Willow and Teak trees.

Farming Maple Trees: Level 45 to 60

New unlock – new xp boost. Maple trees will give you more experience than Willows, however, they take slightly longer to grow. Not by much though, it takes 5 hours and 30 minutes to grow a Maple tree. Make sure you bring baskets of oranges to pay the farmer.

Normal tree patches will be used to grow Maples until level 60 farming, there are, however, new unlocks at other farming patches along the way.

Farming Pineapple Trees: Level 51 to 57

At level 51 Farming you will unlock the ability to plant Pineapple Trees. Keep planting all the trees you were planting until now, but replace the Curry Tree with Pinapple Tree. You will have to pay 10 watermelons to the gardener in order to have your tree protected. You can collect the Pineapples as you will need them once you unlock the next fruit tree.

Farming Mahogany Trees: Level 55 to 99

You can plant Mahogany trees now. Continue planting all the trees you did before, but instead of Teak trees plant Mahogany trees. You will need 15 Limpwurt roots if you want to pay farmer for protection. This tree takes 85,5 hours to grow. You will be growing Mahogany trees in these tree patches until level 99, as there are no new unlocks for this location.

Farming Papaya Trees: Level 57 to 68

Say hello to Papaya trees, you will be farming them until level 68 farming. Until then, keep growing all the same trees you did before, but switch Pineapples to Papayas. Pay the farmer 10 pineapples and your tree will be protected.

Farming Yew Trees: Level 60 to 75

You just unlocked the ability to plant Yew trees! Plant them instead of Maples and be sure to continue planting all the other trees you did before. At level 75 farming you will unlock Magic trees. You will be unlocking a few other trees along the way, so be sure to follow the guide! You will need 10 cactus spines in order to pay the farmer to look after your tree. This tree takes 7 hours to grow.

Farming Palm Trees: Level 68 to 99

The final stretch! You will soon be unlocking all the trees you will be farming up to level 99 farming. These trees will give you the best xp. Keep planting all the trees you did before, just change the Papaya trees to Palm trees. You will need 15 papaya fruit so you can pay the farmer.

Farming Dragonfruit Trees: Level 81 to 99

This is the final tree for the fruit tree patch, however, this is exponentially more expensive than Palm trees, so its up to you if you want to farm them. If you want to keep it planted its a good idea, as you’ll be getting 70 farming xp for every fruit you harvest. You will need to pay 15 coconuts for a famer to watch after your tree.

Farming Calquat Trees: Level 72 to 99

At this level you gain a new location to farm trees. To successfully grow a Calquat tree you will need to pay farmer 8 poison ivy berries.  The farming patch is located in Tai Bwo Wannai and you can get there by teleporting with a fairy ring code c-k-r. This tree takes 21 hours to grow. You will be growing this tree until level 99, as there are no other trees available in this spot.

Farming Magic Trees: Level 75 to 99

Another final unlock for the patch – Magic trees. You will be growing them until level 99. It takes 25 coconuts to keep your tree alive until it grows and it takes 8 hours to grow. Keep growing all the trees you did before. There’s only one unlock left!

Farming Spirit Trees: Level 83 to 99

Spirit trees have their own tree patches. This is the final tree you can plant but the only way you can get the seeds is from birds nests and from farming contracts minigame in Farming guild, we will talk about it a bit later. You need to pay a gardener 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, and 1 ground tooth to care for your growing spirit tree.

At level 83 farming you can grow 1 tree, at 91 you can grow 2 and at 99 you can grow 3 of them. It takes 64 hours to grow this tree.

There are two additional unlocks remaining, with both locations at the Farming guild.

Farming Celastrus Trees: Level 85 to 99

This tree is very much worth harvesting, because you will receive Celastrus bark which is used to make a battlestaff. Be sure to have Magic secateurs equipped to increase the yield and having Attas seed planted is also recommended. Payment to protect this tree from disease is 8 potato cactus and it takes 800 minutes (13.33 hours) to grow.

Farming Redwood Trees: Level 90 to 99

This is the last tree of the list. You can grow it at the farming guild and it requires 90 Farming to plant. To protect this tree you will need to pay 6 dragonfruits and it will take nearly 4.5 days to grow (6400 minutes).

Here are the Spirit Tree patches

Etceteria spirit tree patch – fastest way there is a teleport to Miscellania using a Ring of wealth.

Etceteria spirit tree patch Old School Runescape

Port Sarim spirit tree patch – get there with an explorers ring.

Brimhaven spirit tree patch – get there with a Brimhaven house teleport.

Brimhaven spirit tree patch for 99 Farming.

Hosidius Spirit tree patch – fastest way there is usin a Skills necklace to teleport to Woodcutting guild.

OSRS 99 farming guide - hosidius spirit tree patch

Farming guild Spirit tree patch – fastest way there is usin a Skills necklace to teleport to Farming guild.

Farming guild spirit tree patch to 99.

Continue planting all the trees you did before and you will have 99 farming in no time!

Tithe Farm Guide

As I mentioned above, if you really want to go all in on farming you must do Tithe Farm minigame while you’re waiting for your trees to grow. This farming training method is available from level 34 Farming and with highest efficiency planting the best seeds you can get up to 100k Farming xp an hour.


100% Hosidius house favor;

34 Farming;


Weight reducing gear;

68 Magic & Dream mentor quest to fill your watering can


Gricoller’s can – it can be bought for 200 Tithe farm points.

If you have these requirements I recommend watching this video as it explains the whole process way better than is possible through text.

You will see how you should lay out your inventory, what gear should be used and how to train in the most efficient way.

Farming money making guide – Best methods in 2022

People often ask: Can you make money with Farming in Old School Runescape? And the answer is yes! The main method of making money with farming is harvesting crops & making seedlings. The best crops to harvest are fruit trees, herbs and hops. The best seedlings to make are Magic seedlings. Now we will go in depth on the best strategy to maximize your profit.

Farming is a skill designed to make you money. But it may be hard figuring out the best ways to do so. Ezrsgold has found the most profitable farming money making methods. With these methods you will be able to make a lot of OSRS gold. If you end up making too much gold with these amazing methods you can always sell your OSRS gold to us.

Making tree saplings – farming money making method

If you’ve chosen the fastest farming xp route you already know about tree saplings. If you don’t know about them – tree saplings are made by combining a tree seed and a filled plant pot. You also have to water the pot once you put the seed in the pot and within 5 minutes you will have a tree sapling.

The most efficient way to do this is using Humidify spell on Lunar spell book once you add the seed to the pot. This spell requires completion of Dream mentor quest and 68 magic.

Items needed: Steam battlestaff, Gardening trowel and a lot of gold(the amount of gold depends on the tree saplings you’re planning to make)

Requirements: 15+ Farming*

Optional: 68 Magic and Dream mentor quest to water your saplings more efficiently.

*You can make many different tree saplings, however to make a sapling you need to have a farming level high enough to plant the sapling you’re trying to make. So if you wanted to do Oak saplings you would need to have 15 Farming. If you wanted to make Magic saplings you would need 75 farming.

GP/Hour: 100k-4M

Method breakdown:

In theory, doing this efficiently you can make 1700 saplings an hour, the problem is, that the grand exchange has a 4 hour limit on how many seeds you can buy, so regarding tree seeds you can only buy 200 of each tree seed.

Furthermore, seeds are expensive, so you need to have a decent amount of gold to do this method. Of course, you could buy 13 seeds, make 13 saplings, sell them and repeat, but the amount of money gained wouldn’t be as high, as you would need to wait 5 minutes for your saplings to grow and wait a little before selling. I would recommend buying gold to speed up the process.

How to choose what saplings to make?

It’s pretty simple, first, check your farming level. You can only make saplings if you can plant trees. You can see all the tree planting requirements above.

Once you know what saplings you could make, you have to check the price.

At the moment the most profitable sapling to grow is magic sapling. Making them will net you roughly 4M an hour, however it requires 75 farming and A LOT of gold.

You can make over 2M an hour growing maple saplings at 45 farming or about 1M OSRS gold an hour growing willow saplings at level 30 Farming.

Prices frequently fluctuate, so before you start doing any of these methods I recommend checking the price. You can do so by buying everything you need to grow a single sapling and then selling once its grown. Multiply the price by 1,700 (because that’s how many you could do in an hour) and you will get the hourly rate.

At the moment making all saplings are profitable, but again, prices fluctuate, and you should check the price before you do this.

Harvesting crops – farming money making method

One of my favorite farming money making methods is harvesting crops. There are a couple of ways it can be done. Growing new crops and harvesting them or harvesting grown crops.

Growing new crops will require you to plant a crop every time you harvest it. This can be done with herbs & hops. You can do it with other crops too, but I won’t go in to detail because those methods won’t make you a lot of money.

The requirement for profiting from growing herbs is as little as 32 Farming. At that level you can start growing ranarr weed and making 151k for a 6 minute farm run, effectively making you 1.5M an hour at current prices.

Other herbs you can grow for profit include Toadflax at level 38 farming, Avantoe at 50 farming, Kwuarm at 56 farming, Snapdragon at 62 farming, Cadantine at 67 farming, Lantadyme at 73 farming and Torstol at level 85 farming. All of these herbs will effectively make you between 720k and 1.5M an hour.

There are a lot of requirements to do these runs effectively, but you can start growing herbs even if you don’t have all the required stats or quests, you will simply have less patches available.

I won’t give you a list of full requirements as I don’t want to scare you off, however, I will provide a list of patches that grow herbs.

Set up you inventory accordingly to the patches you can visit. Regardless of the patches you will need:

A rake

A spade

A seed dibbler

Herb seeds

Compost / Supercompost / Ultracompost

A spade

Magic secateurs

Preferred type of Anima seed planted (76 Farming)

Hot tip! You can note the herbs you harvest by using them on Tool leprechaun.

OSRS Herb run Patches:

Falador farming patch – you can get there with an explorer’s ring 2 or higher, teleporting to draynor village with an amulet of glory and running from there or teleporting to Falador.


Port Phasmatys farming patch – requires you to have access to Morytania. You can get there with ectophial teleport or a*l*q fairy ring.

Port Phasmatys farming patch

Ardougne farming patch – best way to get there is with ardougne cloak 2 and up, fishing guild teleport with skills necklace, ranging guild teleport with combat bracelet or teleporting to Ardougne.


Catherby farming patch – is best reach with lunar spellbook teleport to Catherby or a regular Camelot teleport.


Hosidius farming patch – can be reached with xeric’s talisman, skills necklace woodcutting guild teleport or by having your house in Hosidius.

Hosidiur herb patch ezrsgold

Troll stronghold farming patch – is hard to reach. The most realistic way of getting there is by using a stony basalt teleport and running to the patch.

Troll stronghold farming herb

Weiss farming patch – can be reached by teleporting there with an icy basalt.

weiss farming 1-99 guide

Farming guild farming patch – is best reached with a skills necklace teleport.


Harmony island patch is best reached with Harmony island teleport tablet.


Another profitable crop to grow is Hops

It’s pretty much the same as farming herbs, but hops grow faster – it takes 40 minutes for them to fully grow. Also it is recommended to pay the farmer to protect your crops.

For this method you will need to plant Yanillian hops.  If you want the farmer to protect your crops you will need to pay a basket of tomatoes for every patch.

You can expect to make around 80k per run (prices fluctuate so be sure to test it out by doing a single run).

This run should take around 5 minutes, effectively making you about 800k profit per hour.

This method requires 16 farming.

In order to make the most profit use Ultracompost. To plant these seeds you will need a spade, a rake, a seed dibber and 4 Yanillian seeds per patch.

Old School Runescape Hop patch locations:

Lumbridge farm patch – best reached with a combat bracelet teleport to champions guild or Chronicle teleport.

osrs hops patch in Lumbridge

McGrubor’s wood patch – best reached with a Camelot teleport or a*l*s* fairy ring teleport.

Mcgrubors wood farming patch hops

Yanille patch – best reached with a minigame teleport to nightmare zone.

Yanille farming patch for hops 2020

Entrana patch – best reached using balloon transportation system.

Entrana hops patch forming money making

The second option is harvesting already grown crops.

To harvest these crops you need to grow them and then come back to them once in a while to pick up what your planted plant produced.

The best things to pick are Cactus spines (55 farming required) and Coconuts (68 farming required).

Cactus spines take 1 hour and 15 minutes to regenerate and you get 25k every time you pick them. It takes 1 minute to pick, effectively making you 1,5M an hour.

Coconuts take 4 hours and 30 minutes to grow and they produce ~60k worth of coconuts. It takes about 3 minutes to pick them, effectively making you 1,2M an hour.

If you’re interested in AFK money making methods click here.

This concludes our farming guide, I hope you learned a lot today and you will apply what you learn to become the best farmer in Old School Runescape. And remember, if you are ever in need of Runescape gp, Ezrsgold has got what you need.

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