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RuneScape 2018 Christmas Event Guide

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in the whole world and beyond. And by beyond, we mean Gielinor. Snow covers the streets of Lumbridge and the Grand Exchange and everyone seems more joyful than usual. Christmas is a time of miracles and fun and we‘re going to look at what fun you can have on Gielinor specifically.

RuneScape Gifts and XP Weekends

Everyone has noticed the addition of the Advent Calendar to RuneScape. Each day until Christmas we receive a random gift and it looks like we‘re going to receive a special gift on Christmas day itself (we sure hope it‘s not another pair of socks, no offense grandma). So make sure to login every day and claim the present of the day from the Advent Calendar.

Gifts are not the only neat thing we receive. We‘re also granted the opportunity to earn more experience during the Winter Weekends as well as other neat bonuses, make sure to check the full list of those so you don’t miss them!

Old School RuneScape Winter Adventure

OSRS players will also get something to do during the festive season. Most of us like snow, except when it‘s too much of it and same goes for the inhabitants of Gielinor. Head over to Lumbridge Castle and speak to Duke Horatio, who is worried about the extremely harsh winter hitting Lumbridge! Before you do, you might want to have these items in your inventory:

Spade, knife or shears

A ball of wool

Teleports to Lumbridge and Falador (so you can save Christmas before dinner time)

You will receive neat rewards of which most come in pairs, it is the season of sharing after all. Make sure to check out this 2018 Christmas event guide and help out the people of Lumbridge.

Putting on this outfit obliges you to give out presents during Christmas!

Deadman Winter Finals

We‘ve been waiting for this with bated breath! At last, we will see a new adventurer beign crowned the Deadman Champion! Oh boy, I can‘t wait for this battle royale and see who will be the last man standing and I can only imagine what those who followed the whole season feel. Make sure not to miss Deadman Winter Finals stream on Twitch or @DeadmanWinter on Twitter and celebrate the new champion, even though it might not be the guy you were rooting for. Remember: it‘s all about good sportsmanship.

2018 Christmas Bonus Coupon

EZRSGold team will also be celebrating Christmas! Santa was very generous this year and gave us a coupon code which he told us to share with all you guys: there‘s no point in holiday if we can‘t share and spread the joy now, is there? Make sure to grab this code “EZCHRISTMAS” and claim your present in the form of bonus RuneScape gold and get that RuneScape girlfriend of yours something nice! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

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