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Did you know that Fletching is one of the easiest skills to level up in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)? It’s also an excellent way to make money while bank standing. Whether you’re watching a movie or training another skill simultaneously, Fletching offers numerous profitable and AFK-friendly methods. Let’s dive into the best practices for training Fletching in OSRS and discover how you can maximize your GP gains.

Essential Tools for Fletching

There are a few items that will help you make money Fletching.

Before we delve into specific methods, let’s cover the essential tools you’ll need:


A knife is crucial for cutting logs into weapons, such as shortbows or longbows. You’ll use a knife on logs throughout your Fletching journey.

Knife OSRS Fletching Tool Money Making


A chisel is used to cut gems into bolt tips. This tool is key for several profitable Fletching methods. You can buy a chisel on the Grand Exchange for just 53 GP.

Chisel OSRS Fletching Tool Money Making

Fletching Materials

Bow String

Combining bow strings with unstrung bows is a great money-making method. You can buy bow strings from the Grand Exchange or make them using Crafting. For efficiency, buying in bulk is recommended.

Bow string OSRS Fletching Material Money Making

Check out our 1-99 Crafting guide here or our Crafting Money making guide here!

IMPORTANT: Always check the prices before fletching, as market prices fluctuate.

Free-to-Play (F2P) Fletching Methods

Cutting Logs into Bows

For F2P players, cutting logs into shortbows and longbows is the primary method. This method is straightforward and doesn’t require much investment.

To make bows, you will need Logs and a Knife.

Here is a chart to make it easy for you to choose which Bow you should make at each level.Fletching Bows OSRS XP Table Profit Money MakingYou can click on your Knife and use it on the Log of choice, to start fletching any Bow you want.
How to fletch Bows OSRS Guide Money Maker

Stringing Shortbows and Longbows

Once you’ve cut the logs into bows, stringing them increases their value. This is a semi-AFK method and can be quite profitable.

You can String profitable bows from level 55 (Maple Longbow):
Anything below this level is not profitable to string.

Stringing Bows Fletching OSRS XP Table Profit Money Making
This is a very easy method to do since you only need to click twice Bow+String and press a spacebar every 45 seconds.

How to String Bows OSRS Guide Fletching

You can do it efficiently by putting the number of unstrung Bows and Bow string value to withdrawal on X (14) in the bank to make it really easy to deposit and withdraw.

Profit per Hour:

▶Stringing Maple Longbows: 90K GP/hour (1,200 bows)

Check out our article on how to get from 1-99 Fletching if you don’t know how to get it to a higher level faster.

Members-Only Fletching Methods

Stringing Adamant Crossbows

At level 61 Fletching, stringing Adamant Crossbows is one of the most profitable methods, earning you 118 GP per strung crossbow.

From a lot of research, this is the only crossbow worth doing, others make you lose money.

Adamant crossbow profit Fletching Guide Money Making

Profit per Hour:

▶Stringing Adamant Crossbows: 250k GP/hour (2,100 crossbows)

Making Toxic Blowpipes

At level 78 Fletching, you can make Toxic Blowpipes by using a chisel on a Tanzanite fang. This high-investment method yields 72,333 GP per blowpipe but requires patience to sell in bulk.

You can buy some gold here on our site.

Buy a Tanzanite fang and just use your Chisel on it!

Toxic Blowpipe profit Fletching Guide Money Making

Profit per Hour:

▶Making Toxic Blowpipes: 2.9M GP/hour (40 blowpipes)

You will make 72,333 GP per one Toxic blowpipe, which is very nice. The problem is that you won’t be able to sell a lot at once and will probably have to leave the offers overnight.

Cutting gems into Bolt tips (AFK)

This highly AFK method involves cutting gems into bolt tips. For example, cutting rubies into ruby bolt tips can earn you 290k GP per hour.

Simply buy Gems from the Grand Exchange and use your Chisel on it.
How to cut Gems OSRS Fletching Guide

This won’t get you a lot of XP, but you will earn a lot of money.

Here’s a chart:

Cutting gems into Bolt tips OSRS Fletching Money Maker XP Profit Table

Profit per Hour:

▶Cutting Emerald: 250K GP/hour (1,200 emeralds)
▶Cutting Ruby
: 290K GP/hour (1,200 rubies)
▶Cutting Diamond: 330K GP/hour (1,200 diamonds)

This is an awesome AFK way of making money, you can do this on mobile while watching a movie. Who doesn’t like paying less attention and actually making some money?

Making Tipped Dragon bolts (Best GP per hour with Fletching)

At level 84 Fletching, tipping Dragon bolts with various bolt tips, such as Red Topaz or Pearl, can yield significant profits. Though click-intensive, it’s the best GP per hour method.

Making Tipped Dragon bolts Fletching OSRS Money Maker Table Profit

Currently, the Red Topaz and Pearl give the best GP per bolt.

Fletching Pearl Dragon Bolts Money Maker

Fletching in OSRS offers a range of methods that cater to different playstyles, whether you prefer AFK training or more active, click-intensive methods. By following this guide, you can efficiently level up your Fletching skill and maximize your GP gains.

This sums the guide up, if you would like to sell some of the gold you earned and exchange it for some real-life cash, head on straight to our Sell page to get it done in less than 5 minutes.

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