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During the early days of RuneScape the sense of community was way stronger than it is today and for that reason tons of clans were formed. Today only a few of those old clans remained and a lot of new ones have formed. If you are looking for a clean, whether for PvM, PvP or skilling, be sure to read the list below.

1. Reign of Terror a.k.a RoT

This is probably the best known clan in the Old school RuneScape community.  They are infamous for killing a lot of streamers who stream Dead-man mode. This clan has very high requirements to join and they claim to be the best P2P as well as the best F2P clan. They can back up those claims easily. They won 2 Dead-man mode tournaments in a row claiming the 10,000$ prize who was split among the top members of the clan! If you are looking to join a clan, RoT i definitely a good choice.

2. Final Ownage Elite a.k.a FOE

They claim to be the best pure clan and a lot of people who played RuneScape beck in 2011 will definitely remember them. With strict requirements to join this clan has the most powerful pures in OSRS as their members. This clan is mainly dedicated to PKing and they often have wars against other pure clans who are brave enough to challenge them.

3. Oblivion PvM a.k.a Oblivion

The biggest PvM clan. Their main activity evolves around doing Raids, killing GWD bosses or any other boss monsters found in RuneScape. The requirements to join this clan are very high – not only do you have to have enough OSRS gold to afford the best PvM armour in game, but you also must have maxed combat stats along with a few other mandatory 99’s and a 2000 total levels. This ensures that only the best of the best can be eligible to join this clan, so if you manage to join them, you will know that you’re PvM’ing with the best.

4. Rs Clan Base a.k.a RCB

Although there aren’t a lot of skillers in the community compared to others, there is still room for clans to form. RCB is one of the best skilling clans in OSRS. They accept level 3 skillers and the requirement to join is mainly a high total level. Being a skiller isn’t easy. Being a level 3 limits the methods you can use while skilling and it’s a lot more challenging to level up skills like slayer. But being a skiller isn’t all work. These kind of clans usually have the tightest communities and help and encourage other trough hours of grinding and doing various activities like fishing or cooking together. Some clans even have weekly contest on who can get the highest amount of xp in a certain skill. This competition drives a lot of players to achieve more than they thought was possible.

5. Cutthroat

Cutthroat claims to be the most active PvP clan in RuneScape. This clan prides themselves on closing other clans down by owning them so much that the clan would simply fall apart. They also claim to have lured over 100 godswords. They opened up back in 2015 and today they roam the wilderness and destroy everyone in their path.

Hopefully if you were looking for a clan you could join in OSRS this list helped. If i happen to stumble across other clans that are worthy of being on this list, I’ll be sure to update this blog-post. 

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