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How to buy cheap OSRS/RS3 gold – No ID verification

You will receive 7% bonus gold when paying with this method!

Click here to see this guide in video form.

Step 1. Download the “Exodus” app and open it on your mobile device.
If you’re Canadian use or instead.

Step 2. Press the button with the “$” sign that is located at the bottom.

Step 3. Choose “Litecoin” or any other cryptocurrency you prefer to buy.

Step 4. Choose the amount you want to buy and press “Continue”.

Step 5. Choose the payment method you want to buy the cryptocurrency with and fill in the details.

Step 6. Go to and choose “Coinbase” as your checkout method.

Step 7. After choosing “Litecoin” proceed to copy the Litecoin address & the amount given to send the payment.

(Alternatively you can just checkout through your computer scan the Litecoin QR code at the checkout using your mobile device)

Here’s a quick video on how to buy and send Litecoin using this method.

[Click here to open this video in a new tab]


1. Protect sensitive data (because ALL gold sites require pics of your face, ID & more).

2. Purchase faster. – Purchasing RS gold from any site with a card directly will take longer because of the ID confirmation & other safety measures used for card payment method)

3. Better price per M. – Using crypto reduces fees for the website and those savings are transferred back to the customer.

4. Quickest way to buy cryptocurrency.


1. You will need to try something new

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