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Prayer OSRS Guide 1 to 99

Prayer is a non-members combat skill and is trained by the burial of bones, using them on an altar in a POH (Player owned house), using them on altars like the one in Chaos Temple, by praying at the ectofuntus with the help of bonemeal and buckets of slime, or by killing reanimated monsters summoned through the Arceuus spell book. There are a variety of bones and different bones give out different amounts of experience.

As the level of the skill goes up, prayers are unlocked which are used to help the player during combat. These prayers help with other combat skills like Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged, Magic and Hitpoints. Players have prayer points which drains when the prayers are activated, until the prayer is turned off or until it’s all used up. In this Ezrsgold training guide you will find all the information you need for your prayer journey.
Prayer cape

Prayer Armour

To start off the prayer guide, I’ve decided to add the prayer armour section first as it an effective section to highlight.

Prayer armour is used when a player wishes to slow the rate at which prayer points drain when praying. There are a few items, unlike the three main general categories of armour that can be considered uniquely prayer-related. Items like shields, magic robes and types of metal armour can also be considered as a prayer armour.


Druid robes give a slightly higher bonus compared to priest gowns and zamorak robes. Whereas, monk’s robes give the highest prayer bonus in F2P (Free-to-play) and are very popular when player killing. The wearer may find themselves often coming under attack from different attack styles in a multi-combat area and, being able to use only one protection prayer at a time, this basically ensures a swift death.


God Books God book

These books are often used when using prayer and are obtained by the completion of a quest called ‘Horror from the deep’. After the quest, the books have to be completed by adding god pages to it, which are then obtained from an activity of solving clue scroll known as ‘Treasure trails’ or can be obtained by trading other in-game players. The incomplete book gives up to +5 prayer bonus, while the completed ones give out defensive and offensive bonuses too.

God book with armor

Temple Knight Armour

Temple knight armours like initiate and proselyte armour also provides prayer bonus and can be earned by completing the ‘Recruitment Drive’ and ‘Slug Menace’ quests. Initiate and proselyte armour has the same stats as mithril and adamant armour but with addition to prayer bonus, with proselyte armour having even larger prayer bonus. The proselyte hauberk and cuisse/tasset give out the highest prayer bonus.

Vestment RobesVestment robes

Vestment robe sets are made up of six pieces with Mitres giving the highest prayer bonus for any headgear and Stoles giving the second highest prayer bonus of any amulet. These robes can be obtained from ‘Treasure trails’ or by trading with another player. The top and legs give a prayer bonus equivalent to monk’s robes, but also have a small magic bonus and croziers have equivalent stats to a battle staff, but with an additional prayer bonus. If you need some gold to purchase vestment robes, head to our OSRS Buy Gold page for cheap OSRS Gold.

Verac’s Armour Verac's armor box

The highest level melee armour in-game that gives a prayer bonus and has the same bonus as initiate armour, except for Verac’s plateskirt which gives slightly less, However, it’s defensive bonus is significantly higher. When the whole set is worn, players have a chance of hitting through protection prayer thanks to its special attack called Defiler. The set is quite popular when fighting the boos ‘kalphite queen’ and in PvP (Player versus player) because of its effect coupled with prayer bonus. The armour can be obtained from the ‘barrows’ minigame or by trading other player and has to be repaired after 15 hours of combat. It can be coupled with an amulet of damned to offer the best prayer bonuses in game and surpassing even proselyte armour.

Prayer Guide F2P (Free-To-Play)

Prayer is a very difficult skill if it’s to be trained in free-to-play as the expenses for this skill are very high and involves a lot of clicking to train it. So, this F2p prayer guide will show you ways that may help you ease up during your journey.

To start off, it’s always better to complete quests that give out experience for the desired skill you wish to train. For prayer, you can start off by completing ‘The Restless Ghost’ which will provide you with 1,125 prayer experience and will raise your level from 1 to 9 up on completion. There are no real requirements to begin this quest (Although a defensive armour for the skeletons would be good) and is strongly recommended for beginning F2p players to complete as it provides a fairly decent prayer experience.

After that, there are other ways to gain prayer like the bone yard. The bone yard is located in the wilderness, directly north of varrock and has many bones that spawns with no killing required. Regular and big bones, both are spawned here with big bones being very few. Regular bones have a good spawn rate and are many in number lying on the ground. However, it is required to take a few items with you when you go there.


For the level 20-25 skeletons in the area, who will attack you. Be sure to bring enough food because even if you do not wish to fight them, food will help you last longer in the area to train your prayer.


The fact that it is the wilderness and there are skeletons in the area, so the armour will be a good defence. However, wear an armour you won’t mind losing.


You can also choose to fight those skeletons, in order to gain combat experience. If you do so, a weapon will come in handy.

You can also use other ways like,

Collecting all the bones till your inventory is full and then running off to bury them.

You can also go to areas that have low level monsters and are often being killed by players. Players mostly don’t pick up the bones which lie on the around, so you can have an endless supply of them in areas like lumbridge swamp, chicken pens, cow fields, goblins (near the al-kharid gate).

Another method of training prayer real fast, but really expensive is power burying.

It has the best experience rate for prayer in F2p and is achieved by buying a number of bones from the grand exchange and burying them.

Preserve PrayerPreserve prayer

This section is mentioned on the prayer guide because preserve prayer is a very important requirement for every player in runescape. Now, continue to read and you will know why.

A forgotten prayer that requires a level of 55 to activate. Players must read the ‘torn prayer scroll’  in order to unlock this spell, which can be obtained as a reward from the ‘chambers of xeric’ or can be bought from other players. If you need some gold to purchase the torn prayer scroll, head to our cheap OSRS Gold page.

Torn prayer scroll
This prayer must be activated for 15 seconds before hand in order to take effect. After this time, if a player’s boosted stat would drain, the boost will just be extended by another 30 seconds. This prayer allows boosted stats to last 50% longer because boosted stats normally drain 1 point per minute. This decreases the consumption of stat boosting foods and potions, which can be very effective when you have less inventory space and the player mostly has food, such as difficult bosses like Fight Caves/Inferno. It lowers the prayer point drain rate to 3 points per minute.

Reading prayer scroll
Though the boost from the Imbued Heart is re-applicable every seven minutes, Preserve will, in fact, work on its magic level boosting capabilities. Because of this interaction, a player is able to reuse the Imbued Heart when their magic level drops five levels below its potted maximum as opposed to seven levels below potted maximum without preserve. Divine Magic and Divine Battlemage potions will only keep the magic level of the user steady at +4 maximum, whereas above 90 magic, the Imbued Heart and preserve will allow for a minimum of boost of +5 rendering the divine potions obsolete in terms of magic boosting capability.

OSRS Ironman Prayer Guide

This section has been added on the prayer guide, as it is the most difficult account types in all over RuneScape!

As we know, training prayer is a challenging skill to train for ultimate ironman players, due to inventory space restrictions and their inability to use of the faster training methods. However, there are quite a number of ways to train the skill.


Some early quests that provide decent prayer experience and can be used as a jump start for an ironman account. If you want to skip the questing grind and jump straight into the action, check out our OSRS Questing services.

• Rag and Bone Man – No requirements, 500 prayer experience

• Recruitment Drive – Requires 12 quest points, 1,000 prayer experience

• The Restless Ghost – No requirements, 1,125 prayer experience

• Priest in Peril – Requires the completion of ‘The restless ghost’, 1,406 prayer experience

• Mountain Daughter – Requires 20 agility, 2,000 prayer experience

• Ghosts Ahoy – Requires 25 agility and 20 cooking, 2,400 prayer experience

The easiest early training method would be collecting big bones in the Bone yard, and running over to the chaos temple in level 38 wilderness. The altar within the chaos temple gives 3.5x experience on any bone used on it, and gives 50% chance that the bone will not be consumed in the process.

Big bones in inventory

Another early training method are blue dragons at Taverley dungeon, you can safe spot them with magic and then offer the bones over at the Ectofuntus This is to be considered one of the fastest prayer training methods for low-level prayer.

Even though red dragons have a higher combat level than blue dragons, Forthos dungeon makes it a solid option for training prayer. Because once you’ve unlocked the sacred bone burner in the dungeon, it will allow you to offer bones at it for 3x prayer experience per bone. Depending on your combat level and gear, this method can give you up to 20,000 prayer experienced per hour.

Red dragons

With the completion of ‘Dragon slayer 2’, one of the fastest methods of training prayer in unlocked in the myths’ guild section of the corsair cove dungeon. You can use the mythical cape and teleport to house spell to teleport between the green dragons in the guild’s dungeon and a gilded altar in your player-owned house.

Participating in the pest control minigame and spending the point on prayer experience is also a good method, although it is relatively slow but fairly low-effort training method. It is also recommended to have at the least 100 combat level for the veteran boat. Want to skip the grind of prayer levelling? Check out our OSRS Powerlevelling service.

There are also other passive training methods like,

Ensouled heads from slayer

Using ensouled heads to reanimate them at the dark altar is an excelled way to gain prayer experience.

Fossil island fossils

Activities done on fossil island rewards you with fossil island fossils, which can be used with mycelium pool on the island to create enriched bones and can be exchanged for prayer experience.

Bone crusher

It can be used in combat to automatically bury any bones that monsters drop and can be obtained by the completion of the hard tasks in the Morytania diary.

OSRS Prayer Experience

Prayer symbol
BONES XP/BONE XP/HOUR (Gilded Altar) XP/Hour (Chaos Altar)
Bones 15.7 40,162.5 31,500
Wolf bones
Wolf Bones 15.7 40,162.5 31,500
Burnt bones
Burnt Bones 15.7 40,162.5 31,500
Monkey bones
Monkey Bones 17.5 44,625 35,000
Bat bones
Bat Bones 18.5 47,302.5 37,100
Big bones
Big Bones 52.5 133,875 105,000
Jogre bones
Jogre Bones 52.5 133,875 105,000
Zogre Bones
Zogre Bones 78.7 200,812.5 157,500
Shaikahan bones
Shaikahan Bones 87.5 223,125 175,000
Babydragon bones
Babydragon Bones 105 267,750 210,000
Wyrm bones
Wyrm Bones 175 446,250 350,000
Wyvern bones
Wyvern Bones 252 642,600 504,000
Dragon bones
Dragon Bones 252 642,600 504,000
Drake bones
Drake Bones 280 714,000 560,000
Fayrg bones
Fayrg Bones 294 749,700 588,000
Lava dragon bones
Lava Dragon Bones 297.5 758,625 595,000
Raurg bones
Raurg Bones 336 856,800 672,000
Hydra bones
Hydra Bones 385 981,750 770,000
Dagannoth bones
Dagannoth Bones 437.5 1,115,625 875,000
Ourg bones
Ourg Bones 490 1,249,500 980,000
Superior dragon bones
Superior Dragon Bones 525 1,338,750 1,050,000

Best Ways to Train Prayer

This section of the prayer guide will show you the most effective and best way possible to train your prayer for both F2P and P2P players, Read along.

As a Free to Play Player, you do not really have access to any good Prayer training methods at all. The only way to train Prayer is by burying Bones or Big Bones. If you were to just sit there and bury regular bones from level 1 – 99, it would take over 1000 hours and would cost you over 200 000 000. Big bones would take about 300 – 400 hours to bury to level 99.

However, as a member you have access to 3 different prayer training methods.

  • Gilded Altar – Using bones on a gilded altar with 2 burners lit, gives you 3.5x the prayer experience that you would receive instead of burying the bones. You can either build a gilded altar at your player-owned house with construction level 75 or switch to world 330 where you can use another players house to train your prayer. The best place to train is at Rimmington, where you’ll need to bring noted bones and coins, find a house and then use approximately 1000 bones on a gilded altar. You can also use a bone runner, he will trade you 26 un-noted dragon bones for 27 noted dragon bones.

Alternative options

  • Ectofuntus – The ectofuntus actually gives more experience than the gilded altar per bone, which is 4 times the experience of burying the bones instead of 3.5. But the experience rates are nowhere near good as a gilded altar. To use the ectofuntus, you’ll need a ghost speak amulet from the quest ‘The restless ghost’ and it is highly recommended to do the quest ‘Ghost’s ahoy’ for the ectophial , which can help you teleport to ectofuntus unlimited times.
    Ectofuntus inventory
  • Ensouled Heads – In order to reanimate ensouled head, you’ll need to have at least a magic level of 3. You will also need 60% of arceuus house favour in the zeah area, which will give you access to the Arceuus spell book. You will also need to have a decent combat level in order to obtain these heads by killing reanimated monsters. To cast this spell, you’ll need runes, a dramen or lunar staff to use fair rings and you will also need to have started fairy tale 2 to be able to do this really effectively. It is recommended to have a rune pouch to hold your runes and a decent combat gear and food supply if you’re level is low.

Old School Runescape Prayer Training

Note: This section of the prayer guide is for members-only.

Starting off, it is recommended that you’ve completed the quests that give out prayer experience upon completion. Quests like the restless ghost, priest in peril, recruit drive and holy grail will all together grant you a total of 14,531 prayer experience which will help you gain level 30 prayer without any prayer training.

You can then start off offering bones at a gilded altar with two incense burners lit in a player- owned house. The most popular options are dragon or wyvern bones as they both give the exact same experience. The fastest way to do this is in a PvP world, as you can use a bank chest near Camelot castle which is closes bank chest to a teleport and is within a safe area so no player killers can attack you. This method can grant you up to 650,000 experience per hour with regular dragon bones. Rates can also be increased up to 780,000 experience by running bones and lighting burners on an alternative account.

Gilded altar
Another way is to offer bones at the chaos altar which is a multi-combat area and is located in level 38 wilderness, this process will grant you the same experience as gilded altar with two burners lit, but also gives a 50% chance for the bone not to be consumed, effectively doubling the amount of experience received per bone. The best way to get there is to use ghorrock teleport and run south by teleport directly there on ancient magicks, using the respective house portal or breaking the teleportation tablet. Experience rates here varies a lot depending on the bone used and the amount of player killers. It is recommended to use the bones one-by-one on the altar to increase both the experience rate as well as leave less time for players to kill you. You can receive around 500,00 experience per hour using dragon / wyvern bones. The altar can also be used to recharge Prayer points, players can keep Protect from Magic and Augury prayers up while offering bones and pray at the altar when needed. You can gain up to 1m prayer xp per hour if you use your bones on the altar manually. Be sure to use menu entry swap in your preferred OSRS client to avoid burying bones on accident.

Chaos altar
After you’ve gained a certain prayer level, you can start reanimating ensouled heads by having 60% arceuus house favour to access the spell book needed to reanimate the heads. The method offers a slower but cheaper alternative to offering dragon / wyvern bones at a gilded altar. Depending on the players combat level, gear and the type of head used, the player can expect to reanimate around 160-220 ensouled heads per hour. Players can quickly travel to the Dark Altar via nearby fairy ring (c*i*s), which can be accessed via the quest point cape’s teleport to Legends’ Guild, or teleporting to Salve Graveyard and running north-east to the fairy ring. Having a rune pouch is recommended since it saves inventory space, allowing you to Bloodveld headreanimate more heads per trip. Currently, training with ensouled bloodveld heads  can give roughly 145,000-180,000 experience per hour depending on your combat level. In addition, this method can give up to 30,000 Magic and combat experience per hour. The highest-tiered head is dragon, at level 93 magic and are not very difficult for medium-to-higher level players to defeat as every reanimated creature has a fixed amount of health, between 5 and 35. It is recommended to bring anti-poison when fighting reanimated kalphites or dragonfire protection when fighting Slayer iconreanimated dragons. Reanimated monsters like aviansies cannot be fought by using melee and reanimated abyssal require 85 slayer  to damage same as the original ones.

Ensouled head

Over the time, we’ve seen a lot of prayer guides made by players for different categories of prayer. So, we’ve decided to make a prayer guide that would consist of everything there is to know about the skill – From the lowest, most efficient to the best ways possible are mentioned here, along with experience rates. So, we hope it helps you in your journey to obtain 99 prayer. Good luck!

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