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Three Easy Money Makers for Low Levels

Making a bit of gold in Old School RuneScape is easy. Making some gold is even easier. But to make tons of OSRS gold you need some dedication and know a good method to do so.  Of course, you can also buy OSRS gold if you’re not willing to grind. But we also have something for those who do not shun the hard work. Three is a magical number and here we are with another three money making methods which are easy and don’t require you to have put half your life into playing the game and can be done by players who are still beginning to level up and now are in dire need of some gold (weapons and armor do not fall from the sky, unfortunately).

Mining ore north of Ardougne Monastery

Mining is a core element of the game and there are plenty of money making methods related to this skill. This time we will focus on a certain money maker which will get you a decent amount of OSRS gold and that is mining iron ore north of Ardougne Monastery. Those who have completed Tree Gnome Village or Fight Arena quests are already familliar with the location. That spot is usually less competitive than others, but it will require you to have completed Ardougne Diary: Easy in order to get Ardougne Cloak 1, and a ring of dueling.

Ardougne Monastery is a decent mining spot if competition elswhere is too heavy and you meet certain prerequisites.

Ardougne Monastery is a decent mining spot if competition elswhere is too heavy and you meet certain prerequisites.

Teleport to the Ardougne Monastery using Ardougne Cloak and follow the road north. You will see iron ore deposits positioned at each side of the road. Mine them. Mine them mercilessly. You need level 15 Mining to mine iron, but having a higher mining level and a better pickaxe helps a lot since it makes the whole process faster. Use ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars, bank the minerals you have ripped out from mother Earth and repeat the process all over again.

TIP: While you’re in the vicinity of the Ardougne Monastery you can also start Monk’s Friend quest, which will further help you in reaping natural resources, with 2k of Woodcutting XP as one of rewards.

Enchanting Sapphire Rings

Enchanting sapphire rings is one of the easiest and quickest money making methods with a low requirement of level 7 Magic. This means that basically you only need to complete a couple basic quests or just wind strike some chickens for a while to be able to use this money making method. You will need some gold to purchase the materials though, so you may want to do another money maker first if you’re completely broke.

Purchase as many sapphire rings as you wish and an equal number of cosmic runes. Put the rings and the runes in your inventory, click the magic tab and use level 1 enchant on a ring. Voila – you have enchanted a sapphire ring and it has now become a useful ring of recoil at the cost of one cosmic rune. Notice that on sapphire rings the jewel faces left while on rings of recoil it faces right. Knowing this you can keep track of your enchanted rings easily.

Mining Volcanic Ash

This money making method has the highest requirements here. At least the highest in the context of these low requirement money making methods. You must have level 22 Mining (no doubt you have more than that already) and 100 kudos.

Once you get a taste of wealth you will understand why people live near volcanoes.

Once you get a taste of wealth you will understand why people live near volcanoes.

Use digsite pendat to teleport do the digsite, take the boat to Fossil Island and run east, northeast and look for ash piles to mine. This will get you volcanic ash which can be sold for a hefty sum or used in another money making method for even more profit. This money making method is semi AFK as you only need to click once and wait until your character mines all volcanic ash from an ash pile. Then click on another ash pile. And another. Until you’re happy with the amount of volcanic ash mined.

We hope that you’ll put these money making methods to use and make a big fat bank and be able to afford everything that’s needed to satisfy your Old School RuneScape needs. In case you’ve noticed that your bank is getting too fat, you can always visit us and sell OSRS gold to make some real money. We are always glad to help you out!

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