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Did you know that fletching is the easiest skill in OSRS for you to level up?

You can check a 1-99 guide on Fletching here on our EZRS blog.

But did you also know that it’s the most profitable way of making GP while bank standing?

Fletching has tons of methods to make money and you could do most of these methods while semi- AFK, watching a movie, or you could do it while training another skill at the same time.

Everything you need to know will be discussed in the guide, so let’s dive right in.

Fletching tools

There are a few items that will help you make money Fletching.


A knife is used while cutting logs usually into some kind of a weapon (it’s your choice).


Most commonly, people use a Knife on Logs to make either Shortbows or Longbows, we will get to that part later on in the guide.


A Chisel is used in OSRS to cut Gems into Bolt tips. You can cut any gem in the game with this tool:


The Chisel will be one of our main moneymaking tools, so if you’re preparing to make some GP, buy it on the GE (the price is 53 GP only).

Fletching materials

There are various materials you will be using to get some Fletching xp and lots of GP per hour!

Bow string

We will be talking a lot about combining these with other materials to make bows, which is a great money maker discussed below in the guide.

Bow string

You can buy Bow strings from the GE for a good price, or you can make them using Crafting.

Check out our 1-99 Crafting guide here or our Crafting Money making guide here!

These are better when they are just bought in bulk from the GE since it saves you time and money,

since they are used to make Bows which are usually the most profitable!

Crossbow, Toxic Blowpipe, Ballistae and Battlestaff materials

Fletching Crossbows are sometimes a profitable way to do Fletching, but not used as commonly.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check the prices of all items before fletching them, as prices fluctuate and you may end up loosing money.

Here are some items that are used to make Crossbows and Ballistaes:

Crossbow materialsBallista materials

Crossbow money making

The only profitable way to make GP for Fletching Crossbows is when you hit level 61, and can string the Adamant Crossbow.

From a lot of research, this is the only crossbow worth doing, others make you lose money.

Adamant crossbow profit

This actually makes you 118 GP per strung Crossbow.

Making Toxic Blowpipes

To make a Toxic Blowpipe, you need level 53 Fletching, and you will actually make a lot with this method.

It’s a high investment method, just like Crossbow and Ballista materials, you will need to invest in some GP to make it happen, but it’s well worth it.

You can buy some here on our EZRS gold site.

Buy a Tanzanite fang and just use your Chisel on it!

Toxic Blowpipe profit

You will make 9,590 GP per one Toxic blowpipe, which is very nice. The problem is that you won’t be able to sell a lot at once and will probably have to leave the offers overnight.

Later in the guide we will cover lower investment methods that can make you 500k and more GP per hour.

Fletching Shields and Battlestaffs is not profitable, just like making arrows, at least most of them.

The only exception is that you can make money by Fletching Broad bolts.

For making the Broad bolts, you will have to have 300 Slayer points, and a level 52 Fletching,

You will have to spend 300 Slayer points to unlock the Broader Fletching ability, then you will be able to make Broad bolts and sell them on the Grand Exchange for a nice profit.

You can find our 1-99 Slayer Guide here.

There are always buyers for broad bolts on the GE since it’s used to train Slayer.

Money making methods

To make it easier for you, I have calculated how much you can make from each method and how to do it. You will probably need a little bit of investment in this.

Some of the methods are totally AFK but can make you 300k to 400k GP per hour.

Basically, most Fletching is done near the Bank or at the Grand Exchange, so you can purchase your materials when you run out.

Stringing Shortbows and Longbows (AFK)

To make bows, you will need Logs and a knife.

Here is a chart to make it easy for you to choose which Bow you should make at each level.

Fletching Bows profit chart

Fletching bows is good, and it’s more AFK than stringing them, but it will make you a little bit less money. If you combine these two methods, you can make a lot, raising your GP per hour.

You can click on your Knife and use it on the Log of choice, to start fletching any Bow you want.

How to fletch Bows

Stringing Bows (Semi-AFK)

Buying unstrung Bows and then stringing them with Bow string can be far more profitable compared to other methods and it’s not too click intensive.

Check out our article on how to get from 1-99 Fletching if you don’t know how to get it to a higher level fast.

You can String profitable bows from level 40 (Willow Longbow):

Stringing bows profit chart

Anything below this level is not profitable to string.

It is possible to string 2,400 Bows per hour. With the Yew Longbow as an example you can make 280,800 GP per hour.

When you reach level 85, you can make 400k GP per hour with Magic Longbows.

How to String Bows

This is a very easy method to do since you only need to click twice and press a spacebar every 45 seconds.

You can do it efficiently by putting the number of unstrung Bows and Bow string value to withdrawal on X in the bank to make it really easy to deposit and withdraw.

Cutting gems into Bolt tips (AFK)

This is a very, very AFK method that can earn you some decent money just by bank standing.

How to cut Gems

This won’t get you a lot of XP, but you will earn a lot of money.

Simply buying Gems from the Grand Exchange and using your Chisel on it you can make a good amount of GP.

Here’s a chart, and after we will talk about GP per hour:

Cutting Gems profit chart

As you can see starting at a low Fletching level you can make money with this method.

Buy the gems you want in bulk, configure your bank for maximum efficiency, take a chisel out and you’re good to go.

You can test this method with many different gems and you may profit a lot more by selling or buying the gems at the right time.

I have made some Ruby Bolt tips and made a nice profit.

Ruby cutting profit

One gem gets you 12 bolt tips.

I spent 987 GP for a Ruby & made 1,164 GP back, making a 177 GP profit per action.

Inventory takes about a minute to make so you can easily do this while AFK.

You can make 257k GP per hour making Ruby bolt tips from Rubies & you can make more if you leave your buy and sell offers overnight, that’s why you might need more GP.

This is an awesome AFK way of making money, you can do this on mobile while watching a movie. Who doesn’t like paying less attention and actually making some money?

Making Tipped Dragon bolts (Best GP per hour with fletching)

This method maybe be click intensive and requires some gold to start it, but it’s very well worth it.

At level 84 Fletching you will gain enough knowledge to tip Bolts.  You can tip Dragon bolts with any Bolt tip except Barbed and Amethyst.

Here’s a chart so you can see the profits here:

Gem tipped Dragon bolts

Currently, the Red Topaz and Pearl give the best GP per bolt. You can also do this by bank standing.

The tricky part is that you are making 10 rounds of bolts each time you click, so it’s maybe a bit more click-intensive than other parts of this guide, but Dragonstone tipped bolts always have buyers so you don’t have to worry about that.

Pearl Dragon bolts profit

With just one click, you can make 1,590 GP, just repeat the process when you have got enough gold. You can try different methods and bolts and see what works for you.

This sums the guide up, if you would like to sell some of the gold you earned and exchange it for some real-life cash, head on straight to our Sell page to get it done in less than 5 minutes.

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