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1. Tanning dragon hides

There are three efficient ways to do this and we will be going over all of these methods. They require different set of skills or requirements and the higher they are, the more profitable this money making method will be.


Firstly, you have to choose what type of dragon hides to tan. To do this simply buy one of each – green, blue, red and black dragon hides and one of each dragon leathers. Then calculate the difference between the prices of the relating hides and dragon leathers. The one that that has the biggest price difference is the one you should use.


For the first one you have to complete the hard Falador hard diary. Go to the crafting guild south of the Falador. Have your dragon hides and some cash. If you’re planning to do this method for an hour you will need about 6500 dragon hides and about 150k coins. Fill your bank with bank fillers!

Once you’ve prepared simply go upstairs in the crafting guild and trade the Tanner and tan all the hides. The profits varies depending on the time of the day, but when I tried this method I managed to make 1300k in a single hour!


The second method requires you to use magic and it can bring you anywhere between 100k to 120k magic xp and around 500k to 600k gp/hour. This method requires you to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest as well as the Fremennik diaries up to the hard one. You will also need level 78 Magic to use Tan leather spell. Once you have all these requirements simply stand in the bank and click on the Tan leather spell. Each time you use this spell it tans 5 dragon hides. You can tan up to 7500 dragon hides in an hour.


The last method has no requirements. Weight reducing gear would help. You can also use stamina or energy potions to speed up the process. To do this method simply go to Al Kharid bank, take out the hides, run north, trade Ellis and he will tan our hides for a fee. Simply bank the tanned hides and repeat. This method will make you about 500k gp/hour depending on the current prices of hides.


2.Training range with 900k gp/hour profit


High defence level (80+)

Dwarf cannon quest

Contact! Quest

Dwarf cannon set, cannon balls, prayer potion, a light source(preferably a lantern) and some food and high ranged attack gear. If you defence level is low bring some better defensive gear.


Pharoah’s scepter or Nardah teleport so you can reach the location faster.

You can also use a blowpipe for this method to gain higher range xp an hour.

High alchemy runes if you feel like alching common drops that you wouldn’t normally pick up.

Herb sack.

Go to Sophanem. Once you’re there, run east and go to the dungeon of the Contact quest. You will find a bank in the dungeon, and in the same room there will be a ladder. Go down and run west. Get to the next ladder and before climbing down pray range. Now you have reached the location. Run a bit south west until you find a preferable spot to set up your cannon. Once you set up your cannon try standing behind a level 98 Locust rider they use range and will block the level 106 Lotus riders that use melee from attacking you.  There will also be Scarab mages attacking you. Make sure to kill them first. The longer you stay there to more monsters will spawn and you will be taking more damage, so don’t AFK! These monsters drop unnoted food, so if you’re running low on food you can simply pick it up.

The drops you will want to pick up are:

Blood runes


Raw bass

Raw lobster

Rune mace

Rune sq shields

Rune Daggers


Battle staves

Uncut sapphires

Mithril bars

Adamant/Rune arrows

Grimy Ranarr weed

Adamant ore

If you have the high alchemy runes and level 55 Magic you can also pick up Adamant kiteshields and alch them on the spot. You can also alch rune daggers, maces and sq shields.

If you have a herb pouch I would recommend picking up grimy ranarr weed, grimy avantoe, grimy kwuarm, grimy lantadyme and grimy dwarf weed.

I’ve tried this method myself and I managed to get a little over 900k pure profit an hour! I used a blowpipe with adamant darts and I got about 100k ranged xp in an hour!

I would highly recommend using this money making method because not only will you make a lot of hour but you will also get a huge amount of ranged xp.



3. Make up to 2200k in Oldschool RuneScape with no skill requirements


This is one of my favorite methods to make money right when you start out. All you will need is a few mil and you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. All you have to do is go to the magic shops that are scattered all over Gielinor and buy death runes. Once you’ve bought all the runes, hop to another world and repeat. Other runes such as chaos runes, nature runes and cosmic runes can also bring you profit, but before doing this method always check the prices of the items you will be buying on the Grand exchange and figure out what’s worth buying.


Although this method doesn’t necessarily have any requirements there are a few magic shop locations that require you to have certain skill levels or completion of certain quests or minigames.


Here are all the locations of all the magic shops:


The first shop is located in Al Kharid and is owned by Ali Morrisane.

The shop is called Ali’s Discount Wares. To use this shop you will need to complete the Rogue Trader minigame which can be completed after you finish The Feud quest.  The runes here are quite expensive so you will only profit from buying Death runes.


Betty’s Magic Emporium located in Port Sarim.

This is a great place to buy runes and this shop is also available to F2p. This store also sells wizard hats.


Aubury’s Rune Shop located in Varrock.

This shop is available to F2p players. If you are a low level, beware! There’s a Mugger wandering around this dangerous part of Varrock.


Magic Guild store Located in Yanille, inside the Wizards’guild.

To enter you will need 66 Magic, however, you can get in with a lower level by using a Wizards mind bomb (boosts 2-3 levels), Magic essence potion (boosts 3 Magic levels), Mature Wizards mind bomb (3-4 levels) or Magic potion (4 level boost).

This shop sells all kinds of runes and it will bring you the most profit.


Baba Yaga’s Magic shop located in Lunar Isle.

In order to use this shop you need to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest. This is a very unique shop, because it’s located in a house that moves around using chicken legs. You can buy Astral, Nature and Death runes from this shop to get the most profit.


Lundail’s Arena-side rune shop located in Mage arena bank dungeon under the wilderness.

Another great shop to buy runes from. However, getting here can be dangerous, so don’t bring any valuable items while going there. The Mage arena bank area is safe, so don’t worry, no one will kill you.


Mage of Zamorak shop north of edgvile in level 5 wilderness.

This shop usually has a lot of runes in it, however, it’s in wilderness, so it can be dangerous. There are also skeletons walking around, stopping you from using the shop.

To use this shop you must complete the Mage of Zamorak mini quest.


Void Knight Magic store located on the Void Knight’s outpost.

You can use a minigame teleport to get to this store. This store is owned by a Squire located inside the small building near the bank.


Thyria’s Wares shop located in the Arceuus house, Great Kourend.

You will need 20% Arceuus favor to use this shop.


These are all the shops you can use to buy runes. These are also popular areas to bot, so the higher the requirements, the better chance you have of buying more runes. I used to run bots in all of these locations and it brought in quite a lot of profit. If you buy more runes than you know what to do with, you can sell them to the TzHaar-Mej-Roh’s rune store that can be found in TzHaar city. You will get Tokkul in return for your runes. You will need Karamja gloves 1 or better to get a discount on an uncut onyx that is sold in the gem shop nearby. Then, you can simply sell the onyx on the grand exchange for easy profit. But be sure to calculate the cost of runes before selling them to the shop, because it’s not always profitable to do so.


I hope this guide helped you to make money in RuneScape. Looking for more ways to make money? Check out Unusual OSRS money making methods! If you don’t feel like making money yourself, you can always use our gold shop to buy cheap rs gold. We have the fastest delivery and were online 24/7.

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