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Three Low Requirement Old School RuneScape AFK Money Making Methods You Definitely Need to Try Out!

When it comes to making money, be it in the real world or in Gielinor, it all comes down to your willingness to put effort into it and the amount of time you can dedicate. We’ve already covered several Old School RuneScape money making methods both for free-to-play and pay-to-play players, but virtually all of them require you to completely focus on them and them only. For those who wish to earn some OSRS gp while doing something else on their main account or in the real world, we decided to tell about these three low requirement AFK money making methods.

Making bow strings

Making bow strings is probably a classic method, but still worth mentioning since not everyone might now about this. This AFK money making method is extremely good for new adventurers who wish to get some coin to jumpstart their Old Shool RuneScape career. All you need is to have level 10 Crafting (easily achievable with or without doing a few starting quests). All you need to do is get as much flax as you wish at the GE and bank it. Then travel to Lumbridge Castle and on the second floor in the room next to Duke Horatio‘s bedroom you will find a spinning wheel. This will be the instrument you will use to spin flax into bow strings. There are other spinning wheels in the world but this spot is especially convenient because of its proximity to a bank and the GE. This would be an excellent and extremely profitable starting (and arguably even for more experienced players) money making method were it not for the time it takes to spin the whole inventory of flax into bow strings (50s). Hence, it‘s a good AFK money making method. Profit per hour is approximately 180k, depending on how efficient you are and you‘ll also receive a decent amount of Crafting XP.

Room on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle where the spinning wheel is. A busy place and for a good reason.

Crafting gold bracelets

Crafting gold bracelets is a little less profitable (around 100k to 130k) than making bow strings and will consume more stamina when running from furnace to bank and vice versa (because of item weight, especially gold bars), but this money making method is one of those „two birds with one stone“ situations. It will get you way more experience than spinning flax into bowstrings. For this money making method you will need to buy as much gold bars as you wish, bank them, then head to Al-Kharid with 4 coins in your pocket and buy bracelet mould from Al-Kharid crafting store. Then fill your inventory with gold bars and head for the furnace which is just a little to the north from the bank. Try not to break your back doing this! Click on the furnace, make all, and do whatever you want, this will take some time.

Close furnace proximity to the bank makes this spot in Al Kharid one of the best places to make gold bracelets.

TIP: At lower Crafting levels a level-up will pop up quite often, so don’t be surprised if you find your character standing there and gazing into the fire with only half of its inventory filled with gold bracelets and the other half with gold bars.

This money making method can be made more efficient by employing a second account which could be kept busy running from bank to furnace. However, in such a case this money making method would lose the “AFK” part of it.

Making ultracompost

Don’t shy away from manual labor, because you might be surprised how profitable sometimes it might be. This is definitely the case with making ultracompost. This method has no requirements, only some starting cash (around 100k) which you can easily make doing previously mentioned AFK money making methods. All you have to do is purchase volcanic ash and supercompost from the GE or get these materials provided to you by your local farmer and use volcanic ash on supercompost to make ultracompost. One bucket of supercompost needs two handfuls of volcanic ash to make it into ultracompost. This money making method is a little less AFKey than the previous ones, but yield a lot more profit (200k to 300k). The only downside is that you won’t be getting any XP, but if you’re only after the gold then go ahead and make some serious amount of fertilizer and feed the whole Gielinor!

We hope you found these AFK money making methods useful and will put them into practice on your way to the top! For those who are in a rush we can show a shortcut i.e. you can simply buy RuneScape gold from our humble establishment – we’re here to help!

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