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Money making requirements

It’s no coincidence that we named this osrs money making method the way we did. That’s because “The Lost Tribe” quest is the only requirement to start making runescape gold.  Well, that and about 100k osrs gp and a light source such as candle or lantern. Don’t forget a tinder box.

The quest is very easy to complete, it only takes 10 minutes and you’re ready to start making millions.

How it works?

Like the most money making methods, the beauty is in its simplicity. All you have to do is teleport or walk to the city of Lumbridge. Once you’re there, simply go to the castle, where the kitchen is, and climb down the ladder. If you don’t have the items needed already, before you go there, you can go to the bank that’s upstairs in the castle or the one that’s in the basement, if you’ve already completed “Recipe of Disaster” quest. Okay, so now that you have everything, squeeze-through the hole, the hole is on the eastern wall of Lumbridge basement. Once you squeezed through, follow the path until you reach a NPC called Nardok. Trade him and buy the bone bolts he is selling as well as the bone bolt packs. Don’t buy too many of them at once, because the price of these items will go up as you’re buying them. After you buy a few, hop worlds and repeat the process. Now, the items won’t sell instantly most of the time, so it’s best to find a price that’s reasonable and leave the grand exchange offer overnight.

How much rs gold should you expect to make?

As with many runescape money making methods, the profits aren’t consistent. One of the main reasons for this is the constant fluctuation in item prices. Before you even start making money with any money making method, you should first check the current prices of the items that you will be buying or selling and do the math yourself. Right now, after I have tested this money making method, I made 535k rs07 gold in one hour. However, it took a bit of time to sell the items I have bought. That being said, you probably couldn’t do this money making method for 10 hours every day, but what you could do is do it for a few hours and simply leave the items you bought in the grand exchange and do some other runescape stuff until the items sell.

Is it worth it?

This money making methods is pretty good if you’re new or just in need of some runescape gold. It’s not very consistent, but you can make a pretty big amount of gold in a short period of time and the requirements are very minimal. I would rate this money making methods 6.5/10 because it takes a bit of time to sell the items you’ve collected and you aren’t getting any xp while you are buying those items.

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