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This list will give you a general idea about how botting works, what you can expect from botting as well as a few great tips and tricks you can use while you bot in RuneScape 3 or OSRS. Before we get in to more details I would like to say, that if you choose to bot, you are very likely to get banned if you do it the wrong way. If you know what you are doing it will still be possible to get banned, so don’t use your main account for this! Also, there are alternatives to botting if you want to make real money off Runescape.

1. Pick a game you will be botting in.

   You can bot in Oldschool RuneScape aswell as in RuneScape 3. I would recommend picking the game you are more familiar with because it will make things a lot easier.

2. Choose the software you will be using.

  There are various bots you can use. You can choose them depending on your budget, game type and reasons you want to bot. Here are a few bots you can pick from as well as more information about botting. There are probably more bots you could use, but these are well developed and best to use. All of these bots work for OSRS, however, some of them don’t work with RS3.

3. Decide the reason you want to bot.

  There are two types of people who bot. Ones do it to gain easy xp or in game gold, others do it to make real life money.

  If you don’t like grinding for gold or xp you can simply use a bot to get the desired levels or maybe do some money making botting to get some gold. Or you could also buy some gold as to reduce the risk of getting banned. This type of botting isn’t too dangerous, because you will not be running a lot of accounts at once. You will also most likely be playing the game by yourself, that will make your account harder to detect.

  However, if you bot to make real life money the botting becomes a bit more complicated, requires you to invest more money and take more safety measures to have your accounts up and running for longer amounts of time.

4. Pick a script.

  If you want to make money, pick from a list of moneymaking scripts, if you want to train woodcutting, check woodcutting scripts. You get the idea. I would highly recommend using premium scripts. Free scripts tend to have higher ban rates due to a lot of people using them.

5. Consider getting private scripts.

  This way you reduce the risk of getting banned because you will be the only person using the script. Bot detection system won’t detect it as easy as it would a script that is used by say a thousand people.

6. Be cautious when botting in RuneScape.

  There are a lot of ways to reduce the risk of getting banned. For example only use bots for short periods of time (2-3 hours). Enable breaks in the bot client. Use as many anti-ban measures as possible. TRiBot has a feature called looking glass, which allows you to bot using a client such as OSBuddy. This reduces the risk of getting banned because the automatic bot detection system doesn’t see that you are using a bot client. If you aim to have a bot farm use virtual private networks (VPN) or virtual private servers (VPS). Having a dynamic IP also helps. Avoid botting more than 8 hours a day.

7. Protect your profits.

  If you are botting to make real life money be smart. You wouldn’t want to get banned with all the gold you worked hard for. So restock your bots as frequently as possible. Also, if you plan on selling the gold, sell it in lower (30-100M) quantities. 

  Hope this short tutorial helped you understand the basics of botting. In summary – don’t bot too long, make your botting as human-like as possible and don’t be surprised if you happen to get banned, it’s part of the business.

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