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Easter is right around the corner and what better way to get in to the festive spirit than to complete the easter event! RuneScape easter event has just come out pretty soon so be sure to check out this guide on how to complete the event!

OSRS Easter Event 2017 video guide

All of the ingredients:

bitter = lemon = up top

chocolate + egg mould + ingreedient + oven

chocolate = mined from the walls

crunchy = rock = up top rock pile

earthy = sand = up top

egg mould = egg oven crate

fluffy = feathers = chicken runs southwest of here

fish = wester fish = larder

fresh = papaya = up top

fruity = banana = up top

meaty = beef fillet = larder

salty = sea salt = shelves

spicy = spices = shelves

smoked = ashes = oven furnace ashtray

pickaxe = in the rock by the first rope

rich = gold = goldie south east of here

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